Guide to hosting your Month of Service

A CSR initiative that’s driving big impact for businesses

What is a month/week/day of service?

A month of service is a unique opportunity for businesses to bring their workforce together to create meaningful impact across company mission areas through employee volunteering. 
A long-standing CSR initiative among the biggest businesses, service month volunteering is gaining popularity world over as a way to re-connect and engage global, remote teams with purpose. 

Impact that inspires

Over 4300 volunteers from 50+ countries came together for the Warner Bros’ Global Day of Service to serve in a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid volunteering experiences managed by Goodera to improve the lives of people with disabilities and underserved communities.

The Best Time to Host a Month of Service

The short answer: anytime that works for your organisation.

While businesses in the US generally organize their month of service in April to coincide with National Volunteer Month, geographically-dispersed teams and a deepening global outlook has meant a strategic shift to engage and incorporate global teams with flexible timelines.

A growing number of our clients are exploring organizing a month, a week, or even a day service around the giving season to maximize social impact and bring the joy of volunteering to employees before the holiday season.

Through our experience powering month of service engagements for Service Now, EY, and Nike, we have learned that service month engagements give purpose to employees, uplift local communities, and channel purposeful impact regardless of when they’re organized in the year.

The Case for Hosting a Month of Service

Month of service engagements are a resource-intensive CSR initiative for teams of any size. So what makes it all worth it?
Embed a culture of service within your organisation
Embed a culture of service
Effect local and global change
Spotlight your impact
Did you know?

Service Now employees logged in nearly 7000 hours of impactful volunteering during their maiden month of service in 2021!

The Citrix Case

Read the story of how 8000+ employees joined hands to serve local communities in 44 countries

Everything you need to know to start planning your month of service 

Setting budgets, impact goals, onboarding nonprofits, curating activities, planning across time it all getting a little overwhelming?

Trust us, you’re not alone.

After working with clients like Warner Media and Tata Communication among many others over the years, we realised that every CSR team could benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained on executing a month of service.

In this compact ebook, we’ve covered everything you need to know to make a meaningful impact with your employees. Explore the power of collective volunteering.