Top Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities with Youth BeneficiariesTop Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities with Youth Beneficiaries

Top Nonprofit Volunteer Opportunities with Youth Beneficiaries

Heba Rahman
7 mins

Youth are the driving force of our future, filled with immense potential and the ability to create meaningful change. This article lists a collection of exceptional nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that provide volunteering opportunities with youth beneficiaries. These organizations understand the unique needs and aspirations of various youth segments, ranging from underserved communities to aspiring artists, budding entrepreneurs, and more. Through their volunteering programs, these NPOs offer valuable experiences that empower youth to make a positive impact, develop leadership skills, and build connections within their communities.

The article also delves into NPOs and volunteering opportunities for specific youth groups including Youth with disabilities, at-risk youth, homeless youth, LGBTQIA+ youth, and underprivileged youth. From organizations that focus on mentoring and educational support for at-risk youth to those promoting artistic expression and entrepreneurship among aspiring young talents, each NPO is committed to providing unique volunteering opportunities that align with the interests and aspirations of their respective youth beneficiaries.

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Volunteer Opportunities with Youth Beneficiaries 



SERES is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala that is dedicated to empowering young people and fostering sustainable communities. The organization's mission is to create a new generation of leaders who are actively engaged in building a more just and sustainable world.

SERES aims to inspire and empower young people in Guatemala to become agents of change, working towards social and environmental justice. The organization believes that youth have the power to transform their communities and contribute to a more sustainable future. Through education, leadership development, and community engagement, SERES equips young people with the skills and knowledge they need to address pressing social and environmental issues.


Country: USA, California

MOSTe (Motivating Our Students Through Experience) is a non-profit organization based in California, USA, that is dedicated to empowering and supporting young women from underserved communities. Through mentorship, educational programs, and leadership development, MOSTe aims to help these young women unlock their full potential and achieve their academic and personal goals.

The mission of MOSTe is to empower young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to become confident, college-educated leaders who positively impact their communities. The organization is committed to providing educational and personal support, fostering resilience, and promoting academic success among its participants.

Kodluyoruz- We Code

Country: Turkey

Kodluyoruz, also known as We Code is a non-profit organization based in Turkey that is dedicated to promoting digital literacy and coding skills among youth. Through various educational initiatives and programs, the organization aims to equip young individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital world.

The mission of Kodluyoruz - We Code is to empower youth through coding and digital literacy education. The organization believes that every young person should have access to the tools and resources needed to succeed in the digital age. Their mission is to bridge the digital divide and create equal opportunities for youth in Turkey.

TMT Youth Foundation

Country: USA, North Carolina

The primary focus of the TMT Youth Foundation is to expose and train the youth of color living in vulnerable communities in S.T.E.A.M careers to prepare them for employment. With a strong focus on education, mentorship, and community engagement, the foundation aims to provide opportunities and resources to help youth reach their full potential.

The mission of the TMT Youth Foundation is to inspire and empower young people to become confident, capable, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. The organization is committed to fostering their personal growth, academic success, and social well-being through innovative programs, mentorship, and community involvement.

Drug-Free Malaysia

Country: Malaysia, Selangor

Drug-Free Malaysia is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating drug abuse and promoting a drug-free lifestyle among the youth in Malaysia. Recognizing the detrimental impact of drug abuse on individuals, families, and communities, the organization aims to educate, prevent, and provide support to the youth in their journey toward a drug-free life.

The mission of Drug-Free Malaysia is to create a drug-free environment and empower the youth to make informed and responsible choices. The organization is committed to raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse, providing prevention programs, and offering support to those affected by drug addiction.

Minority Groups (Indigenous) Friends

Country: Canada

Minority Groups (Indigenous) Friends is a non-profit organization based in Canada, dedicated to supporting and empowering Indigenous youth. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Indigenous communities, the organization strives to foster inclusivity, cultural preservation, and positive development among Indigenous youth.

The mission of Minority Groups (Indigenous) Friends is to promote the well-being, empowerment, and cultural preservation of Indigenous youth. The organization is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates Indigenous heritage and values while providing resources and opportunities for growth and development.


Country: USA, Illinois

Braven is a non-profit organization based in Illinois, USA, dedicated to empowering and equipping young individuals from underrepresented backgrounds with the skills, confidence, and networks necessary to thrive in college and careers. Recognizing the barriers faced by many first-generation college students and students from low-income communities, Braven works to bridge the opportunity gap and provide them with the support they need to succeed.

