DEI tips for the workplaceDEI tips for the workplace

8 DEI Tips for the Workplace in 2023 from Global DEI Experts

Sushmitha Arji
4 minutes

The case for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace has never been more self-evident than today. Global justice movements and documented financial outperformance of ethically diverse organizations have made it necessary and commonplace for businesses to commit to action on advancing DEI and creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces. Moreover, a “diverse and inclusive organization” is one of the top 3 things millennial and Gen Z employees look for in an employer, according to the Global Parity Alliance’s 2023 DEI report. However, organizations must identify and implement sustainable, meaningful, and scalable processes to achieve true impact. Through Goodera’s 2023 DEI survey, we ask global CSR, ERG, and DEI leaders to share their DEI tips and strategies that saw success within their organizations.

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In this article, we’ve compiled ten unique industry insights from the DEI survey 2023 to equip organizations with adoptable strategies.    

8 DEI tips for the workplace in 2023 from global DEI experts

DEI tips for the workplace from global experts
DEI tips for success from global experts
  1. Use gender-neutral language  

To create a truly inclusive culture, your organization needs to frame company guidelines on best practices through either vocabulary guides or tools to suggest neutral alternatives to biased language often used in professional communications. These resources can reduce the cognitive and psychological strain employees undergo to combat exclusion and improve performance.

If you’re just starting, download Goodera’s Workplace Gender Inclusion Guide to get an overview of the myths surrounding gender and an adoptable gender-inclusive vocabulary.

  1. Invest in DEI training & activities

Organizations have found more success in changing employee perspectives and removing biases by incorporating DEI training through interactive team activities where employees learn by putting themselves in each other’s shoes and collaborating to fulfill a common goal. These activities force employees to look beyond physical and cultural differences to empathize and include previously isolated employees. Employee volunteer programs can also help foster this empathy and unity through community service.

  1. Normalize the use of native names and pronouns

Enabling employees to use their lived names and pronouns encourages an environment where employees don’t assume someone’s gender or pronouns incorrectly, and its implementation is one of the cornerstones of an inclusive culture. Our survey respondents overwhelmingly endorsed two ways to encourage employees to share their pronouns:

  • Self-ID campaigns: Google, for example, launched a voluntary self-identification survey that collected data on many aspects of employee identity, such as if they’ve served in the military, if they have a disability, or if they’re non-binary, LGBTQ+, and or are Trans+. This campaign has helped them establish company-wide goals on product accessibility and disability inclusion.
  • Pronouns in email signatures & official communications: Another DEI tip of the day, this initiative is an excellent sign of inclusion that doesn’t require employees to be LGBTQIA+ to participate and fosters an environment of allyship and safety for all employees.

  1. Empower Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Of all surveyed responses, 26.3% of leaders championed ERGs as an effective DEI initiative for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in workplaces. These allyship groups, supported through executive sponsorship, start as safe spaces to build awareness and support employees through meetings, shared resources, and communications.

However, through leadership guidance and budget allocations, these ERGs can leverage their unique insights to drive inclusive hiring and shape equitable company policies that attract and retain diverse talent.

If you’re looking to start an ERG at your organization, here are some resources to help:

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  1. Enhance parenting time-off

The DEI tip for workplaces gaining momentum across DEI committees is enhanced parenting time off. Implementing an inclusive policy consistently across business locations, which includes birthing and non-birthing parents, signals an organizational commitment to supporting employees through all stages of their leaves. This initiative improves talent retention and personal investment in the company’s goals.

  1. Explore DEI Roadshows

One unique DEI tip was organizing educational roadshows for small, medium, and large teams across the company to introduce diversity, equity, and inclusion. This entertaining and exciting format of DEI training can establish consistent communication across departments and serve as a forum for employees to learn about different cultures and experiences.

  1. Introduce peer support systems

Creating a buddy system is a popular DEI initiative to onboard new employees. Each employee is assigned a buddy for regular buddy checks. This open communication channel creates a positive employee experience for new hires and can make a substantial difference in their early workplace performance and retention.

  1. Leverage AI to be more inclusive

A simple but effective way to leverage AI for DEI efforts is by recommending managers use AI to frame neutral, inclusive language in their hiring communications. HR teams can also use the same platforms to tailor job postings to use gender-neutral language and attract diverse talent. Further, AI tools can assess the candidate pipeline and remove unconscious bias that often factors into hiring decisions due to time constraints.     

As DEI efforts evolve to meet new workforce needs, impact teams must be agile and adaptable to shift focus and resources. We encourage organizations to use these DEI tips for the workplace and explore other resources available on Goodera to power purposeful, diverse workplaces. If you’re an impact leader looking to build or scale your organization’s DEI program, explore our DEI solutions that combine DEI training with social impact and bring employees closer through purposeful team activities.

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