September Diversity Calendar

Your September DEI month is for volunteering to eradicate hunger, give back to local communities and foster equity and inclusivity in your work environment.
SDGs to track this month

Welcome fall with warmth, kindness, and a big heart — spend your month volunteering to eradicate hunger, give back to local communities, and foster equity and inclusivity in your work environment.

What is the month of September dedicated to?

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate the cultures and contributions of Hispanic communities this September. Immerse yourself in the rich history, art, and culture, and support the underserved sections of the community to advance their outcomes. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at work with Goodera.

Hunger Action Month 

Inspire your workplace to join the fight to eradicate hunger this September. Your influence, voice, example, and dedication will help ensure that no one is forced to choose between food and other needs and essentials.

International Literacy Day

This day is an invitation to reconsider the fundamental significance of literary learning environments for fostering resilience and ensuring high standards of quality, equity, and inclusion in all educational settings.

Deaf Awareness Month

Promote social inclusion at work and draw attention to the services available to the deaf. This is a great time to organize a fundraiser, volunteer, educate others (and yourself!), or show your support to fellow deaf coworkers with small gifts or notes of appreciation.

Here are more upcoming DE&I campaigns in September: 

  • Patriot Day / National Day of Service & Remembrance
  • International Day of Peace 
  • World Gratitude Day 
  • Labor Day
September Trivia💡
September is Suicide Prevention Month, a significant public health issue that took over 700k lives in 2019. It is imperative to raise awareness about suicide prevention. <rte-link_business-popup>Talk to an engagement expert at Goodera<rte-link_business-popup> to plan sensitization activities for employees.

Diversity Activities for September

  • Set up ground rules for internal meetings to account for mental or physical limitations and accommodate employees. This can reduce disruptions and help individuals feel more heard and included. 
  • Share an open-ended list of inclusive language and terminology where employees can add suggestions and collaboratively promote its usage. Include examples, such as using ‘chairperson’ instead of ‘chairman’ or ‘chairwoman’. 
  • Start a DE&I suggestions box at work - ask employees to write in their requests and ideas for different activities, policies, and practices your workplace can consider adopting to build a more inclusive environment.

Need help executing these activities? <rte-link_business-popup>Talk to an expert<rte-link_business-popup> from Goodera.

September DEI Events Calendar

Date Important D&I events
Entire Month Hunger Action Month
Entire Month Deaf Awareness Month
Entire Month National Hispanic Heritage Month
4th Sept Labor Day
8th Sept International Literacy Day
11th Sept Patriot Day / National Day of Service & Remembrance
21st Sept International Day of Peace
21st Sept World Gratitude Day
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