This International Literacy Day, enable learning for all

Explore impactful literacy day activities designed and curated for purposeful employee engagement wherever your teams come together.

International Literacy Day 2024

Change lives by teaching communities how to read and write

Goodera is partnering with 60+ literacy nonprofits near you, so we can all make difference in our local communities. To explore tailored activities for your workplace goals, reach out to us today.

Empower underserved communities
Financial literacy
School essentials
 Literacy day activities: promote financial literacy, supply school essentials Literacy day activities: promote financial literacy, supply school essentials
Spark curiosity in young minds
STEM resources
Money management
Foundational mathematics
Literacy day activities: promote STEM learning, money managementLiteracy day activities: promote STEM learning, money management
Promote inclusive learning
Audio resources
Tactile aids
Sensory learning resources
Literacy day activities: record audio resources, create tactile aidsLiteracy day activities: record audio resources, create tactile aids

Celebrate International Literacy Day 2024 with purpose

This year’s theme advocates for promoting literacy to build sustainable and peaceful societies. International Literacy Day is an opportunity for organizations to achieve progress towards their SDG 4 targets on education and ensure that all children and youth have access to the tools they need to succeed.

Goodera has worked with 60+ nonprofits to curate these literacy day activities that are bringing the joy of inclusive learning to children in 100+ countries.

Our nonprofit partners powering impact for the International Literacy Day campaign

Starfish foundationCity Youth Now logoAfter-School All-stars Las VegasLiteracy IncReading is fundamental RSVP - Goodera's nonprofit partner
Atlanta Mcilwraith photo
Atlanta Mcilwraith
Director Social Impact and Activation
Goodera has definitely helped us step up our virtual volunteering efforts. They delivered meaningful projects that met our needs and made hosting an event simple. Our volunteers definitely enjoyed their experience and left wanting more.
Ariana Huffington photo
Arianna Huffington
Founder and CEO
It is incredibly rewarding to see how we can help people achieve better outcomes through small changes. At Thrive Global, we are very excited to be working with Goodera to give volunteering opportunities to our Thrive employees and also to bring it to many of the companies we work with.
Lawrence allen
Lawrence Allen L.
Principal Talent Acquisition
Thank you Goodera for the good work that you do! What a fantastic way to make a difference and give back to the community.

Literacy impact we powering with our 400+ customers

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