Diversity Calendar 2023

Goodera Diversity Calendar 2023Goodera Diversity Calendar 2023

With organizations today recognizing the business case for a diverse workforce—superior financial performance, alternative approaches to problem-solving, and more—it becomes equally important to focus on the second part of the charter: inclusion. Global talent and the hybrid nature of work means employees today come from different backgrounds and cultures and are disconnected now more than ever.  DEI calendars can help D&I teams bridge this gap and help employees feel included.

Celebrating diversity months, observing important inclusion themes, and engaging the organization collectively to advance the organization’s D&I goals can boost employee engagement, drive innovation, and ultimately, build a purposeful workplace culture.

In 2023, we’re celebrating women; embracing differences in race, gender, culture, and neurodiversity; and so much more. Our Diversity Calendar 2023 is designed to help D&I teams keep track of all diversity events and months that are important to your organization, so teams can foster 

  • Inclusivity,
  • Recognize and celebrate diverse heritages, and 
  • Build tight-knit communities in the workplace.