From Vision to Action: How Organizations are Leading in DE&IFrom Vision to Action: How Organizations are Leading in DE&I

8 Organizations championing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Simran Srivastava
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Organizations are catching on to the power of diversity and inclusion, now building thriving and dynamic teams to maximize potential and profit. This decade has witnessed many inclusive organizations reach new heights of success by championing innovation, thanks to their diverse teams and fair opportunities that promote learning and growth. However, crafting policies that genuinely reflect inclusive values takes time and effort. To make the process less intimidating, learning from examples of diversity and inclusion in the workplace that have succeeded with their work cultures can be valuable.

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Companies embracing DE&I practices tend to see a 35% hike in financial returns, a 70% greater probability of tapping into new markets, and attract 67% more job seekers.

Get inspired by the leading organizations prioritizing diversity, inclusion, and equity, and learn from their successes.

8 Enlightening Examples of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The overarching goal of inclusion strategies, irrespective of the size or scale of organizations, is centered around cultivating empathy and understanding through practical means that yield measurable results.

4 pillars of DEI: encourage & support ERGs, inclusive customer strategy, mitigate unconscious bias, nurture employees through mentorship & upskilling
Source: Goodera

1. Accenture 

Target Outcomes: Gender, Racial and Pay Equity, LGBTQIA+ visibility, Disability Justice, Ethnic Diversity, Mental Health & Wellness, and Career Development.

Accenture advances parity across all fronts for their employees, customers, and society by leveraging technology and human ingenuity to drive positive change. They're a leading example of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and ranked number one on the Refinitiv Global Diversity & Inclusion Index for three consecutive years.

Accenture improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Enhancing workforce diversity with unconscious bias training to address prejudice and discrimination and partnering with stakeholders to advocate for equality and increased employment opportunities.
  2. Building diverse employee networks and ERGs to enable the professional development of varying identity groups and setting measurable targets of acquiring diverse talent for adequate representation. 
  3. Employee assistance program functional 24/7 for mental health support, ally network of 8,900+ trained Mental Health professionals to support employees, providing resources for continuous learning to build healthy habits.

2. L’Oréal

Target Outcomes: Gender Equity; Racial & Ethnic Inclusion; LGBTQIA+ Rights; Disability Justice; Multicultural and Socio-economic Diversity; Multigenerational Allyship; Supplier Rights.

diverse models for Loreal Paris
Source: L’Oréal

L’Oréal is dedicated to offering the best of beauty to everyone worldwide, regardless of their skin or hair type, gender, identity, culture, or age. Their innovation, inspiration, and ambition are driven by their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, central to creating products that resonate with a global audience. L’Oréal is a brilliant example of DEI in the workplace and ranked 11th in Equileap’s 2023 Gender Equality Ranking.

L’Oréal improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Developing formulas that ensure quality, efficacy, and safety for all our consumers and their specific needs and celebrating the infinite diversity of beauty in advertising. 
  2. Working to eliminate bias in algorithms, recruiting diverse teams, prioritizing inclusive leadership and management, and partnering with responsible suppliers who share their values. 
  3. Encourage multicultural and socio-economic diversity and account for people of all ages and generations with health coverage, ERGs, and their citizen engagement program. 

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3. Chevron

Target Outcomes: Gender Equity; Racial & Ethnic Inclusion; LGBTQIA+ Rights; Disability Justice & Neurodiversity; Mental Health & Wellness, Career Development.  

Chevron's core philosophy revolves around nurturing mutual respect among employees, recognizing it as a catalyst for learning, innovation, and high performance. They received a 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign Equality Index and the Disability Equality Index in 2022. 

Chevron improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Establishing a Neurodiversity Program to target largely underrepresented talent with inclusive hiring practices and implementing a human rights policy to build a positive and respectful work culture.
  2. Building ERGs for community activities and outreach, formal mentorship and skill development opportunities, with their programs witnessing 45% participation to celebrate diversity. To maintain their vision, they introduced incentivized diversity action plans with measurable goals, graded on annual performance evaluations. 
  3. Hosting a Worldwide Employee Town Hall across departments to openly discuss safety, learning, performance and culture, and partnering with governments, communities and educational organizations to build diversity programs.

The Good Tip 💡

An evolving remote workforce is one of the biggest DE&I trends in 2023. More and more companies are adopting global remote employment options, gaining access to a diverse talent pool across the globe and advancing innovation and inclusion with flexible options.

4. Ernst & Young

Target Outcomes: Gender Equity; Pay Equity; Racial Inclusion; Representational Leadership; Career Progression; Learning & Development.

Social equity is a priority at EY, ensuring that every employee has equal access to resources and opportunities, regardless of their starting point or individual needs, and breaking down barriers that create inequitable experiences. EY is an inspiring example of DEI in the workplace and one of the first multinational companies certified by the Global Equality Standard (GES).