Braven's mission is to empower promising young individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to achieve college success and career readiness. The organization aims to provide these students with the skills, networks, and experiences required to secure strong internships and job opportunities, ensuring they can thrive in the workforce and achieve their professional goals.

The Youth Agenda

Country: Kenya

The Youth Agenda is a non-profit organization based in Kenya that is dedicated to empowering and advocating for the rights of youth. Recognizing the importance of meaningful youth engagement in decision-making processes, The Youth Agenda works towards creating an enabling environment where young people can actively participate and contribute to social, economic, and political development in Kenya.

The mission of The Youth Agenda is to champion youth empowerment, participation, and inclusion in Kenya. The organization aims to provide a platform for young people to amplify their voices, advocate for their rights, and actively engage in shaping policies and programs that affect their lives. The Youth Agenda believes that investing in youth empowerment is crucial for sustainable development and a prosperous future for Kenya.


Country: USA, California

Health4TheWorld is a non-profit organization based in the United States that is dedicated to improving global health outcomes through the innovative use of technology. The organization recognizes the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare for all, especially for underserved populations. With a focus on leveraging digital solutions, Health4TheWorld aims to provide health education, training, and support to empower individuals and communities worldwide.

The mission of Health4TheWorld is to use technology to bridge healthcare gaps and improve health outcomes globally. The organization is committed to providing innovative, evidence-based solutions that address the unique healthcare challenges faced by individuals, particularly those in underserved communities. Health4TheWorld believes that access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, and through their work, they strive to create a healthier and more equitable world.

Youth 2030

Country: Sweden

Youth 2023 is a non-profit organization based in Sweden that is dedicated to empowering and supporting the youth in their personal, educational, and professional growth. The organization recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that young people face in today's rapidly changing world. Through a range of programs and initiatives, Youth 2023 aims to provide the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities for the youth to thrive and make a positive impact in their communities.

The mission of Youth 2023 is to empower and inspire the youth, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to navigate their transition into adulthood successfully. The organization believes in the potential of every young person and is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth, educational achievement, and career development.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities

IEP Collaborative Inc

Country: USA, California

IEP Collaborative Inc. is a non-profit organization based in the United States that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for at-risk youth by promoting inclusive and effective Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The organization works in collaboration with schools, parents, and educators to ensure that students with disabilities receive the necessary support and resources to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

Pennsylvania Lions Beacon Lodge Camp

Country:  USA, Pennsylvania

Beacon Lodge is a special needs camp. They are funded primarily by donations and are sponsored by the Pennsylvania Lions as a state project. During their camping season, they operate as a full-service summer camp for children and communities with various special needs. Once known only as ‘The Blind Camp’, Beacon Lodge has expanded to serve those with a variety of special needs. They focus on a person’s strengths, not their weakness. With activities ranging from Bingo and Arts & Crafts to the Climbing Tower and Zip Line, there’s always something for everyone to do.

InFocus Charity

Country:  UK, Devon

InFocus offers a range of educational, care, and support services to young people and communities with visual impairment and other complex needs. The mission of the organization is to empower children, young people, and communities with visual impairment and additional needs to live fulfilling young and adult lives through the delivery of a range of education, care, and support services. To succeed in its mission, the charity:

1. provides outstanding services centered around our young people

2. makes best use of specialist knowledge about visual impairment and complex needs

3. works in partnership with others

4. is a resilient, innovative, and ambitious organization and a great employee

PALS Programs

Country:  USA, Pennsylvania

PALS Programs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They are comprised of full-time, part-time, seasonal, and intern staff who work throughout the year in development, fundraising, and forming partnerships to maintain high programming quality. They interview, hire and train young volunteer leaders to plan summer programs. They work hard to cultivate and grow their community of past, present, and potential PALS volunteers, campers, and partners, building a world of greater inclusion, one season, one program, and one individual at a time. PALS PROGRAMS creates inclusive camp experiences for people with and without Down syndrome. Their volunteer-led programs change attitudes, transform lives, and inspire a world of belonging.

