Volunteer with Goodera during National Hispanic Heritage Month to serve and support underserved sections of the Hispanic community. Make a difference through our specially curated selection of fulfilling in-person, virtual and hybrid volunteering experiences.

September 15th - October 15th, 2022

Virtual Opportunities

Help kids listen and learn
Record audiobooks to enhance listening and comprehension skills of children from Hispanic and Latin communities
Inspire innovation in STEM
Create digital flashcards on STEM topics for underserved Latin & Hispanic students
Mentor young minds
Record videos to mentor Latin & Hispanic youth on interpersonal skills for academic success and career readiness

In-person Opportunities

Teach through touch
Create tactile learning cards for deaf and hard of hearing hispanic and latin students
Champion menstrual hygiene
Assemble menstrual hygiene kits for women from under-resourced communities
Serve up inspiration
Write messages of hope and decorate bags to be used for food distribution among under resourced communities

Non-profit partners

Organizations who have partnered with us to make a meaningful impact

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