Boost intern experience with rewarding volunteering opportunities.

Goodera starts your interns’ experience with Goodness

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We engage your interns through impactful onboarding

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10+ handpicked events
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Enhanced intern experience
Customised to suit you

Enhance intern experience through volunteering

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Break the ice with a fun onboarding activity
Get to know your interns’ strengths on day one.
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Celebrate internship milestones with social impact
Motivate through contribution to the greater good
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Align internship with corporate social purpose
Share your values and introduce a sense of purpose from the get-go
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Start Good
Onboard your interns with increased awareness and DEI sensitization

We customize your volunteering activities to your needs

Popular Volunteer Opportunities
Record audiobooks to comfort hospitalized children
Record a birthday wish in American Sign Language
Create affirmation cards for LGBTQ+ elderly
Make ‘Acts of Kindness’ calendars for happier living
Make quiz cards on STEM concepts for young girls
Popular Volunteer Opportunities
Make comfort kits for hospitalised children
Create tactile learning cards for children with learning disabilities
Make dog care kits to comfort dogs in shelter homes
Build care-kits for children with autism
Paint a pot and kick start your planting journey
Build solar lamps for underserved communities
Popular Volunteer Opportunities
Paint kindness rocks for children
Make puzzles from popsicle sticks for children

Frequently asked questions

What do “customised events” include?

Depending on your needs, our volunteering activities are available virtually or in-person. We also give you a special option of installing “The Good Booth”

What is “The Good Booth”?

The Good Booth is a magical corner in your office. Your interns can drop by any time during the day and participate in a quick 10-minute volunteering activity.

What kind of volunteer opportunities can our interns expect?

Many many impactful opportunities.

  • Recording audiobooks for hospitalised children (Virtual)
  • Building solar lamps for underserved communities (In-person)
  • Crafting puzzles from popsicle sticks for children (The Good booth)

And many more

How do you get in touch with the beneficiaries?

You can support the beneficiaries directly through Goodera’ global network of 50000+ passionate Nonprofits. If you have an NPO you’re already working with, we will bring them onboard too!