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At Goodera, we connect the desire to do good with an unmatched global infrastructure. Every day, we host and execute curated corporate volunteering programs that serve nonprofit needs and maximize impact in communities around the world.
Volunteers are helping children at Boundless Brilliance, California explore the world of STEM through problem-solving DIY kits.
Volunteers are helping children at Boundless Brilliance, California explore the world of STEM through problem-solving DIY kits.
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Ingidawerq is a deaf fourth-grader in Ethiopia who is learning sign language with visual aids made by volunteers.
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Financial tools created by volunteers are empowering women in rural northern Argentina  to become entrepreneurs.
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Leticia Gonzales, challenged with unreliable electricity in her home in Mexico, is using volunteer-made solar lamps to sew and complete her high school homework.
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Primary class children at Scoil Treasa Naofa are finding science fun through science experiments crafted by volunteers.
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Children from Surabhi Foundation Trust in Bangalore are learning about robotics by building bots with employee volunteers.
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Over 400 of the world's largest companies trust Goodera to deliver meaningful impact

Everyone intends to do good.

Today's evolving workforce is setting a higher bar for impact and purpose and we're dedicated to exceeding expectations.

Our events cater to every type of volunteer group and every size of organization.

We offer in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences — all designed to impact local communities while building connections within teams.
Transform the neighborhood school
4.9 ⭐️
Support teen mental health
4.8 ⭐️
Clean up a neighborhood
4.9 ⭐️
Host a tree plantation drive
4.8 ⭐️
Support recovery of hospitalized children
4.8 ⭐️
Educate children about civil rights leaders
4.8 ⭐️
Make youth career-ready
4.8 ⭐️
Build solar lamps for underserved communities
4.9 ⭐️
Record stories for hospitalized children
4.8 ⭐️
Record greetings in sign language
4.7 ⭐️
Organize a clothes donation drive
4.8 ⭐️
Reduce digital CO2 emissions
4.7 ⭐️

Curated volunteer
opportunities for all occasions

Our customers are utilizing Goodera's vast infrastructure in a variety of ways: to meet their goals for community outreach, increase employee satisfaction, and contribute directly to making the world a better place for all.
Strengthen teams and connect employees to local causes.
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Doing good is also good for the bottomline

of working Americans believe that companies that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those that don’t.
Deloitte Impact Survey
of employees believe volunteering provides them with a sense of purpose.
Deloitte Impact Survey
of employees who volunteered together felt it strengthened their interpersonal relations.

Goodera's Corporate Volunteering Quotient 2024 Report

Goodera launched its first Volunteering Quotient Report, offering insights into corporate volunteering initiatives. Analyzing 162 company ESG and annual reports across various industries including finance, tech, and consumer goods, data revealed

Autodesk is a global organisation and it’s difficult to find one activity that is meaningful to everyone.We were blessed to work with Goodera this year and have different offices choose from great activities in different cause areas based on what aligns best with their employee goals.
Liz Baird
Employee Impact Program Lead, Autodesk
“Goodera has reimagined volunteering to meet the needs of the evolving workforce”
Ursula Burns
Board member of Uber, Exxon Mobil, Nestle, Veon, and now Goodera
We brought in Goodera to drive our global volunteer program this year, and we received an excellent level of support, expertise, and handholding throughout our journey. Going forward, we’re working with Goodera to curate volunteering events for our CSR and ERG programs, and all in-person and virtual events.
Jo Moskowitz
Director, Corporate Citizenship at Citrix Systems
Thank you Goodera for the good work that you do! What a fantastic way to make a difference and give back to the community.
Lawrence Allen L.
Principal Talent Acquisition EY
“It is incredibly rewarding to see how we can help people achieve better outcomes through small changes. At Thrive Global, we are very excited to be working with Goodera to give volunteering opportunities to our Thrive employees and also to bring it to many of the companies we work with.”
Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO, Thrive Global
We found that when teams have away days or offsites or anything, having an element of volunteering to be very successful and a great way for the team to engage with one another, boost morale, and feel fulfilled. Our champions have been pivotal in introducing that concept to a number of teams in their local offices and we've seen our objectives really come to really impactful for us as a small central team as well.
Ufuoma Konadu
Global CSR, Employee Impact, Tiktok

An unmatched global infrastructure.

Plug and play tech stack: robust, secure & compliant
We offer a single, customized portal that can integrate with all of your existing giving partners to browse, book, and track upcoming events. Real-time, centralized dashboards to give stakeholders a birds-eye view of impact.
Global supply chain and fulfillment network
We help customers execute events in 100+ countries simultaneously and seamlessly by leveraging Goodera's global infrastructure and logistics expertise.
Strong Nonprofit Partnerships
We partner with over 50,000 purpose-driven, global nonprofits that are solving the world's most critical challenges around climate, equity, accessibility, child wellbeing, and more.
Extensive host network
We employ a diverse network of hosts that represent global cultures and geographies. They turn every volunteer event into a memorable experience for employees in 30+ languages every day.
Impact consulting for year-round volunteering
Our impact consultants bring deep domain expertise to develop customized volunteering strategies for organizations to achieve impact goals unique to their purpose.
World's most expansive volunteering library
Our vast virtual, in-person, and hybrid volunteering catalog, co-designed with nonprofit partners across 50+ cause areas, enables employees to engage purposefully whenever and wherever they come together.

From hyperlocal to global,
we help organizations scale social impact

Localize impact by nominating your neighborhood nonprofit or a nonprofit you already work with and Goodera will onboard them in a matter of days.

Or choose from our network of 50K+ nonprofit partners

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“With Goodera, we're setting up different volunteering modes for employees to come together and empower women in their journey toward economic independence.”
Karen Johnson
Executive Director
Dress for Success

Pick your goals, make your impact.

Our catalog is aligned with UN-SDGs. By volunteering with us, you become part of the global movement to make our planet better.

We do the heavy lifting

We do the heavy lifiting
So you can focus on doing more good.

Engaging for your team.
Effortless for you.
The Goodera event experience
Champion onboarding & training
Collaterals for marketing
Procuring kits, shipping and logistics
Invites & Reminders
24x7 support
Engaging for your team.
Effortless for you.
The Goodera event experience
Hosted by a Goodera Ambassador
Fun ice-breakers to set the tone
Everything on schedule
Group photos called “Goodfies”
Always in your local language
Engaging for your team.
Effortless for you.
The Goodera event experience
Thank you note to volunteers
Photos and recap video
Reminders to track time/submissions
Engagement metrics
Impact reporting & videos

So you can focus on doing more good.

Let’s do good together.

Goodera Corporate Volunteering Report 2024
Benchmarking of audited ESG reports of 162 companies