6 Effective ways to celebrate National Volunteer Week in the workplace  6 Effective ways to celebrate National Volunteer Week in the workplace 

How To Celebrate National Volunteer Week 2023 At Work

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With individuals becoming more socially aware, the number of volunteers has been rising steadily and the causes that they support have diversified over time. The volunteerism spirit has grown to such an extent that corporations have started to acknowledge and help the volunteering efforts of their employees. National Volunteer Week is a great time to recognize the efforts of volunteers and appreciate their contributions. To help you celebrate National Volunteer Week at work this year, we’ve compiled ideas that will help you scale your volunteering impact.

When is National Volunteer Week?

National Volunteer Week is held in USA and Canada in mid to late April. This year, the 3rd week of April i.e, the 16th - 22nd of the month will be celebrated as National Volunteer Week 2023.

In New Zealand and Australia, it is held in May. In the UK, it is held in the first week of June.

If you’re looking for to keep track of all important celebrations happening in 2023, check out our Diversity Calendar for impact teams. 

Why do we celebrate National Volunteer Week?

National Volunteer Week or Volunteer Appreciation Week is a celebration observed across the world to promote the spirit of volunteerism and show appreciation to those who spend their time volunteering. It is an opportunity to celebrate the power that volunteers have in the way our society works. They build strong communities and are beacons of hope that we can look up to as role models.

National Volunteer Week is important because it promotes volunteerism's value and tempts more individuals to participate in community service. Moreover, it encourages a culture of giving back to society and fosters a sense of community among people and organizations. The goal of National Volunteer Week is to encourage more people to change the world by recognizing and honoring the kindness and altruism of volunteers.

If you are looking forward to celebrating National Volunteer Week or National Volunteer Month in your organization, you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for the National Volunteer Week celebration that you can execute to recognize and support the spirit of volunteerism.

6 Effective Ideas to Celebrate National Volunteer Appreciation Week at Work

  1. Rewards & Recognition

 Organizations can throw specific focus on volunteers who have done exceptional work through recognitions such as ‘the best volunteer of the month/year,’ etc.  

Use National Volunteer Week to share the stories and journeys of your most exceptional volunteers, you can even feature a few volunteers each day of the week. When you give your volunteers a shout-out on your social media, you’re effectively helping them with a great networking opportunity for them to interact with like-minded individuals.

  1. Support the non-profits your employees volunteer with

Give your employees a powerful way to give back to their community. Appreciate their efforts with a simple, flexible matching program that matches donations made by your team to non-profit organizations they've consistently volunteered in the past.

You can also ask volunteers to log hours and then donate to the non-profits volunteered on the basis of the number of hours your employees have volunteered with them. This will encourage them to become more active volunteers and will also give your employees a sense of accomplishment and connection to their community.

  1. Launch a Virtual Volunteering Portal

Virtual volunteering is a way for companies that want to stay relevant and in touch with their employees. Companies can create a portal and give their employees volunteering opportunities that will help them continue cultivating their spirit of volunteerism.

  1. Usher in more volunteers

While you are celebrating your existing volunteers, use the volunteer week to encourage more employee volunteering. 

By encouraging alternative modes of volunteering such as virtual and hybrid activities, your organization will be able to give equal volunteering opportunities to disabled staff, employees from across the globe, and those who are tight with their schedules.

  1. Talk about your impact

Sharing impact with wider organization can motivate employees and improve employee loyalty.Also, don’t back out on sharing some of the biggest volunteering success stories on your website and social media. 

Share data and stories of your beneficiaries and volunteers and ensure that you communicate the impact your volunteers have delivered, for all the world to see. Your volunteers will be overjoyed.

  1. Create Feedback Loops

There is no better way to show your employee volunteers that you care about them than to give them a forum to share constructive criticism. This volunteer week, open up a channel (A feedback form, a survey, an interactive Q&A) to help your volunteers express the following:

  • What motivates them to volunteer?
  • How can the volunteering experience be made more interesting?
  • What changes need to be made to the volunteering programs?
  • What are the biggest challenges with virtual volunteering?

Practicing this will help the employees feel heard and appreciated. But then again, you’ll need to make sure that you take these suggestions and bring forth meaningful changes to your processes if needed.

So there you have it - effective ideas for you to celebrate National Volunteer Week. We can’t wait for you to start implementing these ideas as a part of your volunteering programs. At Goodera,  we work hard to connect corporate volunteers to a world of beneficiaries that need them. We would be more than thrilled if you join us and open up more opportunities to do social good.

Have a fun-filled National Volunteer Week!

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