December Diversity Calendar

Share warmth this winter by volunteering with local charities, raising awareness for HIV/AIDS and disabilities, and enabling a culture of DEI for December.
SDGs to track this month

Share the warmth this winter by volunteering with local charities, raising awareness for HIV/AIDS and disabilities, and enabling a culture of DEI for December. Foster values of peace and gratitude to mark the end of the year.

What is the month of December dedicated to?

World AIDS Day

Support the global progress in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care with your company. Due to widespread stigma, misinformation, and prejudice, people with HIV are more likely to endure poverty, hardship, and inequities. Observing World AIDS Day at your workplace by raising awareness and renewing your commitment to inclusive workplaces.

International Day of People with Disabilities

This month, advocate and increase awareness for the rights and well-being of people with disabilities in all political, social, economic, and cultural life at all levels of society and development. Engage your team with volunteering activities to break workplace barriers for people with disabilities in your community. 

International Volunteer Day

Recognize and honor the tireless efforts of volunteers worldwide on this day. Growing inequality throughout the world begs for collaboration in seeking practical solutions. Consider volunteering as a team at your with your local charities. Scale CSR with volunteering experiences that educate, inspire, and transform society with Goodera!

Here are more upcoming DE&I campaigns in December: 

  • Kwanzaa Week
  • Universal Human Rights Month
December Trivia💡
December brings the Winter Solstice, the beginning of feasts and celebrations derived from pagan traditions. It's the perfect time to host a potluck at work, encourage coworkers to bring in their favorite winter dishes, and rejoice together!

Diversity Activities for December

Here are some fun and impactful activities DE&I teams can organize to celebrate this diversity month:

  • Introduce a “no interruptions” rule during meetings, conversations, and brainstorming sessions. Everyone should be given the opportunity to share their ideas without being ignored.
  • Disability-friendly washrooms are a must for every workplace. It's also important to consider having an office pumping or nursing station for recent mothers to support them in achieving work-life balance. 
  • Workshops on career development for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and other groups within your organization aid in fostering a diverse and welcoming workplace.

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December DEI Events Calendar

Date Important D&I events
1st Dec World AIDS Day
3rd Dec International Day of People with Disabilities
5th Dec International Volunteer Day
8th Dec Hanukkah
10th Dec International Human Rights Day
21st Dec Yule Winter Solstice
25th Dec Christmas
26th Dec onwards Kwanzaa Week
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