Virtual employee engagement ideas for remote workers Virtual employee engagement ideas for remote workers

10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities For Remote Workers

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In today's hybrid work model, virtual employee engagement is more important than ever for remote employees. It's crucial to foster positive relationships and maintain a sense of community among team members, whether they're working from home or in-person. According to a Gallup survey, engaged employees are 21% more productive than their disengaged counterparts. Not only that, but virtual engagement activities can also lead to increased job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and improved mental health. Therefore, organizations should prioritize remote employee engagement activities to create a thriving work environment, regardless of where we're working from.

10 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities To Bring Teams Closer

Engage employees through impactful virtual volunteering activities

  1. Donate skills to nonprofits 

Nonprofits often face staff crunches. Teams can help nonprofits do the important work they do through volunteering activities like improving nonprofit websites, help with grant writing, and help nonprofits with administration work. 

  1. Empower women & children

Organize volunteering activities that improve the knowledge levels and skills of women and children to help them achieve financial independence and empowerment.

  1. Employability skills mentorship programs

Teams can conduct mock interviews and review resumes to improve the employability of underserved youth.

  1. Design posters and create videos

Employees can help nonprofits up their social strategy game by  by creating  informative comic strips, awareness posters, videos, etc relevant to their cause. 

  1. Attend sign language workshops

Employees can create an inclusive world for children who cannot see, hear, or speak by  learning the basics of sign language to share positive wishes and messages. These messages can be shared with relevant local nonprofits.

Engage Employees Through Fun Virtual Team Bonding Activities

  1. Make eco-friendly products

Engage employees virtually by helping them create some fun eco-friendly DIY products out of household materials such as paper bags from waste paper, upcycle old-tshirts into tote bags, repaint water bottles, etc.

  1. Host online cooking classes

Organize online cooking workshops for employees where they can learn and exchange traditional recipes and bond over diverse cultures.

  1. Organize virtual book clubs

Set up virtual book clubs for employees where they can read, discuss, and connect over literature. These book clubs can have monthly themes, engage in healthy debate, and focus on literature educating employees on challenges facing diverse communities in the workplace.

  1. Hold virtual trivia games

Virtual team trivia is a fun and engaging activity that allows team members to test their knowledge on a variety of topics. Raise the stakes and participation rates by offering customized badges and prizes for winners. Additionally, this activity can also be used as a tool to reinforce important information or company values by incorporating relevant questions into the trivia game.

  1.  Schedule Virtual happy hour

A must-have for hybrid teams, organize informal calls for teams on fridays to help employees connect over games, stories, or just casual conversation. This activity improves team cohesion and helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness that come with remote work.

Find virtual volunteer opportunities

Why Goodera for your next employee engagement event?

If commuting is a hassle for your employees or if your team is spread out in different locations, the ideal choice would be to organize virtual/ events. Let us do the heavy-lifting, Goodera works with 10k+ teams globally to provide them with a series of workshops and activities such as kitchen gardening, yoga, dance, and many more. These remote employee engagement team building activities are hosted by an ambassador and help foster collaboration as well as build a network. Learn more about our team building activities.

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