Engage in Virtual Volunteering and Help Create a Better World

Team Goodera
Engage in Virtual Volunteering and Help Create a Better World

“Help one another. There’s no time like the present, and no present like the time.” 

  – James Durst

We live in challenging times. As disarray and chaos continue to rule the world, the world is in need of kind-hearted people with the will to do their part for society. But on-site volunteering is not always a viable option. People who feel the need to contribute to the environment or a cause that they support, volunteer. By launching a virtual volunteering portal, your employees can volunteer in their own communities. They can keep giving back without leaving their homes or meeting anybody in person. 

It’s been a slow-paced shift from in-person to virtual, but it was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual volunteering opens up avenues to help rebuild the world from the comfort of our homes. Spend as much time as you want or as little as you can, involve in long virtual volunteering projects or commit yourself for a short time. All you need to have is the determination to help others.

Why virtual volunteering?

The internet and social media are great tools for individuals to express their views and connect with others. They enable us to communicate, connect and engage in current events as well as contribute to digital revolutions in the fields of volunteering. For example, many global issues ranging from social, ethical, economic and environmental might have attracted only little visibility if not for the internet and social media.

As global issues have become more evident, several people are taking up causes they support by starting nonprofit organizations. It is not necessary that you get involved with a nonprofit to kickstart your contribution to the revolution. You can just bring an impactful change by effectively using the internet and social media for a better tomorrow. 

Besides helping others and bringing an immense amount of satisfaction into our lives, virtual volunteering benefits in many other ways.

  • Getting involved in virtual volunteering activities as a part of a team helps develop social skills and connect with like-minded people. This builds a positive environment around and expands the social circle. It helps acquire new skills and practice them in a non-threatening environment.

  • You can practice your passion or apply your skillset to help those in need. This may include reading a story, recording an audiobook or simply creating complex codes that may improve the efficiency of a nonprofit.

  • You can build up your resume by interning with an NGO. A stint as a volunteer is impressive when you are applying for a job or looking at career growth opportunities. 
  • With organizations involved in CSR activities, your contributions can prove valuable. Most companies offer lucrative opportunities to attract the best volunteers.

  • Always chose to volunteer for a cause close to your heart without leaving your home. You may choose to work for a local cause or work beyond national and international boundaries.

  • There are various options for engaging volunteers on social media to improve the reach of volunteering programs and recruit more warriors. 

Just because virtual volunteering offers inherent benefits doesn’t mean volunteers will automatically sign up for each opportunity you present. You can attract new volunteers and retain current ones by investing in virtual volunteering opportunities. These programs help you attract potential volunteers and help engage current volunteers to be more active in your organization. Here are some tips for engaging volunteer opportunities –

Ask volunteers what they would like to see for better results

Volunteers play an important role in carrying out any volunteering program. To offer the best experience possible for your volunteers, it’s important to understand what they would like to get out of your virtual opportunity.

Send out surveys ahead of time asking about what volunteers would like to see in your virtual volunteer opportunities, so you can show them that their opinions matter. Asking questions might help you plan your event according to the volunteer’s interests and preferences. With this, you will know what to include in your future virtual volunteering events and what to drop. 

Ensure your technology is up to date

Powerful technology tools are essential for the success of online volunteer opportunities. Without them, you could lose time, not get the job done and have little opportunity to learn or grow.

Smart tech will simplify your workload and provide you with well-rounded support. Make sure the online event runs smoothly and is accessible to volunteers across the globe. 

Offer a valuable training process

When volunteers sign up to participate in your virtual opportunities, you want to make sure that they are excited about the opportunity ahead of them. The training process sets the foundation for your volunteers’ success and empowers them to put their best foot forward. 

Your training process can be a video chat with other groups of volunteers or a guide that volunteers can work through in their own time. Offer your volunteers a variety of learning opportunities with different platforms to create a fun and engaging way to prepare volunteers and yield better results. 

Make your virtual volunteer experience unique 

Virtual volunteer opportunities hold the potential to offer a unique experience that reaches a new audience. Plus, you can still make your virtual opportunities hands-on by giving participants an active role in driving your mission forward.

However,like any volunteer opportunity, it will take some time to build an engaged audience, so make sure you have plenty of time to run your programs and dedicate resources to making them successful.

In conclusion

There are many ways in which one can contribute and establish a positive impact. 
From reading bedtime stories to specially-abled children to creating complex marketing strategies for the survival of a non-profit. From editing Wikipedia to curating content for nonprofits.
From digitizing manuscripts to translating for refugees, there are many ways to garner volunteers’ engagement. And as you know, Goodera is your pathfinder when it comes to finding ways to volunteer from the comfort of your home. Reach out to us today!