6 Earth Day Ideas for Companies6 Earth Day Ideas for Companies

Eco-Champions: 9 Companies Pioneering Earth Day Campaigns

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Excited to dive into some captivating Earth Day ideas for companies that advance sustainable development goals and nurture a greener planet? By understanding how companies celebrate Earth Day, organizations can not only drive climate action but also embed sustainability, attract diverse talent, and cultivate a culture of environmental empathy within communities.

Earth Day, observed globally on April 22nd every year, is a powerful catalyst to educate, inspire, and mobilize organizations and society to invest in its preservation and regeneration. With Earth Day 2024 on the horizon, our commitment to global ecological stewardship has never been more resolute. Corporate Earth Day campaigns offer a tangible way to make a meaningful impact on our planet by raising awareness and inspiring action.

Did you know? 💡 Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970, growing into a global phenomenon with 193+ countries and over a billion people participating yearly. 

We've curated a selection of companies that have successfully championed Earth Day initiatives and delved into what sets each campaign apart. From impactful endeavors for a circular economy to compelling consumer campaigns, these brands showcase Earth Day's transformative potential in driving positive change.

9 Purposeful Earth Day Campaigns

1. Disney

“Building on Walt’s legacy, we developed the Disney Conservation Fund with the goals to save wildlife, inspire action, and protect our planet, and it has since become a highly respected conservation program, funding projects spanning more than half the world’s countries and counting. Our goal is to inspire people to take action for nature in their communities and around the globe, recognizing that by working together we can and will make a positive and lasting difference for this place we call home.” — Kim Sams (retired), Director, Disney Conservation Fund at Disney.

Disney's conservation fund aims to promote conservation of our planet's biodiversity
Source: Disney Parks

For over a decade, Disneynature films have showcased captivating narratives from the natural world, advocating for greater appreciation and protection of our planet. Through National Geographic and their Animal Kingdom Theme Park, they emphasize the importance of understanding and preserving nature. The Disney Conservation Fund further focuses on safeguarding wildlife for future generations, providing grants to leading conservation organizations. Since 1995, Disney Conservation has allocated over $120 million and supported community-based efforts to stabilize and increase the populations of over 1,000 at-risk animal species.

2. Starbucks

"Everything that we’ve built into a Greener Store is a little step. When you’re talking about one dishwasher, or one recycling bin, or one light fixture, that’s small. But we have thousands of stores, and all those small things that you do - as a partner, as a customer - make an impact because of our scale. If we’re all doing something better, it becomes a much bigger better." — Erica Saraff, Senior Project Manager, Global Store Development-Sustainability at Starbucks.

Earth Idea for Companies: Reusable coffee cups from Starbucks
Starbucks's reusable cup

Starbucks strives to certify 10,000 Greener Stores worldwide by 2025, focusing on reducing volatile organic compounds that negatively impact the environment and air quality. But that's not all! They're kick-starting an Embodied Carbon Initiative to monitor lifetime carbon emissions from the creation, transportation, and disposal of their equipment and materials. As a part of their Earth Day campaign to halve their carbon footprint by 2030, Starbucks is encouraging customers to bring their own cups to stores, offering a discount for doing so and further, inviting everyone to purchase their special edition Earth Day reusable cup. Starbucks also carries out local reforestation volunteering activities with partners, customers, and employees by selling these reusable cups!

3. Apple

“We are closer than ever to achieving our vision of Apple 2030, our ambitious goal to make every product carbon neutral by 2030, and we are thrilled to celebrate the tremendous progress with our customers this Earth Day. Our customers can use their Apple devices knowing they are made with the environment in mind, that means more clean energy, more industry-leading durability, even greater efficiency, and more recycled and low-carbon materials than ever before.” — Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at Apple.

Source: Apple Newsroom

Apple has gone green with the Apple Watch, their first carbon-neutral product, a big step towards their goal of making all their products carbon-neutral by 2030. Since 2015, they've slashed their carbon footprint by over 45%, achieved primarily through innovation in materials, clean electricity, low-carbon shipping, and investment in nature-based projects to offset remaining emissions. Plus, through the Great Global Cleanup campaign, Apple encourages its employees to volunteer for Earth Day. For every volunteer hour, Apple donates US $25 to earthday.org.


