8 Inspiring Pride Month campaigns8 Inspiring Pride Month campaigns

Best Pride Month Campaigns from Purposeful Brands

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Ready to explore some inspiring Pride Month campaigns that go beyond changing the company logo? With campaigns for the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s important to understand how companies celebrate Pride Month because organizations have the opportunity to embed D&I, attract diverse talent, and promote a culture of acceptance and inclusivity in our communities.

Did you know? 💡The first use of PRIDE came from an organization named Personal Rights Through Defense & Education in Los Angeles in 1966, before the Stonewall Uprising.

We've compiled a list of purposeful companies supporting Pride Month and explored what makes each campaign influential. From meaningful charitable initiatives to powerful social media movements, these brands prove that Pride can be a powerful tool for driving positive change. Get inspired and join the movement for your brand's most vibrant Pride month ever!

8 Purposeful Pride Month Campaigns

1. Reebok 

“My hope for the campaign is that it reaches younger people/ kids. I hope it will inspire them to fight for themselves and others, to have courage, and faith that sometimes things might not be the best, but they will get better. Ultimately we will be seen by our humanity, not by our gender or sexual orientation.” — Carlos Escobar (he/him), Lead Designer at Reebok.

Reebok T-shirt from their pride collection
Source: Reebok

Reebok’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community is evident in its Pride Collection. They have consistently supported the LGBTQIA+ community for years, with their “Proud Notes" film highlighting the love and lives of LGBTQIA+ activists to Reebok’s latest digital film, featuring the Iconic House of Ninja, highlighting LGBTQIA+ history. Reebok also donated $75,000 to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project as part of its efforts for Pride last year.

2. H&M

"Inclusion and Diversity are about who we are and who we want to be and is deeply rooted in our values. To stay more relevant for both our customers and colleagues, we need to understand and genuinely embrace different perspectives. A truly inclusive environment will lead to better solutions, better decisions and better results." — Ann-Charlotte Berglind (she/her), the Global Head of HR at H&M.

A family from H&M's "My Chosen Family" campaign
Source: H&M

H&M's 2022 campaign, "My Chosen Family," celebrates the importance of chosen families in the LGBTQIA+ community and is a prime example of brands celebrating pride month. By featuring the stories of three different chosen families, H&M raised awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community's challenges and the vital support networks they rely on. Through storytelling and inclusivity, H&M makes a powerful statement about the importance of acceptance and belonging.

3. PlayStation

“The goal at PRIDE@PlayStation is to provide a forum for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies to exchange ideas for how SIE can strengthen its dedication to inclusivity in the workplace and beyond. It’s important to us that SIE is a place where our LGBTQIA+ colleagues are seen, heard, and valued for who they are." — Eric Lempel (he/him), Senior Vice President, Head of Worldwide Marketing, Sales, Business at PlayStation.

Sony's PRIDE employee resource group celebrating Pride Month
Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In 2022, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the PRIDE@PlayStation Employee Network (eNet). They provide a platform for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to share ideas and strengthen the company's commitment to inclusivity. Sony's efforts are essential to building trust with its customers and creating a better future for all LGBTQIA+ communities.

4. Levi Strauss

“The #ProudToBeMore campaign is driven by the insight that an individual’s journey of discovering their gender, sexual orientation and preferences is unique. This campaign aims to celebrate those authentic individuals and their journeys. We hope to empower people to be proud, accept themselves for who they are and become an individual above their sexual orientation.” — Karen Riley-Grant (she/her), Global Chief Marketing Officer at Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi's has been a vocal advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights, a leading brand celebrating pride month, and has supported numerous charities over the years. Levi's continuous efforts underline the importance of spreading the message of equality throughout the year, rather than just during Pride month. The brand's 2022 Proud To Be More collection reflects its commitment to LGBTQ+ activism, incorporating stories of inclusivity from the community.

5. Converse

“Each year, our collection and campaign concepts are created by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. For Pride 2022—after witnessing the past two years where many were isolated and struggling — Converse is proud to shine a rainbow on Found Family and celebrate the positive impact of these chosen individuals, who lift us up.” — Jessica Collado-Aleman (she/her), Sr. Manager, Global Brand Creative at Converse.

Converse Found Family campaign highlighting a Converse Allstar's found family
Source: Converse

Converse's 6th annual Pride campaign featured 5 young LGBTQIA+ creatives working with over 50 LGBTQIA+ teammates and allies from concept to realization. Their campaign is not just about customizable collections but about promoting inclusivity and expression every step of the way. Converse has also donated over $1.3 million to LGBTQ+ organizations over the past six years, showcasing its commitment to the community.

