Giving Tuesday ideas for teams, employees, organizationsGiving Tuesday ideas for teams, employees, organizations

Best Giving Tuesday Ideas to Celebrate with your team

Team Goodera
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With Giving Tuesday approaching, organizations are preparing to show their support for charitable causes and make a difference in their communities. There are several ways to participate in this global day of giving, whether you want to volunteer your time, donate, or create awareness for a cause that is important to you. 

Let’s look at some popular Giving Tuesday ideas to help you make the most of the holiday and encourage employee participation:

1. Match employee contributions

Giving Tuesday Ideas

Matching employee donations on Giving Tuesday can have a significant impact on the chosen nonprofit organizations. Employers can encourage participation by providing a list of vetted nonprofits for employees to choose from.

2. Volunteering day

Giving Tuesday Ideas

Employee volunteering is an excellent way to create a tangible impact on Giving Tuesday. It unites teams for a common goal, and there are various modes of volunteering to choose from such as in-person, remote, or outdoor volunteering to help teams give back however they wish to. Organizations can choose volunteering activities in cause areas that align with their CSR goals, making it a win-win situation for both the employees and the community. Employees can donate their skills and expertise to help local nonprofits in need. This could include anything from creating posters for marketing to grant writing and more. 

3. Kindness Calendar

Encourage employees to perform random acts of kindness throughout the month of December, such as donating to a local charity or buying coffee for a stranger.

4. Charity Walks

Employees can come together for an in-person or virtual charity run to raise donations for a local nonprofit. 

5. Crypto Donations

Giving Tuesday Ideas

Consider accepting cryptocurrency donations as a unique way to get employees involved in your Giving Tuesday campaign. This can help engage tech-savvy employees and showcase your company's commitment to innovation and social responsibility. Make sure to provide clear instructions on how to donate and the benefits of donating in this way.

6. Health Checkups

Giving Tuesday Ideas

Organizations can conduct free health-check ups for Giving Tuesday, building awareness among employees on physical health while improving community health. This not only encourages employees to prioritize their well-being but also helps in identifying potential health issues early on.

7. Food donation campaigns

Employees can volunteer to pack food boxes for homeless and underserved communities on Giving Tuesday. This not only informs them about food insecurity but also helps organizations meet their SDG goals on zero hunger.

Giving Tuesday is a day to remember the purpose of humanity. It is, after all, a day when organizations give back as a token of gratitude and acknowledgment. If you’re looking to engage employees with volunteering this Giving Tuesday, talk to us. Goodera is engaging 60 of the Fortune 500 companies, power good with hosted, managed employee volunteering programs. 

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