April Diversity Calendar

Your April DEI calendar is for celebrating sustainability, gaining financial literacy, empowering people with autism, and volunteering for social impact.
SDGs to track this month

April diversity month is for celebrating sustainability, gaining financial literacy, empowering people with autism, and volunteering for social impact. April brings terrific opportunities to inspire your workforce with climate action and DEI events!

What is the month of April dedicated to?

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is a great way to show respect and appreciation for people on the autism spectrum. This April, keep the promise of the SDGs to 'Leave no one behind' by supporting our autistic colleagues, enabling equitable opportunities, and encouraging participation in workplace events. Meaningful activities you can plan for your workplace this World Autism Awareness Day.

National Financial Literacy Month

Strong foundations of financial literacy can support our ambitions to achieve various professional and personal goals. Celebrate April diversity month at work by encouraging smart money habits, enabling self-sufficiency, and building employee capacities to maintain financial stability.

Additional Resource: Goodera Events calendar to stay on top of all important campaigns

National Volunteer Month

There’s no better team building than one that combines knowledge and empathy to work on Sustainable Development Goals. Give back to local communities, scale your CSR goals, and build meaningful change by planning employee volunteering activities at your workplace.

World Earth Day

The climate crisis disproportionally impacts marginalized communities worldwide, making Earth Day extremely relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, even more so within supply-chain discussions. Over 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities each year — encourage sustainable consumption and take steps to protect our biodiversity. Get your workplace excited to save our planet with rewarding Earth Day activities by Goodera.

Here are more upcoming DEI campaigns in April: 

  • World Health Day
  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work
  • Easter

Diversity Activities for April

Here are some fun and impactful activities DE&I teams can organize to celebrate this diversity month:

  • Go for a plogging walk as a team, clean up neighboring areas, or even plan a trip to a local beach to plog and then unwind together. 
  • Take a field trip to a museum or an art gallery, learn about diverse cultural history and have a great team-bonding experience.  
  • Create a communication channel to share films; it can be from various genres, years, backgrounds, and even languages! Movies can help employees learn about each other’s culture and heritage. 

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April Trivia💡
Did you know 1st April is International Fun at Work Day? It started with Play fair in 1996 to introduce a fun and relaxed environment into the workplace. We're all social beings, and fun activities help stimulate our creativity and can lead to greater productivity!

DEI Events Calendar for April

Date Important D&I events
Entire Month National Volunteer Month
Entire Month National Financial Literacy Month
2nd April World Autism Awareness Day
7th April World Health Day
22nd April Earth Day
25th April World Malaria Day
28th April World Day for Safety and Health at Work