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Employee volunteering

Employees are key enablers in achieving strong organisation-wide social impact. See how you can boost your social impact by empowering your employees to give back.

Key takeaways
  1. Understanding how to truly build inclusive workplaces
  2. Learning about how DEI leaders and community organizations drive change
  3. What can we do constructively to promote inclusivity for the LGBTQIA+ community during the Pride month and beyond
  4. How to design and engage employees in volunteering to promote inclusivity
Introductions and icebreakers

A quick introduction to Goodera, our speakers from RaisedBy.Us and what this partnership brings to the table, followed by a fun game of bingo to understand the agenda of the session.

What is an employee social impact program?

We dive deeper into what it takes to build a robust employee social impact by focusing on the three P’s that make your foundation strong.

The what, why, and how of employee voice and choice

What is ‘employee voice and choice’? Why is it important? How can you actually incorporate it into your social impact program? Jessica Sloan takes you through a 5 step process.

How to bring your strategy to life and increase program participation?

Understand how you can increase program participation from an industry average 8% to 30-50% by running impact campaigns that are fun, engaging, and most importantly, action-oriented.

Ask Me Anything

The webinar ends with a 15-minutes session where our speakers take up questions from the audience.

Who should attend?
CSR teams
Volunteering Teams
HR teams
Jessica Sloan
Executive Director, RaisedBy.Us
Original event date
August 11, 2022
Event time
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