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Top 30 Non-Profit Organizations for Children

Heba Rahman
5 mins

Children are our most precious asset, representing the future we aspire to create.This article shines a spotlight on a diverse range of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that are dedicated to uplifting and empowering children in various ways. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure the well-being, education, and happiness of children, fostering environments where they can thrive and reach their full potential. From providing essential healthcare services to offering educational support, promoting artistic expression, and addressing the unique needs of vulnerable and underserved children, these nonprofit organizations play a pivotal role in creating a brighter and more equitable future.

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Top Non-Profit Organizations for Children

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Foundation

Country: USA, Illinois

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is the largest pediatric provider in the region. Built on a 130-year-old legacy, Lurie Children’s provides superior pediatric care in a setting that offers the latest benefits and innovations in medical technology, research, and family-friendly design. The Stanley Manne Children’s Research Institute's research arm is devoted to the understanding, prevention, and investigation of pediatric illnesses and injuries with over 200 investigators, 500 staff members, and 100 trainees who contribute to six growing programs. Lurie Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in Illinois to be ranked in all 10 specialties by U.S. News & World Report and was ranked 10th in the country among pediatric hospitals, according to an exclusive survey by Parents magazine. Lurie Children’s relies on philanthropic funding to enhance its programs and services for children and communities.

The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Foundation recently completed its most ambitious fundraising initiative, the Heroes for Life Campaign. This campaign was one of the nation’s most significant on behalf of children’s health and concluded with more than 250,000 donors and raised $675 million, representing gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. These generous benefactors helped to create the 23-story, state-of-the-art Lurie Children’s Hospital, funded programs, advanced research, and supported the recruitment of leading pediatric specialists. Philanthropic support will continue to drive transformational care in the future to ensure that all children have access to the latest treatments and cures.

Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring

Country: USA, New York

Founded in 1902, Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring strives to transform the lives of children through one-to-one mentoring while strengthening the entire community in hardship. Unlike other mentoring programs, Bigs & Littles NYC also provides intensive support for parents, who are predominantly single mothers, dramatically increasing the likelihood of short and long-term youth success. Building on 118 years of expertise in one-to-one mentoring and strengthening the entire community and a long history of addressing bereavement, the Caring through COVID Mentoring Program matches young people who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. 

It also supports Asian American youth coping with rising bias attacks, hate crimes, and bullying due to COVID-19, providing the additional support of a caring volunteer mentor and professional staff seasoned in relationship building, crisis counseling, and comprehensive family strengthening services. Our priority is to offer a vital sense of continuity, community, and comfort. It has been reported that nearly 4,200 children in New York State have lost a parent or caregiver; 57% of these children live in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens, and the numbers are highest among Black and Hispanic children. Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by 150%, mainly in New York & Los Angeles. Losing a parent or caregiver during childhood raises a child’s risk of developing a range of poor outcomes over their lifetime, including poorer mental and physical health.

Musica Para La Vida

Country: Mexico, San Luis Potosì

Musica Para La Vida is a non-profit civil organization that promotes social transformation through music. It promotes the community, cultural, educational, and occupational development of children and adolescents. They work to build a more equal society where children and adolescents have safe social insertion spaces while facing the context’s challenges and risks. Music is their driving force for transformation and community cohesion. The “Fundación Música para la Vida AC” (Music for Life Foundation AC) is a non-profit civil organization that promotes social transformation through music in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. It promotes the community, cultural, educational, and occupational development of children and adolescents. 

They work to build a more equal society where children and adolescents have safe social insertion spaces while facing the context’s challenges and risks. Music is our driving force for transformation and community cohesion. They started working at the beginning of 2013 and our activities formally began in October 2013 with the project “Sistema Potosino de Agrupaciones Musicales Comunitarias Música para la Vida” (MUVI System). This project seeks to take up some basic principles of the musical movement led by maestro José Antonio Abreu in Venezuela, where he visualized music as a tool for social transformation. The Foundation operates the MUVI System, being this its main social-community project. This program works hand in hand with the National System of Community Music Groups coordinated by Musical Promotion.


