November Diversity Calendar

DEI Calendar for November is dedicated to the season of giving and advocating for human rights for veterans, women, and senior employees.
SDGs to track this month

This November, honor our veterans, dedicate time to the elderly, bridge the gender gap, and leave no one behind in your pursuit of the SDGs.

What is the month of November dedicated to?

Veterans Day

Many veterans struggle to adapt to civilian life after they return home. Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day is when the nation collectively pays homage to the thousands of veterans who put their lives on the line for the nation’s sovereignty and freedom. Celebrate Veteran's Day at work with Goodera.  

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide charitable movement that enables radical generosity to flourish everywhere. Your generosity is a way to stand up for the principles you value and support those in need. Spread the joy of giving with team volunteering activities for Giving Tuesday.

Here are more upcoming DE&I campaigns in November: 

  • Thanksgiving
  • Diwali
November Trivia💡
November 13th is observed as World Kindness Day, but kindness should be something we should practice every day. Encourage your workplace to embrace habits that show empathy and consideration for others and ask them to share suggestions for how you can make your work environment kinder.

Diversity Activities for November

Here are some fun and impactful activities DE&I teams can organize to celebrate this diversity month:

  • Start discourse about unconscious bias at work, encourage employees to identify the ways it can disrupt the work environment, and examine solutions that can build inclusivity.  
  • Highlight your Equal Pay Policies during interview procedures. Implementing an equal pay policy is a fantastic strategy to guarantee that everyone with the same experience is paid equally, with no exceptions. It also offers clarity and transparency to potential employees. 
  • Form a diversity committee! This could be a team of workers or a member of HR who will oversee the planning. Give POCs, persons with disabilities, queer workers, or those from various ethnicities a role on this committee to advocate for their concerns appropriately.

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November DEI Events Calendar

Date Important D&I events
11th Nov Veterans Day
12th Nov Diwali
15th Nov National Philanthropy Day
20th Nov Children's Day
20th Nov Transgender Day of Remembrance
23rd Nov Thanksgiving
25th Nov International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
28th Nov Giving Tuesday
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