“NASA’s investment in space – both the unique Earth science conducted in orbit and the technology developed by living in space and exploring the solar system and universe – returns benefits every day, particularly when it comes to environmental issues. From documenting and understanding Earth’s changing climate to creating green technologies, NASA helps us live more sustainably on our home planet and adapt to its natural and human-caused changes.” — Tylar Greene, Executive Officer in the Office of the Chief Scientist at NASA.

NASA Earth Day Poster 2023
NASA's Earth Day 2023 Poster

NASA utilizes its unique perspective from space to enhance our understanding of our home planet, improve lives, and safeguard our future. They provide full and open access to their Earth science data through their Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program, helping us understand and protect our planet and maximizing the scientific return for research and applied scientists, decision-makers, and society at large. Every year, NASA is no less than a trendsetter for Earth Day campaign ideas, releasing a collection of themed Posters and downloadables, and initiating Earth Day social media posts and trends such as #NASAEarthling and #ConnectedByEarth, to promote climate action awareness.

5. Nike

“Our rule is: there is no innovation without sustainability. Leather is a very high-footprint material in our industry. I think athletic footwear is one of the top leather industries behind automobiles, and it has a significant carbon footprint all the way from cows feeding in the fields to dying the hides. I'm not asking consumers to accept sustainability because it's sustainable, we're asking them to have a lighter feeling, more sustainable leather on the shoes that they love – and they're not even going to know it! They're going to say this is better. That's a great win.” — Eric Sprunk, the Chief Operating Officer at Nike.

Nike's Space Hippie Sustainable Footwear Collection
Nike's Space Hippie footwear collection uses recycled plastics and other scraps to create sustainable designs.

Nike's 'Move to Zero' is a commitment to eliminating single-use plastics on Nike's global campuses and initiating conversations within the international design community through nikecirculardesign.com. These efforts are complemented by material development programs that have diverted 6.4 billion plastic bottles from landfills since 2010. Their shoes, like the Nike Space Hippie and Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature, are revolutionizing the eco-friendly footwear game by merging sustainability and performance with their use of recycled materials like Space Waste Yarn, Nike Grin, and Flyknit.

💡Check out our Climate Action Resource Center, filled with 150+ free resources of things to do, watch, and read to contribute to climate action.

6. Target

“We want our guests to turn to Target first when they think about sustainability. We know that the only way to make that possible is by putting both people and the planet at the center of our efforts, as we co-create with our guests, our partners and the communities we serve.” — Amanda Nusz, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility & President of the Target Foundation.

Target's renewable energy program for store locations
Target stores use solar panels on rooftops to reduce dependency on non-renewable energy sources

Target is committed to sustainability throughout the year, not just during Earth Month. In 2022, they introduced Target Zero, an eco-friendly collection of products from well-known brands, designed to reduce waste and make green shopping easy and offer hundreds of items with packaging that is refillable, reusable, compostable, or made from recycled materials like aluminum, steel, or glass to decrease plastic use. But that's not all - their Target Forward initiative aims to make 100% of their own brand plastic packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025. They're also striving to reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing energy consumption and aiming to power Target with 100% renewable energy by 2030, such as using rooftops for solar power generation.

7. Xbox

"Gaming provides an incredible platform to drive cultural change on a global scale and encourage players to explore, experiment, and connect with the world and with each other in new ways. Sustainability is a team sport—and we are excited to see how far we can go when everyone plays together." — Trista Patterson, the Director of Sustainability at Xbox.

Xbox's wireless controller

Xbox, as a part of the Microsoft family, has high benchmarks to become carbon-negative, water-positive, and zero-waste by 2030. In celebration of Earth Day 2023, they released the Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition, which contains one-third of regrind and reclaimed materials. They are also preparing to launch their first carbon-aware gaming console and recently introduced new tools for game creators to measure carbon emissions. But that's not all! They are making environmental conservation engaging with Minecraft Education and BBC Earth's Frozen Planet II experience. This involves a Minecraft adventure across five worlds inspired by the iconic series where players can embody eight different animals and learn about climate change in the Earth's coldest regions.