Country: USA, California

WeHOPE is like the loving neighbor that believes access to clean water, a healthy meal, and affordable dignified housing is a basic human right. They believe that no one facing homelessness should go without a shower, clean laundry, a healthy meal, or a safe place to sleep, which is why they provide comprehensive services that meet the health and safety needs of the whole person. Through WeHOPE's job training, recidivism programs, and employment opportunities, they bring life skills to people in need so they can maintain quality of life and put them on a path to self-sufficiency. 

WeHOPE’s Mobile The Homeless Services meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness through initiatives that include access to free showers, laundry, safe parking for vehicle dwellers, virtual medical assessments, and comprehensive case management to assist in securing permanent housing. Whether the need is immediate shelter and a hot meal, fresh food to support a family who is facing the challenges of food insecurity, or WeHOPE's emergency shelter to assist individuals in becoming healthy, employed, and housed, WeHOPE's Emergency Food and Shelter program are there to provide help today, so there is hope for tomorrow. 

Centro Infantil de los Ángeles

Country: Mexico, Guanajuato

Centro Infantil de Los Angeles provides free, quality daycare and preschool education to children with the greatest need in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Their center affords working parents the comfort of knowing their children are fed, nurtured, and can learn in a safe, caring environment as they work to make a better life for themselves and the community. In addition to preparing the children for the first grade in the Latino Community public school system, they offer the following enrichment programs: Hot, nutritionally balanced meals are prepared in the kitchen on the premises and served every school day. 

Introduction to English – a volunteer program to introduce the four and five-year-olds to the English language using simple commands and greetings, colors, animals, and basic shapes and numbers. Volunteers also offer computer classes. Children receive regular medical, dental, and eye exams and medications. Physical and learning difficulties are identified early, allowing for successful treatment programs. Volunteers provide art and swimming classes, yoga, reading, storytelling, and mentoring. During the school year, field trips are to acquaint the students with their community. Many children live with a single mother or grandmother and rarely or never leave their neighborhood. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their children’s education and receive health and nutrition talks and English classes. Parents’ Story Telling once a month is a popular activity.

Variety-The Children’s Charity of Georgia

Country: USA, Georgia

Variety-the Children’s Charity of Georgia is an organization committed to providing children with developmental disabilities the adaptive equipment and opportunities needed for activity and inclusion. At the heart of Variety’s achievements are the remarkable contributions of people in the community, and it is only through your time and effort that Variety is able to do so much for children and Community in Georgia.  Variety-the Children’s Charity of Georgia helps special-needs children: 1. Gain mobility and freedom, 2. Get out and about in the community,3. Achieve independence and increase self-esteem, 4. Assist special needs children to integrate into mainstream school and activities. 

All purchases and grants for equipment and services are made directly by Variety to ensure that every dollar gets through to where it is needed most.​ Variety’s legacy continues now into the 21st century with genuinely altruistic support, partnership, and sponsorship provided by major motion picture studios, movie theatre chains, as well as national and international retailers and major corporations. Variety of Georgia, established in 1939, is the 21st chapter of Variety and works to create a brighter future, one child at a time.


Country: Poland

SIEMACHA is an association, social enterprise, and public benefit organization working to build a civil society. The statutory task of the organization is to support the development of children and adolescents by running a network of innovative educational, sports, and therapeutic centers throughout the country. The association offers systemic social solutions, carries out long-term public tasks, develops the social economy area, and implements innovative projects on a global scale. The organization's specialty is a careful combination of education, sport, and therapy and creating a coherent educational system that provides young people with multidimensional development. 