Autism Society of Prince Edward Island

Country:  Canada, Prince Edward Island 

The Autism Society of Prince Edward Island is a non-profit organization based in Canada that is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families. They provide support, resources, and advocacy to enhance the understanding of autism and ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum have access to the necessary services and opportunities for growth and development.

The mission of the Autism Society of Prince Edward Island is to promote acceptance, understanding, and inclusion for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. They strive to provide support, education, and advocacy to empower individuals on the spectrum, enhance their quality of life, and foster a more inclusive society.

Autism Society San Diego

Country:  USA, California 

Autism Society San Diego is a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families. They strive to create a supportive community where individuals with autism can thrive, reach their full potential, and lead fulfilling lives. The organization serves as a valuable resource hub and advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, providing various programs and services to support their unique needs.

The mission of Autism Society San Diego is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families in the San Diego region. They aim to provide resources, support, and advocacy, and promote awareness and understanding of autism in the community. The organization is committed to empowering individuals with autism, promoting inclusion, and fostering a society that values and respects their diverse abilities.

Deaf Enabled Foundation

Country:  India

Deaf Enabled Foundation is a non-profit organization based in India, dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The organization strives to create an inclusive society where individuals with hearing disabilities can access equal opportunities, education, and resources to lead fulfilling lives. They work to break barriers, advocate for the rights of the deaf community, and provide essential support services.

The mission of the Deaf Enabled Foundation is to empower and enable individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in India. The organization aims to provide a platform for the deaf community to thrive, advocate for their rights, and create equal opportunities for their personal and professional growth. They strive to raise awareness about hearing disabilities, eliminate social stigmas, and promote inclusion in all aspects of society.

PAC Autism Nova Scotia Society

Country:  Canada, Nova Scotia 

PAC Autism Nova Scotia Society is a non-profit organization based in Canada, specifically in the province of Nova Scotia. The organization is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. They provide support, advocacy, and resources to enhance the well-being and quality of life for those affected by autism.

The mission of PAC Autism Nova Scotia Society is to support individuals on the autism spectrum and their families in Nova Scotia. The organization aims to promote understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with autism within the community. They strive to provide a range of services and resources that empower individuals on the autism spectrum, enhance their quality of life, and foster their overall development.

Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation

Country: Ukraine

Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization based in Ukraine. The organization is dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation services and support to children with disabilities, including at-risk youth, and their families. They aim to empower children with disabilities to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

The mission of Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation is to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities in Ukraine. The organization is committed to providing comprehensive, individualized rehabilitation services that address the unique needs of each child. They strive to enhance the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children with disabilities, enabling them to participate fully in their communities.

Children's Autism Services of Edmonton

Country:  Canada, Alberta

Children's Autism Services of Edmonton is a non-profit organization based in Canada, specifically in Edmonton, Alberta. The organization is dedicated to supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. They provide a wide range of services and programs aimed at improving the quality of life for children and youth with autism.

The mission of Children's Autism Services of Edmonton is to enhance the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. They strive to provide comprehensive and evidence-based services that address the unique needs of each individual, promote their development, and empower them to achieve their full potential.

Volunteer Opportunities with At-Risk Youth

U Can Turn It Around

Country: USA, Illinois    

U Can Turn It Around was formed out of necessity. In 2011, a neighborhood in West Humboldt Park was hit by a string of violent acts, which prompted the U-Turn Founder to ask himself, “How can we change this?”. The nonprofit aims to address youth violence in the community, offer solutions to combat it and encourage young people to play an active role in transforming their lives and communities.

Totally Positive Productions

Country: USA, Illinois 

Totally Positive Productions (TPP) is a not-for-profit, providing services to youth ages seven and up and the community. This year marks our 28th anniversary in providing services to youth and communities in Economically backward classes communities throughout the Chicago area. It has served over 30,000 youth, Community, and Community during these years, most with an annual income of less than $10,000. In the last 27 years, TPP has offered and provided free services to youth and communities from low-income communities. To name a few, TPP provides the following projects/activities on an ongoing basis: 

  • After-school/weekend Service Learning Projects 
  • TPP Community Works Crime Prevention Program 
  • Positive Rap, Singing, Dance, and Spoken Word Talent Competitions -Educational Resources and Referrals 
  • Free Educational/Cultural Enrichment Trips 
  • Youth, Adult, and Senior Employment and Training Program 
  • Community Service Hours (Chicago Public Schools and Court System)

