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Company Overview

Goodera is on a mission to engage the global workforce with volunteering. We curate volunteering opportunities from 50K+ nonprofits, and design volunteering programs that are engaging, impactful, and accessible wherever you are in the world. Together with our diverse non-profit partners, we’re redefining the rules for social impact in 60 of the world's Fortune 500 businesses and 400+ purpose-driven businesses globally—and we're just getting started. Our passion for building end-to-end channels for social impact is bringing businesses closer to their people through hosted volunteering experiences.


Goodera's leadership

Abhishek Humbad headshot
Abhishekh Humbad
Founder & CEO

Colours of Goodera

We primarily use our logo stone/white against orange and orange against white.
We can also set our logo using these alternative color variations.

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