The association employs nearly 340 people, operates in 30 locations in Poland, and offers free assistance to over 2,000 young people every day. The organization's headquarters is located in Krakow, in a historic tenement house at Ul. Długa 42, where in 1886, Fr. Kazimierz Siemaszko CM founded the "House of Shelter and voluntary work for poor and abandoned boys." A tradition started at the end of the 19th century by an outstanding educator and social activist, Fr. Siemaszko CM, who founded the SIEMACHA Association in 1993.

reDiscover Center

Country: USA, California 

Founded in 2003, reDiscover is the outgrowth of a working group of 25 education-focused agencies and individuals in Santa Monica and Venice, including the directors of four early childhood education centers. This group aimed to devise an alternative to the uninspiring art materials in local preschool and elementary school classrooms and address these schools' limited environmental awareness. At the time, there were no opportunities in Los Angeles to donate or receive waste and scraps that had viability as art materials and could displace costly and often wasteful retail art supplies. 

As the organization gained expertise in creative reuse materials, its mission expanded to engage children across Los Angeles County with sustainable, materials-intensive creativity education. They are helping people move closer to a culture where all waste materials can be recognized for their educational and creative value. Today, reDiscover annually serves over 11,000 youth ages 2-18 and nearly 6,000 communities and is the only non-profit organization in Los Angeles that offers this type of creative programming.

Project 150

Country: USA, Nevada

Project 150 is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that was organized in December 2011 when the founders heard about 150 homeless high school students at Rancho High School in Las Vegas that were in need of support over the Christmas Break. The effort has expanded to helping over 3,300 in 54 high schools when it was understood that the problems these students faced were prevalent across the valley.

Project 150 currently serves more than 6,400 high school students in need. 3,300 registered homeless and 3,100 non-registered homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students at 58 high schools in Southern Nevada. Additionally, Project 150 serves students in need at 20 high schools in Reno, NV. High School is Tough Enough without having to worry about where you are going to sleep at night. Project 150 was created out of our community’s desire to help these kids. Our mission is to offer support and services to these homeless high school students so they have what they need to continue school and be successful in life.

I'RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation

Country: USA, New York

I'RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation started in 2012 as a mentoring program for girls aged 9-18. In 2013, it transformed into the present-day organization, whose mission is to provide services such as tutoring, college prep, mentoring, and performing arts. Since its inception, I'Raise has more than tripled in growth. It's grown from supporting 40 youth to serving approximately 1,000 youth annually. I'RAISE had many successes, including expanding services into New York City Public Schools in 2013 and launching comprehensive mental health programs in New York City Public Schools. 

I'RAISE also expanded its Arts program from locations in community centers to school-based art programs. I'RAISE has developed an early childhood program in Staten Island, NY serving children as young as 2.9 years in New York City authority housing. I'RAISE has provided services to more than 7,500 children and communities since its inception, expanding its services in new schools and communities, including South Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

RMHC Hong Kong

Country: Hong Kong 

RMHC Hong Kong is an independent entity and a locally registered charity with tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. RMHC Hong Kong does not receive support from the Hong Kong Community Chest or the Social Welfare Department. They support the House operation through their own fundraising activities. Hence, they rely heavily on community support to continue and expand their services.

Ronald McDonald House is the cornerstone project of the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Hong Kong. Asia’s first Ronald McDonald House was built in Hong Kong in 1996. The House offers a temporary residence or what we often called “a home away from home” for communities with seriously ill children receiving medical treatment at the hospital. The House provides comprehensive facilities including 23 family units (including one special needs room specially designed for children with bone marrow transplants, a common kitchen, library, study room, play area, communal dining area, and an organic garden.)

The Lucy Project

Country: USA, Florida

The Lucy Project was created to help support struggling students. By offering free in-school programs and affordable out-of-school remediation with highly-trained educators, they are committed to making literacy accessible to all. The current public school curriculum is not working for the majority of students. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 children have reading-based learning differences like dyslexia. Without specialist support, many of these children will never read proficiently. Schools lack resources, training, and support. Parents feel frustrated and helpless. Children feel responsible for their failing grades and go to bed thinking they are less than their peers. Together, the Lucy Project believes, we can raise literacy rates, and confidence levels, and expand possibilities for all children in Miami. The Lucy Project partners with parents, schools, and community organizations to offer free or subsidized, one-on-one, and small group daily reading remediation to children who struggle to read.

