20 Virtual Volunteering Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Around the world, more companies are taking up unique strategies to engage employees through purpose-driven initiatives. Virtual volunteering is one such strategy that has been widely adopted by companies of all sizes. From boosting employee engagement, morale, and productivity to enhancing brand reputation, the advantages of corporate virtual volunteering are many.Goodera has been helping companies drive immersive employee experiences by executing virtual volunteering activities end-to-end. With over 50+ cause areas and 100+ activities, there is a diverse set of virtual volunteering opportunities for any company to choose from. In this ebook, we have compiled a list of the 20 most popular virtual volunteering ideas that are driving incredible benefits for our customers.

What you'll find

- Cause-area wise division of 20 virtual volunteering opportunities
- Diverse volunteering ideas to inspire your own virtual volunteering program

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20 Virtual Volunteering Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement Ebook
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