Corporate volunteering

Establishing and supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) is a great way to engage employees for social impact. In this Webinar, we are talking about how ERGs can be an instrument of social impact, and how employee volunteering can help you engage your members, spread awareness within your organization, and bring your efforts into the spotlight.

Introductions and icebreakers

The speakers Dumebi and Tim will briefly introduce who they are and their experience within the ERG world.ย 

How to set goals for any programs or events you are planning?

This exercise will help you better determine what you want to achieve (Volunteer hours? Local Impact? Issue Awareness?) to build towards the goals.

Who you should engage in supporting your events and how?

This section will talk about collaboration with a central engagement team or working with other Resource Groups to expand impact and awareness

The importance of consistency

The last section will tie all parts together and discuss the importance of consistency. It takes a lot of work to build out an event schedule, so to ensure you have growing participation, it is important to remain consistent in various categories (communication, frequency, style).


The speakers will use the final segment to respond to Q&A from the audience.

Who should attend?
ERG leaders & teams
HR and People Operations
Social Impact Teams
Dumebi Egbuna
Co-founder, Chezie
Timothy Anson
Engagement Solutions, Goodera
Original event date
September 28, 2022
Event Time
12 PM PT

Join the relief effort for those affected by the Maui Wildfires

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