Simon Community Ireland

Country:  Ireland

The Simon Communities of Ireland are a network of independent communities across the country that provide housing and treatment services to people facing the trauma and stress of homelessness. With a proud history of over 50 years of responding to local needs, the Simon Communities of Ireland works to end long-term homelessness in Ireland and ensure that homelessness, where it does occur, is rare, short-term, and non-recurring. The Simon Communities of Ireland national office is a leading campaigner nationally in putting forward solutions for tackling homelessness. They engage in advocacy, policy, and communications work grounded in their local services' experiences. They campaign for more effective policies and legislation locally and nationally at a European level. They campaign for practical and sustainable solutions that tackle homelessness head-on. Their advocacy and solutions are based on evidence, best practices, and the experiences of the people who use their services.


Country: Kenya    

WOPLAH was founded in 2008 in Mumias, Kenya, to recognize a need within their community for equitable access to HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, health education, and economic empowerment. The Ambassadors work to reduce the stigma for people living positively with HIV/AIDS and their Community through support groups, community dialogues, and income generation.


Country: Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City Children Association is a non-profit social organization consisting of individuals, and organizations in Ho Chi Minh City with a shared interest in education, protection, and care for the children of Ho Chi Minh City. HCWA operates in accordance with Vietnamese law and is technically managed using child care and protection regulations stated by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

MySkills Foundation

Country: Malaysia    

MySkills Foundation, based in Kuala Lumpur, transforms the lives of at-risk youth who come from dysfunctional communities, unsuitable family living environments, lack spiritual values, live in poverty, have negative peer group influences, and face unequal education opportunities. All their activities and programs are geared towards transforming at-risk youth, equipping them with the right skills, and placing them with proper jobs to be gainfully employed.

Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines (ACAP)

Country: Philippines

Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines (ACAP) is a non-profit organization based in Manila. They work to empower marginalized youth through a combination of education, social development, and health and nutritional feeding programs. They believe that the most effective way to lift children out of poverty – and, importantly, break the cycle of poverty – is through education and the financial and social independence it creates.

Develop Africa

Country: USA, Tennessee    

Develop Africa strategically empowers lives in Africa by providing school supplies, scholarships, mosquito nets, solar lights, computer/vocational training, etc. They also provide microfinance loans, orphan care, and disaster relief to become self-sufficient to rise above poverty. This helps them become self-sufficient and rise above the poverty line. When individuals and communities are strengthened, they can contribute towards community, national, and international progress.

We Care

Country: Singapore    

WE CARE Community Services Limited is the first non-denominational outpatient addiction treatment center in Singapore. They offer counseling and programs for all forms of addictions, including drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating disorders, the internet, and shoplifting. They also run a community-based drop-in center for recovering individuals to socialize with other recovering persons. Within this safe and non-judgemental environment, their clients can work on their recovery.

Setting Scoliosis Straight

Country: USA, California

Setting Scoliosis Straight is a non-profit organization devoted to empowering communities impacted by scoliosis through education, connection, and research. Its mission is to support discoveries and advance techniques in treating spinal deformities in children and adolescents worldwide. Through internationally recognized research, it aspires to create a future where children and adolescents with spinal deformities will have the ability to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Volunteer Opportunities with Homeless Youth

Aeras Foundation

Country: USA, Florida

The Aeras Foundation is dedicated to addressing the needs of homeless youth in the United States. Their mission is to provide support, resources, and opportunities for homeless youth to overcome their challenges, rebuild their lives, and achieve self-sufficiency.

The organization works closely with local communities, shelters, and outreach programs to identify and assist homeless youth who are facing various obstacles, including poverty, housing insecurity, and limited access to education and employment. They prioritize providing a safe and nurturing environment where young individuals can find stability and receive the support they need.

The Father McKenna Center

Country: USA

The Father McKenna Center offers a range of services to assist homeless youth. They provide emergency shelter, meals, and basic necessities to ensure that individuals have a secure and stable environment. Additionally, they offer case management services, counseling, job training, and educational support to help homeless youth develop the skills and resources necessary to regain independence.