Sri Lanka Unites 

Country: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Unites is a nonprofit that seeks to unite the youth of Sri Lanka from all ethnic and religious groups in a movement that provides hope and facilitates reconciliation in Sri Lanka. They aim to pave the way for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka for future generations. Their goals are to:

  • Become the largest youth movement in Sri Lanka with 5 million pledge members.
  • To be active and vibrant in each district in SL
  • Establish a Reconciliation Center in each district.
  • Create sustainable friendships and relationships across ethnic and religious lines through language learning, integration, and socially good projects.
  • Establish youth movements that respond immediately to natural disasters, injustices, radicalization, violent extremism, and hate speech in any district of the country.

Forever Young Educational Centre

Country: Romania

The main aims of Forever Young Educational Centre is to promote, support, implement and coordinate teaching/learning, educational, cultural, sportive, tourist, and leisure activities among preschoolers, schoolchildren, students, and teachers in the educational system, as well as among youth and people of other age groups in the country and abroad. 

They focus on: 

  • Organizing courses for learning and improving skills in international foreign languages - English, French, Spanish and German
  • Organizing English school camps, excursions, and expeditions in various fields
  • Organizing experimental and theoretical study groups as well as scientific research groups on environmental protection, mountain rescue, natural sciences, and environmental education
  • Awarding of titles, certificates, diplomas, and medals to deserving members, Romanian or foreign individuals, and legal entities who participated in the activities organized by the association.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana

Country: USA, Illinois 

For over four decades, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana has helped more than 100,000 Community stay together with their hospitalized children. Their first house in Chicago and the second in the world opened in 1977. Charlie Marino and Ed Baum, MD conceived the idea to open the first Ronald McDonald House in Chicago on Deming Place when Charlie’s daughter Gage was receiving treatment at Children’s Memorial. Charlie experienced first-hand that the need for housing for Community with sick children was critical. To help open the house, they rallied support from McDonald’s Operators of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana (MOCNI) and Bill Chunowitz, MOCNI President at that time, to provide funding. The new Ronald McDonald House welcomed the Morrisey family as its first guests in 1977. For more than 40 years, our programs have grown as Community of children with complex medical issues continue to need comfort and care.

LEADS Srilanka

Country: Sri Lanka

LEADS is a Sri Lankan agency established in 1978 and an approved charity dedicated to creating safer spaces and brighter futures for the children of Sri Lanka. Their work is integrated in recognising the child as a part of a family, community and the nation. They work holistically towards the best interest of the child at national policy level and at grassroots with survivors of child abuse while strengthening Community and communities of children at risk and providing necessary safeguards and support to reduce vulnerabilities to abuse, poverty and socio-natural disasters. Annually, a number of interventions and projects are conducted through LEADS’ departments of Child Protection, Community Transformation, Advocacy, Emergency Response and Training in line with LEADS’ strategy in Safeguarding Children, Empowering Communities and Responding to Emergencies.They believe in touching lives to transform our communities and build our nation. 

Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB) 

Country: USA

The Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington (POB) is dedicated to the improvement and preservation of sight and quality of life by providing services and education and by championing healthy vision and innovation to everyone in their area. Each year, POB impacts approximately 13,000 community members through our evidence-based programs — including visual acuity and glaucoma screenings, eyeglasses distributions and fittings, educational vision resources and events, low vision rehabilitation services and support group networks, and more. We remain committed to a comprehensive vision of health, ethical service within the community, deep respect for individuals and Community in all circumstances, innovation in service delivery, and serving as a facilitator among our medical and social service peers. Our organization serves the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties of Maryland.

LINC- Linking Ireland's New Communities

Country: Ireland

LINC is a vibrant and innovative social enterprise (not-for-profit co-operative) formed in July 2019. LINC is registered as LINC Society Limited with Registration number 5957R. They are a team of trained multicultural experts representing nine nations, fluent in 18 languages; English, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Romanian, Serbia, Arabic, Yoruba, Igbo, Finnish, Portuguese, Lingala, Spanish, Croatian, Bosnian, Hindi, and Punjabi.LINC possesses an extensive range of professional expertise, including; education, community development, social services management, social justice, child psychology, human resources, integration, and youth development. All their members have a professional qualifications in Community Interpretation. Their services facilitate statutory service providers to engage and deliver support and interventions to communities. LINC promotes inclusion and value diversity, encouraging fair integration.

