Top 12 Nonprofit Organizations Assisting Veterans in The USA Top 12 Nonprofit Organizations Assisting Veterans in The USA

Top 12 Nonprofit Organizations Assisting Veterans in The USA

Heba Rahman
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Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices to protect our freedoms and uphold the values we hold dear. In this article, we list the incredible nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that are dedicated to supporting and empowering veterans in their transition to civilian life. These organizations provide vital resources, assistance, and a helping hand to ensure our heroes receive the support they deserve.

From offering healthcare services and mental health support to providing job training, educational opportunities, and housing assistance, these NPOs play a vital role in helping veterans reintegrate into society and lead fulfilling lives after their military service.

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Top 12 Veteran Nonprofit Organizations

Vets of Hope

Country: USA, California

Vets of Hope is a non-profit organization based in California, USA, dedicated to providing support and assistance to veterans who have served their country. The organization recognizes the challenges faced by veterans, particularly in terms of mental health, homelessness, and lack of access to essential resources. Vets of Hope aims to empower veterans and help them reintegrate into civilian life with dignity and purpose.

The mission of Vets of Hope is to honor and support veterans by providing comprehensive services and resources that address their unique needs. The organization is committed to promoting the well-being, resilience, and successful reintegration of veterans into society, fostering hope and a brighter future for those who have served.

United Military Care, Inc.

Country: USA, Georgia

United Military Care is a non-profit organization based in Georgia, USA, dedicated to serving and supporting veterans and their families. The organization recognizes the sacrifices made by veterans and aims to provide them with the necessary resources and assistance to enhance their well-being and quality of life.

United Military Care's mission is to ensure that veterans of all ages, branches and lifestyles receive the care and support necessary to live their best life. They provide the tools and resources to empower our veterans to live safe, healthy, productive life through one-on-one relationships backed by a dedicated team of professionals.

Soldier's Angels

Country: USA, Texas

Patti Patton-Bader founded Soldiers’ Angels in 2003 when her oldest son, Staff Sergeant Brandon Varn, was deployed in Iraq. The mission of Soldiers' Angels is to provide aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their communities. Its vision is to ensure military, wounded military, veterans, and their communities have access to needed community resources and support.

Packages from Home

Country: USA, Arizona

Packages From Home serves Active Duty US military members stationed or deployed overseas (including military working dogs & military K9 teams) and The homeless, transitioning, and at-risk veterans by providing them with requested food, hygiene, and entertainment items. It sends care and comfort packages to deployed American military heroes stationed in active duty theaters worldwide and facilitates activities that elevate the morale of all veterans.

YourNexStage, Inc

Country: USA, Maryland

YourNextStage, Inc is working towards ensuring that every military woman, past, present, and future find a welcoming space and supporting services to meet her needs. They function as a sustained bridge over the military-civilian divide and help create opportunities for women veterans to successfully transition with emphasis on employment, housing, physical and mental health, education and training, etc. Their goal is to build the premier service model for military women through a collaborative (partnering) model, case-managed/peer navigated support, culturally sensitive mentors and service providers, bridged with academia and research, and Learning and service community

Soldiers’ Angels

Country: USA, Texas

Soldiers’ Angels aim to provide aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their communities. Thousands of Soldiers’ Angels “Angel” volunteers assist veterans, wounded, deployed personnel, and their Community.

The Long Walk Home

Country: USA, Florida

The Long Walk Home’s mission is to help veterans transition from military to civilian life. It aims that all military personnel and their Community receive the support they need to transition from military service to civilian life and that civilians are engaged, compassionate, and supportive of servicemen and women during this transition.


Country: USA, New Jersey 

HABcore, Inc., by providing permanent, affordable housing and individualized support, helps homeless veterans, communities, and individuals with special needs move through crisis to stability, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. Currently, they provide a safe home for approximately 400 people.

The People's Patriot Project

Country: USA, Minnesota 

The People’s Patriot Project’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid, relief, and resources to civil servants injured, misplaced, and/or in need of support, due to the service they have provided to their country and communities. Their  Vision is to provide a community and network of support, with the necessary tools, insights, and resources to aid in the rehabilitation of veteran and current service members and civil servants to go through a recovery process and transition into real-world opportunities and situations. 

They want to help provide more fulfilling life memories and experiences by providing resources and facilities that will show an appreciation for the sacrifices and service these members have already provided to our country and community. Adding to their memories and experiences for the main purpose as they have sacrificed their livelihood to promote the life securities and freedoms we all share as Americans.

Freedom Waters Foundation

Country: USA, Florida

Freedom Waters Foundation, incorporated in March 2006, is a nonprofit organization that enhances lives through boating and marine-related activities for people with disabilities, life-threatening illnesses, youth at risk, others with special needs, and Veterans.

Outreach Chicago

Country: USA, Illinois

Outreach Chicago is a Veteran led, faith-based organization that began in 2011 to address the needs of the homeless community and individuals in Chicago. They assist low-income, homeless individuals and communities on the street who are weary of the shelter system with an array of outreach programs and resources.

Hearts and Homes for Veterans, Inc.

Country: USA, Florida

‘Hearts and Homes for Veterans’ (HHV) sole mission is to aid the end of homelessness and promote stability among the veterans of SW Florida with immediate assistance. There are many factors that come into play in determining the rental rate, such as the Veteran's health care costs, employment status, and debt. HHV stands ready to help, providing services to meet the needs of Veterans. 

They use their time, talent, and donations to support Veterans' causes in Lee and Charlotte counties. HHV services include direct intervention and advocacy for permanent housing, health care, transportation, and employment. The HHV service center stocks, distributes, and delivers basic living items such as bedding, furniture, appliances, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, and food. 

This list is not exhaustive, and we'd love to amplify nonprofit voices and connect them to corporate volunteers who want to create meaningful impact.

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