The organization recognizes that homelessness is often intertwined with other complex issues such as mental health challenges, substance abuse, and limited access to healthcare. Therefore, they collaborate with partner organizations to offer comprehensive support, including medical care, mental health services, and addiction recovery programs

Roundabout LTD

Country: UK

Roundabout LTD is dedicated to supporting homeless youth in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to provide safe accommodation, support, and life skills to young people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The organization believes that every young person deserves a stable and nurturing environment in which they can thrive. They work towards this by offering a range of services and support systems to help homeless youth transition to independent living and build a brighter future.


Country: Honduras

Educate is committed to supporting and empowering homeless youth in Honduras. Their mission is to provide education, vocational training, and holistic support to these vulnerable individuals, equipping them with the tools and skills they need to break the cycle of homelessness. The organization recognizes that education is a key factor in transforming the lives of homeless youth. They believe that every young person deserves access to quality education, regardless of their living situation. Educate works tirelessly to remove barriers to education for homeless youth and ensure they have the opportunity to develop their potential and improve their future prospects

A Meaningful Goal Housing Shelter

Country: USA, California

A Meaningful Goal Housing Shelter is committed to providing safe and supportive housing for homeless youth in the United States. Their mission is to empower and uplift young individuals who are experiencing homelessness by offering them a stable living environment and comprehensive support services.

The organization recognizes that homelessness among youth is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention. Their primary goal is to provide a temporary shelter where homeless youth can find a safe haven, away from the dangers of the streets. A Meaningful Goal Housing Shelter ensures that these young individuals have access to a secure and nurturing environment, where they can regain stability and work towards a brighter future.


Country: Sweden

Yrkesdörren is a Swedish non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals, including homeless youth, in their journey toward finding employment and achieving career success. The organization believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a fulfilling and meaningful professional life.

Yrkesdörren's mission is to create a supportive network where individuals can establish contacts with professionals in various fields. By facilitating meaningful meetings and mentorship connections, the organization helps individuals gain insights into different careers, expand their professional networks, and enhance their employability.

Covenant House International

Country: USA, New York

For more than four decades, Covenant House has helped transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway, and trafficked young people. Covenant House builds a bridge to hope for young people facing homelessness and survivors of trafficking through unconditional love, absolute respect, and relentless support. Their doors are open 24/7 in 31 cities across six countries, and their high-quality programs are designed to empower young people to rise and overcome adversity, today and in the future.

StepUp Greensboro

Country: USA, North Carolina

StepUp Greensboro is a non-profit community of diverse faiths that partners with communities and children in the shared goal of stable lives through job training. It works with disadvantaged, low-income, jobless, underemployed, and sometimes homeless individuals and their communities. It believes that anyone can change their lives when given the opportunity and time. With the hundreds of men and women it has worked with, people can and want to change. StepUp Greensboro's process provides an opportunity for participants to transform their lives.

Covenant House California

Country: USA, California 

Covenant House California is dedicated to serving all God’s children with absolute respect and unconditional love, helping youth experiencing homelessness, and protecting and safeguarding all youth in need. They believe that no young person deserves to be homeless, that every young person in California deserves shelter, food, clothing, education, and most importantly, to be loved. And they believe that it is our responsibility, as a community, to ensure that young people are given the opportunities they deserve to achieve their dreams.

Austin Free-Net

Country: USA, Texas

Austin Free-Net believes that access to the internet is imperative in the 21st century and beyond. Those without the digital skills to use any digital device, specifically computers, are at a disadvantage. Those most affected by the digital divide are among the most underserved groups in the Austin community. Many do not have computers or broadband connections in their homes. The digital divide means they cannot take advantage of economic and educational opportunities. Austin Free-Net is working to spread digital literacy to the underserved.

Volunteer Opportunities with LGBTQIA+ Youth

The ex-aequo network

Country: Portugal

The ex-aequo network, located in Portugal, is dedicated to promoting the well-being and rights of LGBTQIA+ youth. Their mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment where young individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions can be themselves, free from discrimination and prejudice.

The organization provides a range of services and resources to support LGBTQIA+ youth in various aspects of their lives. They offer peer support groups, counseling services, and educational workshops that address topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity, relationships, and mental health. These programs aim to provide a supportive network and guidance for LGBTQIA+ youth as they navigate their identities and the challenges they may face.

