In today's diverse and inclusive corporate landscape, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a pivotal role in fostering a sense of belonging and empowering employees from various backgrounds. Among these, Hispanic Employee Resource Groups stand out as a vibrant and influential force, driving positive change and promoting cultural richness within organizations.

This comprehensive guide is designed to celebrate the essence of Hispanic ERGs, exploring their purpose, significance, and the myriad of ways they contribute to the success and well-being of both employees and their organizations. The guide also discusses best practices for setting the agenda for your Hispanic ERG and creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

What are Hispanic Employee Resource Groups?

Hispanic Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are affinity or employee-led organizations within a company that serve as a support network and resource for employees who identify as Hispanic or Latino. These groups are typically established by employees who share a common cultural or ethnic background and have a shared interest in promoting diversity, inclusion, and representation within the workplace.

The primary goal of Hispanic ERGs is to create a sense of community and belonging for Hispanic employees, fostering an inclusive work environment where they can feel valued, heard, and supported. These groups often work collaboratively with the company's leadership, human resources, and diversity and inclusion teams to advocate for the needs and interests of Hispanic employees.

54 percent of participants in a survey by HACR indicated their Hispanic ERGs have 500 members or more. 

Why do companies build Hispanic Employee Resource Groups?

Hispanic ERGs offer various benefits and opportunities, such as:

  1. Professional Development: Providing workshops, mentoring programs, and networking opportunities to help members advance in their careers.
  2. Cultural Celebrations: Organizing events and celebrations that showcase Hispanic culture, traditions, and contributions.
  3. Community Outreach: Engaging in volunteer and community service activities that give back to the Hispanic community and beyond.
  4. Education and Awareness: Raising awareness about Hispanic issues and contributions, promoting cultural understanding among employees.
  5. Support and Networking: Offering a platform for members to connect, share experiences, and support one another.
  6. Employee Engagement: Enhancing overall employee engagement and job satisfaction.

In a survey by HACR, over 95% Hispanic ERGs indicated top Hispanic executives at their companies are engaged with the Hispanic ERG

Hispanic ERGs, along with other diversity and inclusion initiatives, contribute significantly to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among employees of Hispanic heritage while enriching the corporate culture as a whole.

Examples of Hispanic ERGs (with Mission Statements)


¡Unidos! is the Hispanic/Latinx ERG at Henkel. With a mission to give every Henkel employee the opportunity to connect and thrive by celebrating and harnessing the strength of the Hispanic/Latino community, ¡Unidos! offers opportunities to network and collaborate. Their mission statement reads as follows: 

¡Unidos! means “together,” so it is fitting that our ¡Unidos! ERG shares Henkel’s belief that joining together to celebrate the richness of our cultures and contributions will lead to a stronger and more inclusive Henkel. ¡Unidos! facilitates personal growth opportunities that help build leadership skills, public speaking, project management and networking.


Corning’s Employee Resource Groups help to promote the heritage of each Hispanic or Latino ethnicity by sharing their culture and through their offerings of educational opportunities, networking, cultural events, and social gatherings. Their Hispanic ERG is called Global Latino Advancement and Success Society (GLASS). Their mission statement reads as follows: 

GLASS represents the Latino employees of Corning and work to promote the advancement, talent recruitment, retention, and professional development of the Latino employees.  [GLASS] also work to raise cultural awareness for the Latino employees.


The Latino & Friends Network (LAFN) is an inclusive group of both Latinos and non-Latinos from around the world within the NIKE, Inc. family. 

They leverage their unique skills and contributions to create opportunities for professional success and infuse their passions for art, food, music, and community into their work.

Bank of America

Bank of America’s Hispanic ERG is called Hispanic/Latino Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA). Their mission statement is as follows: 

HOLA is committed to helping Bank of America attract, engage, develop and retain its Hispanic/Latino employees. HOLA provides a forum through which its members can gain access to mentoring and networking opportunities with senior leaders at the bank and participate in community service. Every year, HOLA hosts local and virtual events around the country in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, including family picnics, presentations by community leaders and signature cultural events.


Citrix’s Hispanic ERG - Citrix Latino Professionals - is responsible for “promoting awareness on Latino issues and fostering a sense of community and belonging at Citrix.”


Coca-Cola’s Hispanic + Leadership Inclusion Network enables The Coca‑Cola Company to capture business opportunities and accelerate growth in the U.S. Hispanic market by recruiting, retaining and developing the best Hispanic talent and by sharing Hispanic culture and insights across the organization.

CVS Health

CVS believes it’s important to offer programs that help their employees develop and grow professionally, while also providing the opportunity to connect with one another through a particular affinity, culture or perspective. The description for Juntos, their Hispanic ERG reads as follows:

A multicultural organization comprised of members of Latin ethnicities. The group cultivates and fosters a positive ecosystem where Latin culture awareness promotes inclusivity through partnership opportunities in our Latin communities reinforced through colleague empowerment.


Dell believes that “ERGs are the connective tissue of [their] culture. They are the vehicle by which [their] team members connect beyond their daily work. ERGs also serve as a great tool for increasing global cross-cultural understanding and communication skills that provide a critical advantage, benefiting both [their] team members and customers.” The mission statement of Latino connection, their Hispanic ERG reads as follows:

Promotes cultural awareness and develops engaged and empowered leaders across the Latino community.

How to start a Hispanic ERG in your organization

Infographic of steps to start an Hispanic ERG

Growing and Engaging Your Hispanic Employee Resource Group

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