Virtual Volunteering Ideas for Large Groups & TeamsVirtual Volunteering Ideas for Large Groups & Teams

10 Group Virtual Volunteering Activities

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Group volunteer activities have the potential to change the world for the better. The experience of working together towards a common goal can create a sense of alignment between the employees and their organisational goals whether they include creating an impact in society or enhancing diversity and inclusivity, or some other focus.

Group Volunteering activities are beneficial for both - the organisation and the volunteers themselves. Virtual volunteering allows employees to participate in meaningful activities without leaving their homes or offices, making it accessible to more people and reducing the logistical barriers of traditional volunteering. It is a great way to create impact both inside and outside the workplace. 

For employers, this is a great way to drive employee engagement and foster team building. So, don’t worry about your employees not being able to chill out over ping pong tables, or have casual conversations with their colleagues over the espresso machine, team virtual volunteering activities could be the perfect platform for them to connect while making valuable contributions to society.

List of Group Virtual Volunteering Activity Ideas for Teams

Here are 10 group virtual volunteering activities that you can do with your remote or hybrid teams to enhance team engagement and participation:

1. Coding to enhance stem education

Volunteer now with various tech related organisations and help them complete specific programming projects. There are virtual stem mentoring programs that will let you connect with students via video chat and work together on science, maths, and engineering-based projects.

Attend workshops and webinars together and interact with people all around the world to get insights and information on topics such as coding techniques, robotics applications, engineering principles, and more.

2. Recording audiobooks for senior citizens

Audiobooks can be recorded and made easily accessible to everyone, especially senior citizens who are visually impaired or have physical disabilities. Volunteer now to make these audiobooks by reading out a story, a historical tale, or an exciting mystery to lift the senior citizen and make it entertaining for them.

3. Creating learning aids for children

A creative and entertaining virtual gathering to produce learning tools that support children's school education through simple hands-on activities like painting owls and butterflies, cutting out pieces of paper and colouring them, doing origami, and much more. 

4. Creating posters to spread awareness for the LGBTQ+ community

virtual volunteering activity to support lgbt+ community

Making a poster is a fun way to show your creative skills. Create posters or digital banners together and show your love and support for the LGBTQ+ community by posting them on your social media handles. 

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5. Provide Mentoring to the Veterans

It is a perfect opportunity to virtually volunteer in mentoring the veterans on topics such as employment, education, mental health, writing resumes and much more that comes in the interests and needs of these veterans. With such virtual volunteering, their life will be impacted and improved.

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6. Providing Telehealth services

Telehealth services let you assist and take care of the patients without an in-person visit and such an activity can be done from any part of the world virtually. Be it from a group of doctors or a medical student, services like this will provide medical advice and educate patients through remote consultations.

7. Organising a Fundraiser campaign for the LGBTQ+ community

Encourage and volunteer with others virtually to create a fundraising campaign during Pride Month or LGBTQ+ History Month. Share it among your peers and friends on their social media accounts and create a personalised page for the campaign to help the LGBTQ+ community economically.

8. Conduct E-learning programs for medical students

After the pandemic more virtual medical volunteering opportunities are available to participate in. One of them is conducting e-learning programs for medical students in which you will create materials and teach students critical skills or update existing material on healthcare policies.

9. Web Development for NGOs

virtual volunteer activity to support nonprofit organization

For all the web developers out there, it is a perfect opportunity to volunteer and create web pages for various non-profits and social clubs. Be it in a group or individually, you can contribute with your skills and creativity.

10. Conduct Film Documentary Session for kids

You can always collaborate with NGOs and orphanages and conduct a movie-watching event for the kids. Volunteer with these organisations and set up screenings virtually for the kids to watch and enjoy.

Virtual volunteering opportunities for corporates

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