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Drive corporate purpose with volunteering opportunities across India

In-person, virtual, or a bit of both, we're curating corporate volunteering programs that engage employees purposefully.
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Goodera's corporate volunteering platform is making social impact accessible across 400+ enterprises
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Support any cause your Organization stands for... Volunteer opportunities in a diverse cause areas like child welfare, health and nutrition, environment, disability and more.

Action social responsibility with volunteering opportunities powering real impact

Explore end-to-end managed employee volunteering activities across diverse causes like education, child welfare, wildlife conservation, and sustainability.

Create empowered communities around you, Wherever your operate


team volunteering opportunities near you


vetted nonprofits across India

Goodera can also engage your exisiting non-profit partners, train, and onboard them to drive volunteering activities with Goodera.

Goodera's NPO partners in India

Why choose the Goodera experience

On-demand activities

Choose from 1000+ volunteering activities curated by experts for maximum impact

End-to-end execution

Share your requirements, we'll plan, promote, and execute your events.

Global Impact

We'll help you execute global volunteering programs across time zones in over 100+ countries.

Centralized Booking Portal

Dedicated event booking platform, so teams can book events hasslefree

Impact storytelling

We create reports and content that communicate organizational impact.
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Plan your Goodera experience in 4 simple steps

Share your requirements
We'll deliver a curated catalog aligned to your cause.
Set your impact date
Whenever, wherever that is, we'll host you. In 20+ languages.
Join and volunteer
Our hosts ensure your team has the most fun and makes the maximum impact.
Inspire with storytelling
Photographs, reports, testimonials, all you need to inspire the world.

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