May 5, 2023
press release

Goodera is now powering your Conferences and Company Events

Goodera can now make volunteering possible at your conferences! What more? We make this seamless and ensure that your company’s values and priorities are highlighted and taken care of. Sounds interesting? Let’s tell you how!

Goodera is now powering your Conferences and Company Events

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” This statement rings true in most cases, but specially when it comes to doing good and changing the world for the better. As companies, you have a great power in your hands: the power of the collective! Making real ‘change’ can feel like a monumental task for a single individual. But when every single individual of a collective contributes, that change is evident, it’s visible, it’s that much more impactful! It draws on the collective power to do good! 

Goodera’s ethos lies in unlocking the power of the collective – the good that a collective can do. Having engaged hundreds of companies in volunteering and enabling change across the world, we have collectively witnessed first hand what we can achieve when we do it together – the smiles we have brought upon the faces of deaf children as hundreds of volunteers sent them messages in sign language, the value we’ve added to girls pursuing STEM education by mentoring them, the impact we have created during times of disaster, to name a few instances. While we can quantify these in numbers, the impact they created can only be described as incremental and BIG. 

Each company has the power to bring its employees together and leverage the power of this collective by volunteering and making a big difference. 

If a regular volunteering activity or a week of volunteering activities that companies have been doing until now have managed to create the kind of impact they did, imagine what volunteering in large scale events could do – imagine the impact and the advantages of volunteering at conferences. 

Why should you volunteer for a social cause at conferences?

There are many reasons why volunteering at conferences is a good idea. Some among them are simple but impactful. Check them out: 

  • Gives a greater purpose and meaning to your conference
  • More people = Larger impact
  • Collective ‘feel good’ factor for attendees, boosting their engagement and adding holistic value to the conference
  • Puts your company’s values at centerstage 

Too many things happen at conferences. Wondering how we bring it together without hassle?

We plan and execute everything end-to-end and make sure we seamlessly fit into your conferences. We’ll make sure everything is geared up to make the BIG impact! 

What we do to achieve the BIG impact:

Goodera Features - Conferences
Every Goodera experience comes with end-to-end management

Designing Good at your conferences:

We help design the perfect volunteering plug-ins that cater not only to engagement and impact goals but also space and time constraints through 3 custom ways: 

Goodera volunteering plug-ins come in three sizes
Goodera's volunteering plug-ins come in 3 sizes

Okay, we’ve said a lot about how this works. Now on to what kind of impact volunteers can create at conferences:

Activities you can do: 

While the specific activities we offer depend on the custom plug-in you choose for your conference, we can ensure you volunteering with us is not only impactful but also a lot of fun. Our Room of Joy activities are highly collaborative, highlighting teamwork. Giving Booth on the other hand enables one to volunteer any time, in short spans of time as well. Good Breaks are truly the refreshers/ energizers in conferences that can stretch long. 

Goodera offers curated activities based on your preferred cause areas

Through kit assembly activities, STEM kits, activities for youth empowerment and education and skilling, and other cause areas, the possibility of what can be done is vast. Needless to say, where there is a vast possibility, there is a large scope for impact: The collective impact you as companies have the power to make! 

Have a conference coming up? Reach us to learn more about how you can introduce volunteering to your conferences!