Top 10 Environmental Charities to Support this Earth Day Top 10 Environmental Charities to Support this Earth Day

Top 10 Environmental Charities to Support in 2023

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“This earth day, give back to the planet by supporting environmental charities devoted to making a difference.”

The conversation around the climate seems to always start and end on the same note; renewing our commitment to protecting and preserving the planet. The good news is that it's now easier than ever to get involved. From melting ice caps to rising Co2 levels, the state of the planet is now under much-needed scrutiny and nonprofits have announced their missions. There are several credible environmental charities globally mobilizing resources through cause-centric projects. All organizations need to do is pick their impact partner this earth day. 

Why should you collaborate with nonprofits in 2023?

Thousands of nonprofits come together to raise awareness and action impact on challenges such as ocean contamination, air pollution, and deforestation every year. It is important to rectify these problems before the earth becomes unlivable. The best way to tackle the issue is to get directly involved with the professionals at charities and nonprofits. However, real obstacles such as lack of time and information can hinder this pursuit. These organizations are always looking for resources and are often in dire need of them. While donations are one of the easiest ways to contribute to the environment, occasions like Earth Day and Environment Day etc are a great opportunity for organizations to get involved and facilitate volunteering opportunities for their employees. Aligning with nonprofits can not only educate everyone on long-term practices but it is also a meaningful way to engage employees while creating a big impact.

A challenge that will quickly show itself once you’ve made up your mind about donation is navigating through the ocean of nonprofit pages online.  While scrolling through the endless results, it can be difficult to determine which nonprofit’s vision aligns with yours. To save you the trouble, here is a compilation of the Top 10 environmental charities you can partner with or donate to, this earth day and throughout the year. 

1. Pick Up China 

Shanghai Pudong Life Environment Center (Pickup China) was launched in 2014, aiming to improve the environment we live in by influencing more people to take action and advocating the concept of "pick up and public welfare". 

In 2018, Pick Up China set the world clean in China, and promoted the largest environmental cleanup operation in China's history. By 2021, Pick Up China had promoted a total of about 760,000 people nationwide to participate in World Cleanup Day. And recently, in September 2022, hundreds of volunteers in Shanghai withstood Typhoon Taba to reduce one ton of waste. 

2. Way For Life, India 

Active across major cities in India, Way For Life is an organization dedicated to positive socio-economic and environmental change. They have directly impacted over 6000+ people with over 200 events and recurring activities planned to make the planet a better place. Way For Life is a youth-led initiative and has undertaken many projects for reforestation, upcycling waste material, and distribution of necessary resources. 

On earth day, their approaches to community development and environmental sustainability will be direct and easy to support which makes the charity a clear mention in this list. In partnership with Way For Life, Goodera has conducted various corporate volunteering engagements to reduce carbon footprint through active upcycling.

3. Clean Up UK

CleanupUK is a charity that unites volunteers to bring about cleaner, connected, and safer urban and rural communities by tackling the litter problems where they live. Waste management is one of the major issues that needs to be tackled head-on by charities this earth day for a happier planet. 

From the lens of community interaction, cleaning up and litter-picking are activities that bring people closer together, enable neighbours to meet one another, and help create a greater sense of pride and community in local areas. Over 5000 beneficiaries and Clean Up UK members have proven that getting your hands dirty is the only way to clean.

4. Let’s Do It World (LDIW)

Let’s Do It World (LDIW) is a global organization that unites more than 160 countries and is an accredited partner of UNEP and UNEA. Each country has a leader or a group of leaders, who work day and night, often as volunteers, to mobilize volunteers in their countries for a cleaner earth.

 In an example of great community-driven action, the leaders came from all walks of life and united 14.9 million concerned citizens across 191 countries on World Clean Up Day. With this track record, it is safe to assume that this is one of the charities to support this earth day.

5. Neighbourhood Forest, USA

Neighborhood Forest was founded in 2010 and aims to reach every child in North America by planting trees through their hands. Combatting the problems caused by deforestation and improper education about the environment, Neighbourhood Forest is using a simple method to eliminate decades of problems. 

The organization involves parents and coordinators to ensure a positive life-long change in children. They aim to change the future behavior of the community towards sustainability practices by offering early childhood education. April, denoted as earth month by many charities, is particularly active for Neighbourhood Forest every year. You can be one of the hundreds of helpers by donating to their cause. 

6. Plant for the Planet, Spain

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement to restore forest ecosystems to tackle the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. To do so, they empower young people, partner with professionals, conduct restoration research, and provide free software tools and restoration advice for organizations around the world. 

They’ve unleashed their army of 4500+ ‘Climate Justice Ambassadors’ against the climate crisis and recently reached the revolutionary number of 151,000 trees planted in Andalucia. Among their many noteworthy projects are the Granada and the Donana Reforestation. You can help change these regions for the better.

7. Earth Share, Georgia 

EarthShare is a network representing more than 500 environmental groups working locally, nationally, and internationally. With over 30 years of impact driven by the collective, Earth Share Georgia is one of the charities actively conserving and protecting our land, air, and water. With its many local partners, the organization holds many effective events dedicated to creating a healthy planet.

 This charity can be your one-stop for environmental giving as it is one of the most important times of the year for the organization. 

8. Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, UK

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is one of the world’s leading ocean-cleaning nonprofits. They work to ensure the health of the oceans and aim to maintain a world in which humanity is forever committed to caring for and appreciating our blue planet, our global marine biodiversity, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth. 

They create educational resources for schools, send out cleaning equipment to community groups, research ocean pollution and raise awareness for clean oceans. Also, they physically remove millions of plastic from the oceans worldwide. If you’re wondering what to do on this earth day, help them end ocean pollution.

9. Fostering Education and Environment for Development (FEED), Philippines 

FEED, Philippines supports sustainable education & tree-planting, aiming to inclusively grow, preserve and protect marine and terrestrial Philippine biodiversity.  Through integrated Ridge to Reef social forestry programs, community development & livelihood initiatives, they’ve made the planet’s environment safer for all of its inhabitants.

FEED is also dedicated to scientific and practical research in agriculture, the environment, farming, forestry, fisheries, and sustainability. In 2022, the charity planted more than 5000 Philippine Rhizophora mangrove species sourced from and planted by professionally trained fishing cooperatives in Aringay, Bauang, and San Juan. In 2023, help them grow more.

10. Carbon Ethics, Indonesia 

Carbon Ethics is an organization that aims to restore the climate balance through nature-based solutions with pioneers in blue carbon conservation. The ultimate goal is to create positive environmental change and advance social impact by directly enhancing the livelihoods of their local community partners. As a not-for-profit organization, by the year 2021, they had already planted 68,000+ mangrove trees and 4,000+ baby corals.

Now, they are branching to Social Enterprise to provide more climate solutions, such as carbon emission calculation, carbon policy and advocacy, climate-friendly travel, and many more. Their research aims to undo years and years of damage. Help the charity make the planet what it should be this earth day.

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