Volunteer for Hunger Relief

This Hunger Action Month, explore team activities for hunger relief and food security

Hunger Action Month 2023

Impact lives by improving access to nutritious and hygienic food

Goodera is partnering with 146+ hunger action nonprofits near you, so we can all make difference in our local communities. To explore tailored activities for your workplace goals, reach out to us today.

Our nonprofit partners powering impact for Hunger Action Month

Empower Underserved Communities
Meal Packing
Enhance Quality of Life
Enhance Quality of Life
Empower Underserved CommunitiesEmpower Underserved Communities
Spread Awareness and Upskill
Accessible Food
Tackle Food Insecurity
Spread Awareness and UpskillSpread Awareness and Upskill
Promote Sustainable Food Practices
Meal Planning
Prevent Food Waste
Promote Sustainable Food PracticesPromote Sustainable Food Practices

Get your teams together for Hunger Action!

Hunger Action Month 2023 is an opportunity for organizations to achieve progress towards their SDG 2 targets on zero hunger and ensure that everyone has access to safe and nutritious food.

Goodera has worked with 146+ nonprofits to curate these hunger action month activities that are improving food security and enabling access to nutritious food in 100+ countries.

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