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“Since our founding in 1949, ASICS’ purpose has been to help people achieve a sound mind in a sound body. But for that, they need a sound earth to exercise on. That’s why we’re committed to playing our part in building a circular economy that helps reduce CO2 emissions and keep global warming at less than 1.5℃. It is said that only 1% of the world’s textile waste is upcycled while over 70% of apparel ends up in landfill or incinerators. By continuing to innovate the manufacturing process across all our product categories, we can help build a circular economy and mitigate the impact of climate change.” — Yasuhito Hirota, the President and COO at ASICS.

Asics' eco-friendly cross-category collection

ASICS introduced their Earth Day 2023 collection, which stands as their most eco-friendly cross-category collection yet, created using a circular manufacturing approach, recycling over 5 tons of textile waste — equal to 25,000 t-shirts — into new shoes. They are also transitioning to more sustainable materials, such as recycled or bio-based polyester and certified natural materials. Moreover, they warmly invite customers to join in their take-back programs, helping to foster a thriving circular economy.

9. McDonald's

“In the 10 years I’ve been at McDonald’s, I have witnessed firsthand just how remarkable our McFamily is. From the scientists who help us manage our carbon footprint to the suppliers who commit to responsible sourcing and our Franchisees who lead in their communities and spend with diverse-owned businesses, it’s the people across our System who constantly push us to think bigger and work harder.” — Jenny McColloch, the Chief Sustainability Officer at McDonald's.

Source: McDonalds corporation

McDonald's is actively pursuing climate action, protecting our natural resources, and diligently working on solutions to reduce waste — on a promising journey towards adopting more environmentally friendly packaging and toy materials. Ahead of Earth Day celebrations, McDonald’s has just met its goal of sourcing 100% cage-free eggs in the U.S. by 2025. By 2022, they were approximately 81.0% of the way toward our goal of sourcing 100% of our primary guest packaging from renewable, recycled or certified materials.

6 Earth Day Ideas for Companies

6 Earth Day Ideas for Companies
Earth Day Ideas for Companies

For companies to truly make an impact, they must embrace Earth Day's significance and create campaigns that extend beyond mere symbolism. Here are six ideas to help you get started this Earth Day:

  1. Host a "Green" Challenge: Encourage employees to participate in eco-friendly activities such as carpooling, using reusable water bottles, or reducing paper usage. Offer incentives or rewards for those who make the most significant impact.

  2. Organize a Community Cleanup: Choose from Goodera’s volunteering catalog and provide employees with the opportunity to volunteer their time for a beach or park cleanup, reduce their digital footprint, and beautify parks, neighborhoods, or other natural areas.

  3. Implement Sustainable Practices: Use Earth Day to kickstart or reinforce sustainable practices within the company. This could include reducing energy consumption, implementing recycling programs, or switching to eco-friendly office supplies.

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  1. Educate and Raise Awareness: Host workshops or presentations to educate employees about environmental issues and how they can make a difference both at work and in their personal lives. Consider inviting guest speakers or organizing documentary screenings to spark meaningful discussions.

  2. Support Environmental Causes: Partner with our network of 50,000+ nonprofits to support their initiatives and volunteer with their support in your local communities to drive impact.

  3. Foster a Connection with Nature: Encourage employees to spend time outdoors by organizing nature walks, picnics, or planting events. Building a connection with nature can inspire a deeper appreciation for the environment and motivate individuals to take action to protect it.
Celebrate Earth day at work

Remember, Earth Day is not just about one day of action but about fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship year-round. By implementing these tips, companies can demonstrate their commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future. 

Let Goodera do the heavy lifting this Earth Day to engage employees while creating a purposeful impact. Explore curated Earth Day volunteering activities for your employees wherever they are, at home, in the office, or at the next town hall.

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