The Trevor Project

Country: USA, California

The Trevor Project is a leading organization focused on suicide prevention and crisis intervention for LGBTQIA+ youth. Their mission is to provide support, counseling, and resources to help LGBTQIA+ individuals in crisis and prevent suicide among this vulnerable population. The organization offers a range of services, including a 24/7 helpline, online chat support, and educational programs. The Trevor Project aims to create a safe and accepting environment for LGBTQIA+ youth, ensuring they have access to the care and support they need to navigate their identities and mental health challenges.


Country: UK

ELOP is a holistic lesbian and gay center that offers a range of social, emotional, and support services to LGBTQIA+IA+ communities. Their core services include counseling and young people’s services, training, and consultancy for fellow professionals and those seeking to enhance their understanding of issues facing LGBTQIA+IA+ communities.

Wonderseed Foundation

Country: USA

The Wonderseed Foundation is dedicated to empowering and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth around the world. Their mission is to foster inclusivity, equality, and acceptance for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The foundation provides a range of programs and resources to help LGBTQIA+ youth thrive, including mentorship programs, educational initiatives, and community-building activities. They aim to create safe spaces where young LGBTQIA+ individuals can express themselves, access support networks, and develop their full potential. By advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights and providing comprehensive resources, the Wonderseed Foundation strives to create a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

True self

Country: China

Trueself believes that improvements in self-identification and family acceptance by LGBTQIA+ people will increase their social visibility, leading to corporate exposure. In the past 14 years, they have established chapters and groups in 80 cities in China and attracted nearly 10,000 volunteers to participate in LGBTQIA+IA+ public welfare. Through offline meetings, online activities, training, hotlines, and media, they have influenced more than 7 million people in China. They also cooperated with dozens of allied companies such as Google, Microsoft, Ernst & Young, Ford Motor, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Levi's, etc., and are committed to jointly changing the living environment of gay people.

Blessed Ministry Community Church

Country: Hong-Kong

Blessed Ministry Community Church (BMCC), formerly named Blessed Minority Groups Christian Fellowship was founded in 1992 as a splinter of the Religion Group within Ten Percent Club, one of the oldest LGBTQIA+IA+I+ organizations in Hong Kong. The group has grown and now operates as a church organization, limited by a guarantee. BMCC is now one of the oldest inclusive churches affirming LGBTQIA+IA+I+ individuals in Asia. It is a non-denominational church that is open to people of all genders, sexualities, races, classes, and ages and does not set preconditions based on these traits for people to serve within the church or participate in any church activities.

Society of True Light

Country: Hong-Kong

Society of True Light is a Hong Kong-based nonprofit established on May 17, 2018. Its mission is to promote self-understanding in the HK LGBTQIA+IA++ community through action, research, education, social, monitoring, and publication. They provide research data and educational resources for LGBTQIA+IA++ individuals and allies, thereby advocating their belief - "Embrace Self, Embrace Diversity". They include LGBTQIA++ Christians, youths, parents, and many more questioning folks seeking to know more about LGBTQIA++. Their work includes local LGBTQIA++ academic research (in collaboration with universities and guidance from The Trevor Project, USA), volunteer training, public education, and workshops for public and private sectors.

Ahora Dónde - Le Refuge

Country: Spain

Ahora Dónde - Le Refuge is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering LGBTQIA+ youth in Spain. Their mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space where young individuals can find refuge, support, and guidance as they navigate the challenges associated with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The organization offers a range of services and resources to assist LGBTQIA+ youth in their journey toward self-acceptance and personal growth. These services include temporary housing, counseling, mentorship programs, educational workshops, and career development opportunities. Ahora Dónde - Le Refuge aims to address the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ youth, providing them with a supportive community that fosters resilience, self-confidence, and social inclusion.

Switchboard Victoria, Out&About

Country: Australia, Victoria 

Switchboard Victoria, Out&About is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering LGBTQIA+ youth in Australia. Their mission is to provide inclusive and confidential support services, resources, and opportunities for young individuals to thrive and express their authentic selves.

The organization operates a helpline and online chat service, staffed by trained volunteers who offer confidential and non-judgmental support to LGBTQIA+ youth. They provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their concerns, ask questions, and seek guidance on a range of topics, including coming out, relationships, mental health, and identity exploration. Through these support services, Switchboard Victoria, Out&About aims to reduce isolation, promote well-being, and connect young people with relevant community resources.

