International Youth Day- ways organizations can supportInternational Youth Day- ways organizations can support

 International Youth Day 2023: All you need to Know 

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International Youth Day is a UN-designated awareness day that spotlights the challenges and potential of young people worldwide. The celebrations have a theme every year and the theme last year was “Intergenerational solidarity.” There are a number of youth-centric events that are conducted by various organizations to engage young people on social topics and inspire youth leadership and representation. 

When is International Youth Day 2023?

August 12 marks the annual celebration of International Youth Day. It is an international day of awareness, recognizing the efforts and contributions of youth across the globe and empowering them to make a positive difference in their communities and nations. We observe this day to celebrate hope for the future.

What is the purpose of International Youth Day?

Often, young people face major challenges and barriers to prosperity. Those living in developed and developing countries are more prone to face mental and social challenges, whereas the youth of underdeveloped countries face extreme problems rooted in a lack of basic needs such as education, health, and employment. International Youth Day is celebrated to express these beliefs and create awareness of such issues that the world’s youth is facing.

Increasing the interaction between young people and decision-makers at all levels of government is a way to help address youth issues. Various kinds of events, such as conferences, seminars, debates, training sessions featuring influential figures as key speakers, and fundraisers take place on International Youth Day.

With a better understanding of these problems that are a hindrance to youth development, policy changes can be more easily implemented.

This international youth day, volunteer for youth empowerment with your team

Impact of International Youth Day

  1. Awareness about poverty

Many children soldier through their days hungry, too often for the sake of their education. Other children go to bed hungry each night and head to school in the morning undernourished. Hunger is not just a problem of the past, it affects many more children every year. We can all make a difference by becoming more aware of these issues and taking action to help prevent them.

  1. Tangible Improvements in Children’s Lives

International Youth Day celebrates the strength, courage, and determination of young people across the globe. It displays a set of priorities to focus on creating real and noticeable improvements in children’s lives. This day is designed to encourage awareness and action that focuses on providing access to education, fighting childhood hunger, reducing HIV/AIDS among children and adolescents, encouraging child rights defenders, and supporting their efforts.

  1. Encourage a better future

Bringing in the spirit of International Youth Day does not need to be difficult. Few things are more simple than giving back to those less fortunate. Creating sustainable solutions for our future (and the future of those on the most vulnerable side of our planet) should be our mission for a better future.  International Youth Day is a great time for all of us to think about how we can bridge the gap between education, employment opportunities, and well-being to ensure that more young people can live better lives.

International youth day quote by Ban Ki-moon

5 Ways Organizations Can Support International Youth Day 2023

Here are some suggestions for workplace activities to celebrate International Youth Day:

  1. Career Development Workshops: Organizations can host workshops where young employees can learn about career development, networking, and job search strategies.
  2. Mentoring Programs: Organizations can host mentoring sessions for young people to guide them in their career paths. The sessions can be led by employees who have experience in the field or industry that the youth are interested in. The sessions can also include resume writing and interview preparation.
  3. Skills Training: Organizations can offer training sessions to help young employees develop specific skills related to their job or industry.
  4. Community Service Projects: Teams can organize a community service project, such as cleaning up a local park or volunteering at a homeless shelter in areas where young people reside. These events promote community engagement and civic responsibility. 
  5. Fundraising Events: Organize a fundraiser to support a youth-oriented charity or non-profit organization. The donations can be in the form of school supplies, books, or sports equipment.

Organizations have the opportunity to play a crucial role in nurturing future talent and shaping a better future for all. By organizing volunteering activities to celebrate International Youth Day, corporates can support young people and provide them with valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. These activities not only benefit the youth but also promote a sense of community and social responsibility within the workplace. 

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