Best mental health charitiesBest mental health charities

Top 10 charities for mental health

Simran Sharma
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Many mental health charities have devoted time and effort to raising awareness for behavioral and mental health issues and to specifically reduce the life-altering stigma that so many experience. These nonprofits envision a world where it is easier to give and ask for help. Joining this mission has never been easier. We’ve compiled a list of mental health nonprofits and charities to support during Mental Health Awareness Month and throughout the year.

  1. Invisible Illnesses

Invisible Illnesses Inc is an in-person support and social group for those who suffer from invisible illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, Chronic fatigue, Diabetes, ADHD, Mental Health, etc. The organization aims to support and educate not only people suffering with invisible illnesses but also health professionals in managing symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other hidden conditions and increase community awareness about the very real implications of a diagnosis of an invisible disease.

  1. The Garden of Hope Foundation 

The Garden of Hope Foundation is a non-government, non-profit group established in 1988 to help disadvantaged girls and young women. The organization aims to help victims of the sex industry, survivors of sexual, domestic violence and human trafficking. Their services have grown to include shelters and service centers island-wide, providing everything from counselling and temporary housing to legal aid. Their latest development phase helps women “go the second mile” with job training, housing aid, and emotional support after leaving the shelter. They plan on empowering every single woman under their care. 

  1. Cardz For Kidz 

Cardz For Kidz is dedicated to uplifting spirits across the globe by delivering inspiring handmade cards. Their priority is providing support, smiles, and encouragement to children, families, seniors, and veterans in hospitals, schools, senior living, and rehabilitation centers. They vow that each card recipient is special and practice what they preach by ensuring every partner location hand-delivers the cards room by room. Their one-of-kind cards are a source of upliftment during times of distress and loneliness.

  1. Letters to Strangers (L2S)

Letters to Strangers is the largest global youth-run nonprofit seeking to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable, quality treatment, particularly for youth. The organization looks beyond the statistics and at the individual. They want mental health to be made personal through human-to-human interaction. So far, L2S has been utilizing letter writing, peer education and policy-based advocacy to drive ground-impact and raise awareness. Get involved and write a letter today!

  1. Arts Holding Hands and Hearts (AHHAH)

AHHAH uses mindfulness tools, artistic initiatives, and professional development training for staff, where the programs increase resiliency and create positive pathways towards productive and fulfilling futures for youth. They work through multiple intentional strategies to offset the stressful effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The core vision driving AHHAH is equipping every child with tools and opportunities to achieve their highest capacity.

  1. Love Is Outreach 

Love Is Outreach understands that self-care is not just treating yourself to a spa day. In all reality, we must know how to take care of our mental health with or without money; and the nonprofit is working on teaching youth/young adults to do so early in their lives. Its mission is to provide stress management skills and support to youth and adolescents while demonstrating gratitude by giving back to the community.

  1. The Chrysalis Program

The Chrysalis Program began first as a book series called, The DARK Brown Girl but has now grown into a nonprofit on a mission. Through interactive workshops, mentoring, and counselling, they teach self-confidence, health and nutrition practices, and practical life skills to minor girls aged 5-18. 

The students of the program not only learn how to take care of themselves through nutritional information and develop effective communication skills but also how to be a productive member of the community through good leadership, effective conflict resolution, and engagement through empathy.

  1. Down Syndrome Cork 

Down Syndrome Cork is the Cork branch of the nation-wide organization, Down Syndrome Ireland, with over 360 member families across the city and county in Cork. The members are parents working together to support each other and their families for anyone born with Down syndrome. The mental health nonprofit is actively focused on providing support and resources, encouraging active participation in the community, fostering positive attitudes, and most importantly, helping individuals with Down syndrome reach their full potential.

  1. Merchants Quay (MQI)

Merchants Quay Ireland is a national nonprofit organization that helps people struggling with homelessness and addiction. They provide frontline services, practical support, pathways towards recovery, and innovative responses to the issues of drug use and homelessness in Ireland. Their endgame entails an inclusive society that supports the integration and well-being of all. They intend to use collaborative effort to free people from hardships caused by addiction and homelessness.

    10. Humanity Crew

Humanity Crew is an international aid organization specializing in providing first response mental health interventions to refugees and people in crisis. The organization works to deploy mental health and psychosocial support to people in crisis zones to improve their well-being, restore order in their lives, and prevent further psychological escalation. They seek to create a world in which mental health support is a fundamental component in all emergency efforts for victims of humanitarian crises.

There are many ways to join the movement. This mental health awareness month, choosing to get involved with a charity for mental health is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the cause and educate yourself about the complex needs of those suffering from mental illnesses. Start today and change lives! 

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