Friends-International (FI)

Country: Cambodia 

Friends-International (FI) is an international social enterprise and registered non-governmental organization focusing on children's empowerment established in Cambodia in 1994. Its mission is "to build a future where all children are safe from all forms of abuse, can become productive citizens of their countries and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world. FI works in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and with almost 50 partners worldwide, providing comprehensive social services to marginalized urban young people and their Community. Since its inception, FI has supported the education, well-being, and sustainable reintegration of more than 300,000 marginalized children, youth, and caregivers.

FI pursues the empowerment and protection of children and youth through various projects that fall into four programs: Friends Programs, ChildSafe Movement, ChildSafe Alliance, and Friends Social Business. 

Shining Star Organization

Country: China

Shining Star Organization (Previously, Star Love Common Growth Public Welfare Service Center) is committed to providing professional services to minors in need. They unite with social forces, explore the potential of children through professional services, provide high-quality resources, and promote growth. Projects: The Common Growth Project is a public service project that organizes college student volunteers to help mountain schools (with many left-behind children) form interest clubs to improve students' resilience. Forming interest clubs, on the one hand, enriches the campus life of students in mountainous areas and improves their enthusiasm for learning; at the same time, it enables left-behind children to enhance their resilience through art and better integrate into the community; on the other hand, it enables college student volunteers to improve the social service experience and gain team support.

Education For Employment-Maroc

Country: Morocco 

The Education For Employment-Maroc, known as EFE-Maroc, is an association under Moroccan law founded in 2008 and governed by the Dahir (Decree) No. 1-58-376 of November 15, 1958, regulating the right of association in Morocco. Its mission is to address youth unemployment by bridging the gap between labor market needs and young job seekers' hard and soft skills. EFE-Maroc offers demand-driven skills training delivered by certified trainers and covers technical, commercial, behavioral, and linguistic competencies. They place their graduates in career-launching and high-demand sectors such as offshoring, automotive, aeronautics, ICT, agribusiness, tourism, retail, banking, and insurance. EFE-Maroc operates in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima, Fes, Meknes, Marrakesh and Safi. Their network of 500+ certified trainers allows them to deliver training across the country.

Ausome Foundation Corp. 

Country: USA, Florida

The Ausome Foundation Corp. was established as a 501(c)(3) entity in 2021 by Gleyder Gonzalez. The inspiration of creating a foundation began shortly after the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) of a close family member. This diagnosis was received 15 years ago after the recognition of various questionable developmental delays and the presence of maladaptive behaviors. At the time, the observation of the day to day obstacles that were real to the family such as lack of information, resources, guidance, assistance and acceptance were overwhelming. While other Community with children the same age were scheduling playdates, their lives were consumed with therapy day after day, year after year. Ausome Foundation was created to empower and provide individuals in the Autism Spectrum and their Community with the tools to become the best version of themselves.

MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru

Country: Peru

MiPequeñaAyuda – MySmallHelp Peru is a non-profit organization founded in 2011, as a response to the unmet need for support for the people with disabilities in the district of Ollantaytambo, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco. Its mission is to support children and young Community with disabilities or low economic resources in the Cusco region by providing them access to primary education, health care, and skills training and developing medium and long-term sustainable projects to improve their chances of having a brighter future. They believe in raising awareness and promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable people, especially those with disabilities. They want to create a culture of change and avoid dependency by challenging the current mindset of poverty and empowering them to be responsible for their growth and take control of their own lives.

Shanghai Caopen Charity Foundation

Country: China

In 2007, the Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center launched the autism-care proposal. In 2008, the Shanghai Cao Peng Music Center established the "Angel’s Confidant Salon" charity program, sponsored by and managed in cooperation with the Shanghai Charity Foundation. The organization aims to help autistic children establish ways to communicate with the outside world and learn to open their heart through the influence of the music.There are 1.5 million autistic children in China. They call for the community in China to give autistic children a little more understanding, tolerance and love – and aim to provide them a school, where they can grow healthily. Their ‘Salon’ is a new service model for people with autism. Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra's group of volunteers organizes music events for children with autism every weekend.

