help Turkey and Syria earthquake victimshelp Turkey and Syria earthquake victims

Emergency response volunteering programs to help Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts at workplace

Pratik Mishra
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Last update: February 7, 2023 

[We will keep updating this post as we hear more and find new nonprofit partners in the region]

Earlier this week, the Kahramanmaras earthquake shook Turkey and Syria, taking more than 7500 lives with it. The toll is increasing as we publish this, and WHO suspects it could go as high as 20,000 lives making this one of the most devastating natural disasters in this geography.

The disaster has left thousands homeless, and in dire need of essential amenities like clean water, food, shelter, and medical and healthcare supplies.

In response to the event, Goodera has partnered with nonprofits actively working in the region for disaster relief. This article will help you find opportunities to mobilize your workforce and support the cause.

Nonprofits helping Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts

Global Empowerment Mission

Global Empowerment Mission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2011 as a first responder to global disasters. Because of GEM Europe’s propositioning for European disasters, their team was able to deploy immediately to provide relief the same morning. They have already deployed supplies of over USD 3.4 million.

Goodera has also partnered with GEM to design corporate volunteering engagements to help supply essential kits to those affected in Turkey and Syria.

Convoy of Hope

As a nonprofit humanitarian organization, Convoy of Hope works alongside communities to bring solutions to the root causes of poverty and hunger. Convoy of Hope is responding to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Food, water, and other essentials will be sent to the region as quickly as possible.

We are working with Convoy of Hope to engage employees across the globe in volunteering activities to support frontline workers and help with basic first aid for the affected.

International Blue Crescent

The formation of IBC is based on the cooperation that had been established with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) on April 1999 in Albania. 

Goodera is partnering with IBC to engage employees for creating resources that will help those in the affected regions in navigating through the crisis.

Team International Assistance for Integration

TIAFI (Team İnternational Assistance for İntegration or Uluslararası Yardımlaşma ve Entegrasyon Derneği in Turkish) is a non-profit grassroot organization in Izmir. The non-profit is doing everything they can to support victims of the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

Goodera is working with TIAFI to support and encourage frontline workers through collaterals created through volunteering activities.

Help Turkey and Syria earthquake relief through Volunteering - for Corporates and ERG's

Engage your employees with volunteering

For leaders and teams that want to help the situation and support those affected by the earthquakes, Goodera’s emergency response volunteering programs are now available. We already have a few activities ready and are continuously working to find new partners and create more opportunities with them.

If you’re interested in helping with your team, please write to us at and we will share our current volunteer opportunities with you. 

Existing customers can write to their engagement managers directly to access the opportunities.

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