women's history month workplace activitieswomen's history month workplace activities

Women’s History Month activity calendar for impact teams

Sushmitha Arji
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Women’s History Month (WHM) is a time for organizations to celebrate and champion the ideas and accomplishments of trailblazing women in our history. In this installment of our WHM series, we’ve curated engaging women’s history month activities for workplaces. 

The activity calendar is designed to embed gender sensitivity, empower women in workplaces, and action impact on this year’s campaign themes such as digital literacy and career readiness. Read on to discover Goodera’s insights for creating an impactful Women's History Month campaign

Women’s History Month Workplace Activities 

Week 1: Activities to spark awareness 

Organizations can use this week to share important information about women and their historic accomplishments. Here are some fun and engaging Women’s History Month activities for work to generate awareness about the organization’s campaign

  • Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are a great way to encourage team bonding through inspiring stories of trailblazing women. Based on the organizational structure, teams can nominate a volunteer or collaborate with ERGs to organize trivia nights inviting participants across the org.

Example activity for women's history month
Quiz activity for Women's History Month
  • Women’s History Month-themed employee engagement activities

CSR teams and ERGs can leverage org-wide events like town halls, conferences, and summits to raise awareness and impact action around women’s issues through purposeful employee engagement activities.

  • Lunch and learns, coffee talks, and breakout sessions

Organizations can use surveys and polls to understand top-of-mind issues for women and structure Women’s History Month activities into panel discussions, informal chats, or virtual breakout rooms. 

Women ERGs in the organization can share helpful resources on selected topics such as blogs, articles,and videos to equip participants with the relevant knowledge. Actionable insights from these discussions can become the basis for more inclusive workplace policies.

The Good Tip💡

Avoid scheduling employee activities and events on Mondays and Fridays as most employees are preoccupied with tasks and generally unavailable. It’s also best to ensure that there are no conflicts with global/org-wide meetings as this impacts employee participation.
  • Learning & development opportunities

Organizations can organize or spotlight learning-based activities outside the workplace to explore related topics like gender equality, male allyship, and gender pay gap.

One popular leadership and learning opportunity this year is the Countdown to International Women’s Day learning program from the United Nation’s Global Compact.

Week 2 & 3: Activities for purposeful impact

This is the time to turn employee interest into action and impact around organizational giving goals such as women in STEM, diversity and inclusion, and gender equity. Here’s how organizations can create purposeful impact this Women’s History Month

  •  Women’s History Month volunteering and outreach activities

Organizations can engage employees through virtual, in-person, or hybrid activities in areas such as digital and financial literacy, STEM, rural women health and well-being, and career readiness among underserved women.

The Good Tip💡

By aligning volunteering activities to the organization’s impact areas and planning ahead for remote and global team participation, organizations can boost their CSR impact and purposefully engage employees during their Women’s History Month celebrations.

Women's History Month activities and events

  • Leadership and networking events to support women employees

Organizations can conduct and sponsor employee participation in leadership and networking summits to support their professional and personal development. Sponsoring these events can help employees feel empowered and supported and contribute to equitable workplaces.

Here are some popular leadership and networking events in 2023 around the world

  • Women’s History Month events in Chicago, USA 

Society of Women Engineers, Exxec 2023

  • Women’s History Month events in Boston, USA

Women’s Dinner Group

  • Women’s History Month events in the UK

Black Country Women in Leadership

International Women’s Day conference by Women Leaders Association

  • Women’s History Month events in Australia

Australian Women In Security Network x EY International Women’s Day

  • Virtual Women’s History Month Events

Rocket software’s WLIT coffee talk on the power of professional networks

The Good Tip💡

Improve employee participation in campaign events through fun and engaging marketing strategies like Women’s History Month-themed zoom backgrounds, badges for participation, and photo booths.

Week 4 & 5: Org-wide celebratory activities

Round up the celebrations with org-wide events that reward and recognize the contributions of women employees.

  • Awards and recognition

Workplaces can spotlight the achievements of women employees across teams and functions. These initiatives often empower employees to break gender biases and empower employees to become role models for the org. 

  • Org-wide engagement activities

Organizations can work with engagement and impact partners to conduct global engagement activities that build organizational culture around gender sensitivity and create positive societal impact around issues affecting women.

  • Host sessions with expert speakers

Organizations can use this opportunity to build understanding for their workforce around contemporary topics such as intersectionality, imposter syndrome, and women leadership by hosting expert panels and talks.

While Women’s History Month celebrations occur once a year, they offer organizations an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to important causes like advancing gender equity, women empowerment, and supporting the career development of women in workplaces.

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