Think! Foundation

Country: Poland

Think! Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization majoring in the fields of social communications and education. Think! Foundation was established by people with unique experience in education. Its founders have designed and implemented dozens of educational programs for schools and Community; at local and nationwide levels. The aim of the Think! Foundation is to support the development of young people and Community through educational programs and information and communication technologies. They also support the entrepreneurship of young people and assist them on their path to their own company. Moreover, their primary fields of interest are economic, financial, and entrepreneurship education, consumer and civic education, teachers' training and development, and the education system's digital education and development (evolution).

The Kilimanjaro Blind Trust​ by corporates

Country: Kenya

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA) is a charitable Trust based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide access to digital Braille literacy & life skills to children and young Community with visual impairment and deaf-blindness. We serve over 3000 learners across 200 schools in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. We have been working with children and young Community with visual impairments in Africa for over a decade. We believe that children and young Community with visual impairments can only achieve real social and economic inclusion in society by gaining access to quality education. By improving literacy  among children and young Community with visual impairments, we believe we can help children and young Community to receive quality education, higher job placement rates, higher levels of integration and independent living.

Chance to Grow e.V. 

Country: Germany

Chance to Grow e.V. is a registered non-profit association based in Frankfurt am Main. Since its establishment in 2010, CtG has been able to give crucial help to children in Vietnam and Germany. They provide children in need with necessities, positive thinking, and education. Thereby, they give the young generation hope and create the conditions for a self-sufficient life. Almost all team members work voluntarily besides their professional life. The members come from various cultures and bring different skills to the projects. Their collaboration and experiences ensure that help reaches where needed most – without unnecessary bureaucracy. Their cooperation with the Buddhist pagoda Phat Hue in Frankfurt is directly connected to Vietnam and provides them with rooms and (vegetarian) food for events.

K-Town Group

Country: Serbia

The K-Town Group, gathered in 1996, consists primarily of younger Kosjeric citizens. From its’ early development, the group has been active in various activities in the local community and the rest of the region. The K-Town Group’s goal is the affirmation of arts and culture and protecting and improving human rights. So far, the K-Town Group has launched many different enlightening programs, such as a Yugoslavian young bands’ music festival (called Underground), musical arrangements for a few local bands with performances in Kosjeric and the region, and carrying out performances of several other bands visiting Kosjeric. The group members also volunteered and initiated nights of poetry readings and a traditional ethno festival called “Cobanski Dani,” which took place under the sponsorship of Kosjeric’s municipality.

Mensajeros de la Paz Association

Country: Argentina, Buenos Aires 

The Mensajeros de la Paz Association (Messengers of Peace) is a non-governmental organization declared of public utility that works at a national and international level. It has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord, among other distinctions. Based in Madrid, Spain, they work in over 50 countries, promoting the human and social development of society’s most underprivileged populations and adapting to all the different social realities. 

Mensajeros de la Paz Association is the original entity founded by Padre Ángel. It currently serves as the central office for the social group of organizations he founded. This social group also comprises entities of the Autonomous Communities, local offices in different countries, the Edad Dorada (Golden Age) Association, and the Mensajeros de la Paz Foundation. 

Friends of the Children – Los Angeles

Country: USA, California

Friends of the Children – Los Angeles is part of a national network of Friends of the Children chapters across the United States. Known locally as Friends LA, they have been working to impact generational change in Southern California since our founding in 2017. They connect children to a long-term, salaried, professional mentor called a Friend. A Friend's full-time job is to support the youth to succeed, despite the extremely challenging situations most experience, from as early as age 4 through high school graduation. By challenging the status quo, they help shift the way institutions and systems view and treat the youth and their Community. Friends also create meaningful experiences that teach youth to build life skills and make informed decisions while exploring the child’s diverse talents and interests.

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