Nonprofits to help Ukraine along with ways to volunteer for UkraineNonprofits to help Ukraine along with ways to volunteer for Ukraine

7 Vetted Nonprofits to Help Ukraine (With Ways to Volunteer)

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If you're looking for a way to support Ukraine and its people, here are 7 nonprofits that you can consider supporting. The nonprofits listed below are working to uphold democratic values, human rights, and promote economic development, and social justice in Ukraine. These organizations operate in various fields, including education, healthcare, legal aid, humanitarian aid, and support for marginalized communities.

7 Nonprofit Organizations you can help in Ukraine 

  1. Te Aud Romania (I Hear you Romania)

Te Aud Romania (I Hear you Romania) is an NGO (Charity) established in 2014 to help orphans and disadvantaged children in Romania through education, life guidance, sport, and social inclusion.

  1. Krab

The Crab Charitable Fund for Children with Cancer was founded by parents whose children were treated in the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the National Cancer Institute. The Foundation regularly holds campaigns to improve living conditions in the department, provides individual support to families, publishes literature for cancer parents, and assists doctors by purchasing the necessary materials and equipment.

  1. Kleine Herzen(Small Hearts)

Kleine Herzen cares for poor, neglected, and orphaned children in Russia, Ukraine, and Cambodia. Its goal is to provide better outcomes for children by providing targeted direct assistance to ensure basic needs through sponsorships and concrete educational projects.

  1. HealthRight International

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization that empowers marginalized communities to live healthy lives. It has operated in Ukraine continuously since 2005, working in every region to strengthen the public health system and increase access to quality health services. HealthRight projects address health and social crises made worse by human rights violations, with a particular focus on four key populations: women and children, at-risk adolescents, migrants, and LGBTI individuals.

  1. Alex21

Alex21 organizes and processes logistic solutions for various goods that are critical to preserve human and animal life along the frontlines in Ukraine. They also help people escape hot zones to safer places either in Ukraine or Europe and Western countries.

  1. Child Rights Eurasia

Child Rights Eurasia is a children and women's rights organization registered in July 2019 whose vision is to enable children to be children. They develop varied programs aimed at addressing challenges young children and women face in health, education, and personal development in partnership with various organizations in Pakistan, Zambia, Ukraine, and Sweden.

  1. Global Empowerment Mission

 For two decades, Global Empowerment Mission’s team has assisted in over 300 missions sending critical aid around the world starting with the 1999 Kosovo Crisis and most recently Ukraine. The nonprofit provides disaster relief in the event of tornadoes, conflict, pandemics, and more. 

How to volunteer for Ukraine?

Here are some ways global organizations can enable employees to volunteer for Ukraine and help nonprofits.

  1. Send across words of support and love

Volunteers can write letters of support or extend a helping hand by creating guidebooks to help on-field volunteers better support Ukrainian refugees by highlighting do’s-and-donts.

ways to volunteer for ukraine - Send across words of support and love

  1. Curate custom kits to assist the affected

Volunteers can also donate customized kits personal care kits to support the refugees taking shelter at the Romanian border. These essentials will help children and families sustain themselves at the border.

ways to volunteer for Ukraine - Curate custom kits to assist the affected

  1. Extend social media support to raise awareness

Volunteers can help spotlight the relief efforts of various nonprofits on social media. This helps raise awareness about the nonprofit's efforts and encourages support for Ukraine.

ways to volunteer for ukraine - Extend social media support to raise awareness

  1. Raise funds to support various nonprofits’ efforts

Volunteers can assist in raising funds to support the relocation of families and kids from children’s homes to safe places around the world.

ways to volunteer for ukraine - Raise funds to embolden various nonprofits’ efforts

Need help with this? If you’re looking for team volunteering opportunities in Ukraine,  <rte-link_business-popup>reach out to our engagement experts<rte-link_business-popup>. We work with the above-vetted nonprofits to execute hosted volunteering activities for employees across 100+ countries.

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