Looking to plan your own Pride Month campaign? Check out our Pride Month Workplace Celebration Guide packed with resources, activities, and nonprofits to help you make Pride Month impactful for your workplace.

6. Absolut

“Out & Open is a continuation of Absolut’s 40-plus-year support and allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community. Since the early 1980s, we’ve been proud to fearlessly celebrate diversity, acceptance and equality.” — Pamela Forbus (she/her), the Chief Marketing Officer at Pernod Ricard North America.

Absolute's PRIDE-themed bottle
Source: Absolut

Since 2008, the Absolut Rainbow Bottle has become a symbol of pride for the LGBTQIA+ community, thanks to their collaboration with Gilbert Baker, the original designer of the Pride flag. Absolut's yearly release of Pride-themed cocktails and its ongoing contributions to LGBTQIA+ charities demonstrate its dedication to promoting inclusivity and acceptance. An ally for 40+ years, their "Out and Open" 2022 initiative aims to support struggling LGBTQIA+ bars. further solidifying their commitment to the community.

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  1. LEGO

“I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love. Taking small steps and having products like “Everyone is Awesome” out there, and people representing the LGBTQIA+ community allows everybody to see that things get better over time and that there is a place for everybody.” — Matthew Ashton (he/him), the Vice President of Design at the LEGO Group.

Lego's PRIDE-themed Lego blocks
Source: Lego

LEGO's Pride campaign is a shining example of how companies celebrate pride month creatively and sincerely. It's a clever and colorful Pride celebration from LEGO that seamlessly joins their product to a powerful mission for inclusivity. The campaign features inspiring interviews and free virtual backgrounds, while the "Everyone is Awesome" rainbow-colored set, with its 346-piece model of 11 mini-figures, is a testament to their commitment to equality and acceptance.

  1. Ralph Lauren

“Pride is another way for us to prove that love transcends all borders, and that by standing together with the LGBTQIA+ community, the Black Community and their allies, we can send a message of solidarity to the world.” — David Lauren (he/him), the Chief Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren's Pride clothing collection
Source: Ralph Lauren

For over 30 years, Ralph Lauren has been a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, and its latest Pride campaign is no exception. Through interviews with luminaries like Ariel Nicholson, Keith Boykin, and Staceyann Chin, the campaign explores Pride's rich and varied history. With a colorful collection of rainbow merchandise, including cashmere sweaters and Polo shirts, Ralph Lauren makes it easy to wear your support on your sleeve. At checkout, Ralph Lauren encourages customers to donate to the Stonewall Community Foundation.

6 Pride Month Campaign Ideas for Organizations in 2024

To truly make an impact, companies must embrace Pride Month's history and significance and create campaigns that go beyond symbolism. Here are 6 tips on how companies can support and celebrate Pride Month:

  1. Products for Pride: Brands can launch a limited-edition, pride-themed product to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. This can be a product that is popular with the community, such as sneakers or jewelry.
  2. Inclusive Advertising: Create inclusive advertising campaigns that feature LGBTQIA+ individuals and highlight their stories. Show the brand's support for the community and promote diversity.
  3. Support Pride Charities: Organizations can action their commitment to social responsibility and support for the community by donating a portion of profits to LGBTQIA+ charities and actively engaging with nonprofits through impactful volunteering programs during Pride Month.
  4. Events for the LGBTQIA+: Organizations can promote a safe and inclusive work environment by organizing pride-themed corporate events, such as workshops and seminars, to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  5. Pride For Your Employees: Leverage Pride Month to amplify LGBTQIA+ voices and stories through communication channels, sharing resources and educational content throughout Pride Month and beyond. These stories can also be shared on social media to inspire the community.
  6. Revamp Your Policies: This is a great time to ensure company policies are inclusive and supportive of LGBTQIA+ employees, including health care, parental leave, and anti-discrimination measures, and promote LGBTQIA+ representation and diversity in company policies and hiring practices.

Pride Month celebrations can positively impact the LGBTQIA+ community and society by promoting acceptance, equality, and understanding. Let Goodera do the heavy lifting this Pride Month to engage employees while creating a purposeful impact. Explore curated Pride Month volunteering program for your employees wherever they are, at home, in the office, or at the next town hall. 

Volunteer Opportunities for Pride Month 2023

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