8 Nonprofits with virtual volunteering opportunities8 Nonprofits with virtual volunteering opportunities

8 Nonprofits with virtual volunteering opportunities

Sushmitha Arji
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Corporate volunteering programs help employees stay engaged, attract new and diverse talent, and boost productivity. With an increasing need for employee programs that retain and strengthen employee connection to the organizational purpose, there’s a new mode of volunteering that is rising steadily: virtual or virtual volunteering. Nonprofit organizations are leveraging this opportunity to attract global volunteers by rolling out virtual volunteering opportunities that help organizations give back to the causes they support.

Virtual volunteering allows our global workforce, often a mix of remote and in-office teams, to support organizational giving goals by offering greater flexibility in scheduling and the chance to create impact locally or globally. Nonprofit organizations with virtual volunteering activities are engaging teams in causes that range from humanitarian crisis support to advancing STEM education in underserved communities. Some popular virtual volunteering activities are:

  • Recording audiobooks that advance learning & development
  • Pro-bono virtual support to help nonprofit organizations
  • Providing career guidance and mentorship to underrepresented communities

Top 8 Nonprofits with virtual volunteering opportunities

We’ve compiled a list of 8 nonprofit organizations that your organization can volunteer with online to make corporate volunteering programs more accessible and flexible for modern teams.

1. Ronald McDonald House Charities

The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to provide communities with support, access to medical care, and the healing power of family and home for critically ill children. With chapters in 60 countries and regions and 685+ core support programs, remote teams can make an impact by supporting and engaging hospitalized children.

2. Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat is a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to bringing the world of dance and music education to children who are deaf, hard of hearing and children with special needs. Corporate volunteers can bring joy to these children virtually through various educational volunteer opportunities that enable them to experience music and a sense of community.

3. Stillman College

Stillman College is a not-for-profit liberal arts college in Alabama. It is a historically black educational institution in which students can prepare academically, socially, and spiritually for leadership in a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing society. The Stillman Foundation has virtual volunteering opportunities for teams looking to support BIPOC students through mentorship and career guidance.

4. Project Diva International

Project Diva International is guiding young girls on the path to self-discovery. Project Diva International empowers black women in the US to discover their full potential through mentorship and development programs that facilitate career exploration, financial literacy, and self-determination. The nonprofit is always looking for volunteers who can dedicate their time online to empower these teenagers and young adults with the information to upskill themselves and build thriving careers.

5. Library of Congress, by the people

By the People allows people of all ages to explore and engage with unique historical documents from the collections of the Library of Congress. This crowdsourcing project enables members of the public to help make data more usable and discoverable while gaining new knowledge and skills, for example, learning to read older forms of handwriting such as cursive. Volunteers can choose from different collections and transcribe whatever documents they find interesting.

6. Bricc Foundry

Bricc Foundry's mission is to mitigate socio-economic disadvantages while helping women navigate the very real glass ceilings hampering their career growth. The BRICC Foundry tackles underrepresentation and the challenges of an uneven playing field for women in business, startups & technology spaces. Volunteers can mentor, teach, and support the career development of women of color and underrepresented voices.

7. Kids Door

Kids Door is a Japanese non-profit organization with a mission to create a social system that provides equal opportunities for children to grow. They provide learning support programs run by student volunteers to children from low-income households, single-parent families, and those falling through the cracks of society to help them achieve their dreams. The nonprofit offers virtual volunteering opportunities to help students learn English, science, and develop life skills.

8. Ethiopia Deaf Project

The Ethiopia Deaf project is bringing a ray of hope to rural children in Ethiopia with hearing loss through their partnership with the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School (ALDS). Virtual volunteers can advance children’s knowledge in STEM, health & wellbeing, or simply connect with them. 

Find virtual volunteer opportunities

Goodera works with the above-mentioned nonprofit organizations and 50k+ nonprofit partners globally to drive employee impact through corporate volunteer programs. If you’re looking to volunteer with your team to support any of these nonprofits or want to volunteer for a nonprofit in your neighborhood, reach out to us today!

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