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Top 9 Activities and Event Ideas for Employee Resource Groups

Muskan Mehta
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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are critical to a company's culture. They provide a platform for underrepresented employees to connect, drive inclusion through support, engage in activities that align with their shared interests, and contribute to the organization by encouraging diversity in hiring. ERGs can play a critical role in promoting positive, supportive workplaces by empowering leadership teams with insights into what matters to their people and drive organizational change.

Remote and hybrid workforces face the unique challenge of making up for the lack of human connection. This lack of human touch can fuel a sense of isolation among employees and impact morale and productivity. To combat this challenge, ERGs need to look for new and innovative ways to engage members and foster a sense of community, even when working remotely.

9 Ideas to engage employee resource groups and keep them thriving

Observe Special Days and Months

Celebrating special months and days is the first step towards creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment. Employees can foster stronger work relationships and become more productive when they feel a sense of belonging to their workplace.

  1. Organizations can collaborate with ERGs for celebrations🥳

Organizations can empower their ERGs to take the reins as they're ideally positioned to understand the significance and cultural context of these events and engage employees meaningfully.

Some important events to keep in mind:

The Good Tip💡
The key to success, however, is to build a year-long engagement plan and have a calendar in place for ERGs to keep them active. You can also subscribe to our events calendar for 2023 to stay on top of upcoming campaigns. 

Engage Members Through Impactful ERG Activities

  1. Create art in the form of an 'Impact wall' 🎨

Another impactful activity idea for employee resource groups is to build an 'impact wall'. Employees can come together and explore their creative side. They can write words of affirmation or historical facts on colorful cards and create a collage. The wall can be a permanent part of the office and serve as a reminder of the vital work ERGs are doing. Companies can also create virtual impact walls where employees can share their stories and learn from each other.

Not sure how to go about this? <rte-link_business-popup>Talk to an expert<rte-link_business-popup> from Goodera.

  1. Volunteer Together 🤝

Volunteering for a cause aligned with the ERG mission is one of the best ways to engage them. Goodera offers a variety of activities across cause areas, and members can volunteer from anywhere in the world, virtually or in-person, in 20+ languages.

Volunteering activities for ERGs

  1. Organize a fundraiser

Organizations can support local communities by hosting a fundraiser event that serves underrepresented groups. By involving ERG members in the planning and execution of a fundraiser, organizations can meaningfully engage them, create a sense of teamwork and shared purpose.


  1. Invite an influential leader for a talk 🎤

Stories of resistance can inspire and motivate members, and offer viewpoints on addressing and impact change in the workplace around causes aligned with ERGs. Hosting a talk with an influential leader is a great way to bring in outside perspectives, foster learning and growth, and engage ERG members in a meaningful way.

build and engage ERG communities webinar

Team Bonding Activities for ERGs

  1. Organize conferences and summits 📑

Conferences help organizations engage their ERGs by starting conversations and providing opportunities for members to network with each other. These events can be held in person or virtually and provide a platform for ERGs to share their ideas and connect with like-minded individuals.

  1. Visit museums and historically significant sites 🖼️

Hosting team offsites at museums and historical sites can be a fun and educational way to engage ERGs through shared experiences. Organizations can also host virtual museum tours to provide a unique and educational experience for their affinity groups. 

  1. Organize a fun quiz night 🙋

Hosting a trivia or game night is great for bringing ERG members together to bond and engage in friendly competition. Companies with a hybrid or remote workforce can also host virtual quizzes and game nights where members can participate from the comfort of their homes.

  1. Support Local Businesses 🛍️

Supporting local black-owned, women-owned businesses by organizing team lunches or sourcing corporate gifts from these businesses is a great way to engage ERGs and show support for the local community.

By planning a variety of virtual and in-person events that cater to different interests and styles of engagement, companies can ensure that their ERGs are thriving and contributing to the organization's overall success.

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