Volunteer Opportunities with Underprivileged Youth

Passerelles numériques

Country: Philippines

Passerelles numériques is a non-profit organization that provides education, technical and professional training in the digital sector to young underprivileged people by leveraging their potential and willpower. They endeavor to truly develop their employability, allowing them and their Community to escape poverty sustainably and contribute to their countries social and economic development.

Phoenix Space

Country: UK

The Phoenix Space mission provides a unique educational experience for displaced and underprivileged students of hosting communities in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Its vision is to inspire and empower young disadvantaged communities, providing them with valuable skills to open the doors to further education and employment. In addition, Phoenix Space has transformed how it delivers its programs to learners in the COVID pandemic by creating an online platform with courses on space science to build scientific capacity among refugee and underserved communities. It is part of the ‘’Call to Orbit’’ program, supported by Open Cosmos and the European Space Agency - a campaign to democratize access to space. This allows us to focus the curriculum around space science; this educational experience will culminate in a unique, immersive capstone project for its students - direct participation in the construction, programming, and launch of a small satellite. Currently, its blended courses are taught to 120 students, operating in 7 community centers in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, with up to 20 children in each center and a total of 840 learning hours of theoretical and practical work. It is also building an online learning platform that will include certified interactive STEM courses and lectures combining scientific fundamentals with practical application, supported by methods and resources for co-inquiry and mentoring programs created and delivered by a powerful interdisciplinary collaboration.

Dweebs Global

Country: USA, Florida

Dweebs Global provides free mentorship to everyone in need, from career strategy to mental health. They have a one-stop contact form. They never turn anyone away. Their mentorship team is a robust community driven by kindness and the pressing desire to make the world brighter. They are incredibly determined to improve education opportunities for disadvantaged populations. Dweebs Global's Community Outreach Teams operate in Colombia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and the United States. Dweebs Global's Literacy Project provides on-the-ground resources, supports cross-border partnerships, and offers direct teaching and mentoring to help eradicate illiteracy in India. They operate in North India, South India, and Northeast India and provide critical mentorship and support to college students. Their mentorship pairs one with a mentor in the mentee's field of choice who can provide tailored expertise. They've edited hundreds of resumes, interacted with thousands of mentees, and are always there to answer their questions.

Runanaubandh Samajik Sanstha

Country: India

Runanaubandh Samajik Sanstha works with children in Pune from underprivileged backgrounds and helps them with education, scholarship opportunities, mentoring for students of single-parent communities, and skill development


Country: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 

Founded in 2016, EduMais is a nonprofit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Their mission is to provide quality education to underprivileged children and teenagers in the Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo favelas.

Helping and Empowering Neighbours (HEN)

Country: Singapore

Helping & Empowering our Neighbours (HEN) is a charity organization in Singapore that aims to help low-income communities in Singapore. They are a welfare organization wholly run by volunteers who share the same drive and passion for helping the underprivileged communities in Singapore to rise above their poverty.

Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation (XHEF)

Country: China, Zhejiang Province

Xin Hua Education Foundation (XHEF) was registered in 2007 to help high-school students from underprivileged communities in remote areas of China have equally good education through the flagship program "Hope for Pearl." XHEF has sponsored more than 70,000 "pearl students" walking out of mountains, and walking into classrooms.

Native Medicare Charitable Trust

Country: India

NMCT, a Non-Profit organization was founded to provide quality education to underprivileged children and to improve the livelihood of the Tribes, Rural & Urban women by promoting Agricultural, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, and other Livelihood activities. NMCT also creates awareness among the public and migrant workers on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and supports their community.

Afrika Tikkun

Country: South Africa

Founded in 1994, Afrika Tikkun works towards developing and uplifting young people in underprivileged communities in South Africa. The organization works to end child poverty and youth unemployment through its flagship Cradle-to-Career 360° model (C2C) that includes personal, leadership, and academic development while also addressing the nutrition, health, and social needs of the young person.

Wings of Hope

Country: UK

The Wings of Hope charity believes in the transformative power of education. Their primary aim is to provide our UK students, particularly those at a socio-economic disadvantage, with the opportunity to learn vital transferrable skills, access relevant and impartial career advice, and grow and nurture their confidence, independence, and sense of social responsibility. Their secondary aim is to open up opportunities for the poor and underprivileged children they support in India and Malawi by providing them with free education.

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