June Diversity Calendar

With Summer on its way, June is a month of vibrancy and equality, with Pride and Advocacy at the heart of every conversation.
SDGs to track this month

With Summer on its way, June is a month of vibrancy and equality, with Pride and Advocacy at the heart of every conversation. Goodera helps organizations build impactful and meaningful DEI Campaigns for Pride, Juneteenth, Refugees, the Environment, and more!

What is the month of June dedicated to?

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month 

Driving positive impact by fostering an inclusive work environment for diverse talent like the LGBTQIA+ community is deeply valuable and important. Pride Month, now a 50+ years old global observation, celebrates queer identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Celebrate this month at work with our Pride Month activities.

World Environment Day

Foster a work culture that encourages a clean, green, and sustainable lifestyle on both a personal and professional level. Promote climate action and help employees understand the environmental impact of their habits.


Commemorate Juneteenth by acknowledging the history of the USA — this is an opportunity to recognize avenues where racism still persists and empower African American employees to share their culture, traditions, and heritage at work.

Here are more upcoming DEI campaigns in June: 

  • National Safety Month 
  • World Blood Donor Day 
  • World Refugee Day
June Trivia💡
June 1st is widely celebrated as World Reef Day to raise awareness and create climate action through advocacy, education, and engagement. It’s a great day for businesses to highlight their sustainability support and promote positive climate habits.

Diversity Activities for June

  • Host a Fashion Friday, where employees can wear accessories, clothing, or items representing their culture, pride, and heritage! But be sure to establish a dress code to ensure it remains workplace appropriate. 
  • Offer your employees the opportunity to learn a new language. You can partner with a local teacher for a particular language or consider an online platform or app that offers various languages.  
  • Plan a company-sponsored event to volunteer in different countries or locations. 

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June Diversity Events Calendar

Date Important D&I events
Entire Month LGBTQIA+ Pride Month
Entire Month National Safety Month
5th June World Environment Day
14th June World Blood Donor Day
19th June Juneteenth
20th June World Refugee Day
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