EY improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Creating a 5-year plan to facilitate representational leadership, driving pay equity by establishing strict annual compensation planning processes and conducting annual pay gap analysis to adjust internal pay standards. 
  2. Establishing the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network (EAN) to champion Black and Latinx employees and building the EY Social Justice Fund of over $10 million in investments to offer grants to non-profits working on eradicating social inequities.
  3. Promoting inclusive hiring, promotion, and appointment processes to bridge parity gaps and provide continuous resources, learnings, and tools for skill and career development.

5. LinkedIn

Target Outcomes: Racial & Ethnic Inclusion, Disability & LGBTQIA+ Rights, Gender Justice, Veteran Allyship, Multigenerational Allyship, Pay Equity, Career & Skill Development.

LinkedIn Life represents its corporate identity, shaped by its culture & values of collective belonging, flexibility in prioritizing tasks, space to foster dreams and ambitions, and a welcoming and inclusive environment. They were featured on Newsweek's 2023 America's Greatest Workplaces for Diversity and Glassdoor's 2023 Best Places to Work.

LinkedIn improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Creating Talent Acquisition and Apprenticeship Programs to empower and upskill diverse talent to achieve their ambitions, such as Engineering Recruiting Associate (ERA), UnLock, REACH, and LinkedIn Scholars.  
  2. Building a work culture that thrives on transparency, accountability, and collective responsibility, but provides a space to trust and belong together. They balance work and fun well and place a big emphasis on fostering ambitions and dreaming big. 
  3. Establishing ERGs for community spaces, diversifying representation in leadership, prioritizing growth and development, and partnering with other stakeholders to build equitable experiences. 

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6. Procter & Gamble

Target Outcomes: Racial & Ethnic Inclusion, Disability & LGBTQIA+ Rights, Gender Justice, Veteran Allyship, Multigenerational Allyship, Pay Equity, Career & Skill Development.

Proctor & Gamble aims to become “the most accessible company in the world," driving jobs for 1.7 billion individuals with disabilities and championing equitable opportunities for all. They rank high in the Top 50 Companies for Diversity List by Diversity Inc. and the Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign. 

P&G improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Powering a globally diverse workforce, with 41% women and 28% multicultural employees and 45% women, and 45% multicultural leaders on their board of directors.
  2. Pledging $5 Billion yearly to diversely owned and women-led businesses till 2030 to empower their growth and success and build ERGs to demonstrate continued support. 
  3. Showcasing their support through campaigns such as the annual "Can’t Cancel Pride" program for LGBTQIA+ employees, the P&G Podcast "Equal Too" to champion disability justice, and "The Name" campaign to encourage employees to learn name pronunciations.

7. Adobe

Target Outcomes: Gender Inclusion; Pay Equity; LGBTQIA+ Visibility; Disability Justice; Ethnic & Racial Diversity; Career Progression, Apprenticeships, and Talent Development.

Adobe For All program which appreciates, amplifies, enhances, and rethinks norms, offers space for people to speak up.p
Source: Adobe

Adobe believes fostering an environment where individuals feel respected and included leads to greater creativity, innovation, and success. They are committed to investing in initiatives that move the company and industry forward. Adobe is a leading example of DEI in the workplace and ranks high in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index and the 2022 Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.

Adobe improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. Powering storytelling and sharing personal narratives with "Adobe For All: My Story" to champion empathy and inclusion and expand perspectives. Build a work culture that values creativity, innovation, and development by growing and learning together without bias. 
  2. Showcasing commitment to fair pay by ensuring unbiased policies maintaining a 1:1 pay parity ratio across identities and framing job architecture for which they can account. 
  3. Promoting #AdobeForAll opportunities to help every employee gain mentorship, skill development, and career progression support and investing in employee fulfillment practices and programs such as ERGs, work-life balance policies, and flexibility in accommodation.

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Target Outcomes: Gender Inclusion; Pay Equity; LGBTQIA+ Visibility; Disability Justice; Ethnic & Racial Diversity; Career Progression, Apprenticeships, and Talent Development.

DEI is a strategic imperative for KPMG and is integral to its vision of fostering an inclusive work environment that supports a diverse workforce and empowers its professionals to reach their maximum potential. They ranked in the Top 50 for the 14th consecutive year in the Top 50 Companies for Diversity list by DiversityInc. 

Adobe improves D&I in the workplace by

  1. KPMG’s Accelerate 2025 program aims to advance to leadership positions, with a 50% partner and managing director representation from underrepresented groups, a 50% increase in ethnic diversity workforce, and increasing representation from underrepresented groups in client and firm-wide leadership roles. 
  2. Promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging with BRGs for allyship, support, mentorship, and professional development. 
  3. Driving ESG efforts for community impact and new policies prioritizing employees' mental and physical health, including flexible work options.

Fostering cultures where all employees feel valued and empowered to contribute can help organizations leverage their team member's unique perspectives and experiences to drive creativity. These leading examples of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are paving the way for employee volunteering with ERGs and inclusive work cultures that give back to local communities and diverse social causes.

Managed corporate volunteering opportunities crafted for employee, affinity, and business resource groups can help transform your company culture. With Goodera, you can bring DE&I to your workplace with in-person and virtual corporate volunteering opportunities across diverse cause areas. Explore ways to action your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion purpose with Goodera today.

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