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We partner with NPOs to power volunteering for the world’s most giving brands

Goodera's features and impact:
- 1 million beneficiaries impacted
- 100+ countries
- Join and choose your SDG
- Build & promote your NPO brand

Reasons why nonprofits love our network

Find Volunteers

Connect with 400+ corporates globally and find skilled volunteers for your cause while maintaining your relationships with said corporates.

Community of 50000+ NPOs

Get Membership access to our community of nonprofits for knowledge sharing, support and networking.

Grow your NPO

Grow through educational webinars and panel discussions and informative content needed to maximise functionality of all resources.

Build your brand

Goodera works as a co-marketing partner and curates brand journeys starting from intro videos all the way to event collaterals and interviews.

Raise funds

With Goodera’s corporate donation plans, you can raise funds for your campaigns through contextualised  customer interactions.


Goodera promotes and celebrates all its NPO partners on social media platforms through blogs, impact videos and campaign-centric posts. 

How does it work?


Goodera collaborates with global nonprofits to provide them access to corporate volunteers, corporate donations, and knowledge resources.

Post Onboarding

Once onboarded, we curate volunteering opportunities with nonprofits and publish them in our in-house catalogue.

Goodera journey

Throughout our journey together, we provide nonprofits with an avenue for fundraising based on the theme and focus area of “giving campaigns” with our corporate partners.

Fun Fact

Many of our long-term nonprofit partners have had the benefit of receiving direct grants from our corporate partners.

50K+ Nonprofits partner with Goodera

A network that you can rely on to find volunteers, build your non-profit brand, and access resources
In order to complete our mission to provide accessible knowledge to all women, everywhere we rely on the support of volunteers. Partners like Goodera help us reach out to corporate volunteers that have proven to be a gamer change for our non-profit. A big thank you to everybody that has supported us so far.
Marcel Heyne

Marcel Heyne


While in the storm of a medical crisis our families can find a moment of calm listening to prerecorded audiobooks for all ages read by volunteers at Goodera. We are grateful to provide solace through the power of storytelling.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area


PAAMONIM is honored to partner with Goodera, and with similar organizations that like us, aspire to create a better world! Thank you for the meaningful work you do in promoting inclusive social justice around the globe
Paamonim Logo



More than 290 participants from EY joined us in making Educational cards for children. They had many amazing ideas from teaching the basics of cooking to handling finances. We were so happy to see some of the finished cards at the end. We thank Goodera and all the volunteers of EY for making this workshop a success.
Anthill creations

Anthill creations


Yu Qing Depression Society Support Community
Health & Nutrition
WIN (Women in Need)
WayuuTaya Foundation
Policy & Advocacy
Triangle Bikeworks
Health & Nutrition
The New Transitions Center
D&I - (dis)Ability
Youth Empowerment
The trevor project
The Happy Hope Foundation
Child Welfare
The Nawaya Network
Poverty Alleviation
The Making History Institute/ Instituto Fazendo História
Child Welfare
The Color of Autism
D&I - (dis)Ability
Stella's Girls
Women Empowerment
Social Gastronomy
Health & Nutrition
Show and Heal
Serve the City
Poverty Alleviation
Shenzhen Zero Waste
Room to Read

Join the Global Community of Non-Profits and unlock a network of skilled volunteers, corporate sponsors, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a hidden cost that nonprofits have to pay once onboarded?

No. Not a penny. Partnership with us, access to corporate volunteers and resources are completely free.

What are the different kinds of volunteering opportunities that nonprofits can provide?

Nonprofits can publish a variety of opportunities including but not limited to:

  • Ongoing programs such as mentorships and workshops with beneficiaries.
  • Skills/need-based programs such as designing strategies for social media marketing, grant writing, website design, etc for nonprofits.
  • One-time opportunities such as translations, creating care packages, etc.