Jul 28, 2022

Scale CSR Impact with Month of Service

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Jo Moskowitz
Director of Corporate Citizenship, Citrix Systems
Jul 28, 2022

Scale CSR Impact with Month of Service

CSR Initiative
Corporate Volunteering

Service month is your biggest opportunity to meaningfully engage your employees and deepen their connection to your company purpose.

Introductions and icebreakers

An introduction to Goodera, our speaker, and a primer impact video encapsulating Citrix’s Global Month of Service.

Why host a service month and when’s the right time to do it?

We hear Jo’s insights on how to think about service month planning and the challenges involved in the move to virtual or hybrid volunteering for large organizations.

Framework to host a service month

Jo deep-dives into the key elements of successful engagement planning such as setting impact goals at the outset, understanding organizational requirements, selecting non-profits, designing impact-centered engagements and more.

Lessons to take forward

Jo shares her insights on the lessons Citrix learned from the experience and offers key pointers on critical topics such as champion-led engagements, volunteer delight, and executive-level participation.


The floor is opened for a 10-minute AMA session where Jo tackles the questions we’ve received throughout the webinar.

Who should attend?
CSR teams
ERG teams
Volunteering Teams
Jo Moskowitz
Director of Corporate Citizenship, Citrix Systems
Original event date
July 28, 2022
Original Event Time
11 AM PT

Join the relief effort for those affected by the Maui Wildfires

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