November 16, 2022
press release

We raised $10 million in funding!

We have exciting funding news to wrap up 2022 as we explore new ways to connect impact and engagement at workplaces with our customers and team in 2023.

Goodera just raised $10 million in funding

As organisations look to step up as good corporate citizens, employee volunteering programs are becoming a favourite for combining social impact and employee engagement. Scaling with this trend, Goodera, the leading employee volunteering company, announced a $10M series A funding round to bring employee volunteering to every workplace. Investors in this round include Elevation Capital, Zoom Ventures, Xto10X, Nexus Venture Partners, Omidyar Network, Binny Bansal, and others.

Goodera has reimagined volunteering to meet the needs of the evolving workforce. Their inspiring growth makes me hopeful about a future where employers embrace action on important causes like diversity, equity, and climate change. I am excited to support Goodera in this mission of engaging millions of employees in volunteering.” said Ursula Burns, the former CEO of Xerox. Ursula is an investor and mentor to Goodera.

Goodera executes virtual, hybrid, and in-person volunteering experiences for employees in 100+ countries and 20+ languages across multiple cause areas- education, climate change, D&I, accessibility, etc. benefitting 50k+ nonprofits. Goodera brings much-needed technology and innovation to the volunteering space. Goodera has grown into the market leader with over 400 customers like IBM, Target, EY, Amazon, and other leading brands, including 60 from Fortune 500.

Goodera eliminates the friction and overhead of volunteering management for enterprises. Through Goodera, enterprises can provide on-demand, impactful and engaging volunteering experiences to employees worldwide. Some volunteering experiences include – reviewing resumes of BIPOC youth, assembling solar lamps for the homeless, tree plantation, and park clean-ups, amongst others.

This perfect combination of social impact and employee engagement has seen adoption by companies in novel ways. New use cases include volunteering as a new employee onboarding activity, to celebrate Holidays, as an agenda in town halls, and even as leadership and team-building exercises

“Volunteering has become mainstream across companies of sizes, sectors, and geographies. It is the most meaningful employee engagement, especially for Gen Z and millennials. Goodera solves a massive need that was underserved and overlooked. They have seen exponential growth with F500 clients, great NPS, and strong unit economics. We are proud to be a customer and now an investor in their ambition of bringing volunteering to every workplace.” said Sanjay Rao, Head of Corporate Development, M&A Strategy, and Zoom Ventures.

“Every team in the world wants to volunteer, but there is insane friction in the process. From finding the right nonprofit, finalising the volunteering activity, logistics, and impact measurement, - there are a lot of overheads. Goodera’s technology simplifies volunteering and eliminates overheads. Millions of employees can now volunteer without spending time and effort on volunteer management. Airbnb’s principles inspire us, and we think of Goodera as the Airbnb of volunteering. We are proud of the social impact we have created for thousands of nonprofits and relish the joy and empathy we bring to millions of employees. This fundraise will help us scale our infrastructure to enable millions of employees to volunteer”, says Abhishek, Founder and CEO of Goodera.

As of today, Goodera’s platform provides access to 10M+ employees through their customers, and they aim to reach 100M+ employees by 2025. Goodera will invest the funds to scale its team, technology, and catalogue.