Role & Benefits of technology in Corporate Volunteering and how technology is making corporate volunteering easier and effectiveRole & Benefits of technology in Corporate Volunteering and how technology is making corporate volunteering easier and effective

Role of Technology in Corporate Volunteering

Team Goodera
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Corporate volunteering is on the rise. More companies are encouraging their employees to give back and make a difference in their communities, but there's more than meets the eye regarding corporate volunteering. Not setting up a volunteering program may seem like the only option for many companies. But by devising a volunteer plan that aligns with the company's mission, setting up goals for the volunteers, and assigning target metrics, you can ensure your employees are engaged in meaningful ways while supporting your company's cause.

Thanks to the digital revolution happening on earth at lightning speeds, companies can now access much more information than ever. They now have the ability to learn about the issues that matter most to their employees, connect them with relevant nonprofits, track their time spent volunteering, and compare these points to other crucial metrics like staff attrition and revenue. 

In fact, the role of technology is to help companies redefine their corporate volunteering programs so that they're even more effective for employees and employers alike! Let’s look at how corporate volunteering technology benefits organizations, employees, and communities. 

Access to detailed data

Today’s modern CSR platforms are being built to cater to managers who rely heavily on data. And technology here allows administrative features where managers can manage events and gain program support.

Interactive platforms that can track employee volunteering habits and display their achievements to instill interest and nudge employees to continue their volunteering efforts are available to corporations.

Implementing skills-based strategies

Businesses can modify their employee volunteering programs even more as technology improves. Not only does this allow companies to promote their cause and employees to work remotely, but it also helps build closer bonds between employees and organizations.

Employees can now connect with NGOs that require their time and specialized expertise through digital integration. This means that software developers and copywriters may provide a digital presence for nonprofits from different countries without any barriers.

Employee Morale and Retention

Corporate volunteering benefits companies by providing increased employee engagement and loyalty, enhanced brand image, and higher customer ratings. Corporate volunteers are more likely than non-volunteers to stay longer at their jobs. 

Technology helps with just that. Volunteers can now track their efforts on a company-wide level. They can receive updates about their volunteer activities and access information about other employees' volunteer contributions within the organization. It can help create an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated (and therefore happier).

Redefining Corporate Volunteering Programs

Technology has become more accessible with time, so it's easier for employees to find volunteer opportunities. In fact, some companies offer paid time off to their staff so they can volunteer.

The rise in tech has also given companies a way to redefine corporate volunteering programs. For example, many businesses now offer their employees the option of giving back through work and activities that are interesting and helpful rather than just doing old-school charity.  

Tracking the impact of Volunteer Programs

Technology helps companies measure the impact of their volunteering programs. One way this can happen is through surveys about what people liked about their experience during those events. 

Another way is by tracking the time each participant spent working in one area versus another (e.g., some people stayed longer at one location than others did). These data points will help determine whether there were any areas where volunteers could improve further or even improve overall. 

Technology is completely reshaping how we volunteer and creating more opportunities for us to give back in one-time or ongoing ways. We’re excited about the future of corporate volunteering and how technology is shaping it. It’s a new approach that benefits businesses, employees, and communities alike. Technology will make volunteering more accessible and offer employees a myriad of volunteering opportunities from across the globe.

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