Top 15 Nonprofit Organizations for the HomelessTop 15 Nonprofit Organizations for the Homeless

Top 15 Nonprofit Organizations for the Homeless

Heba Rahman
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In the face of homelessness, compassion and support can make all the difference in restoring hope and transforming lives. In this article, we shed light on the remarkable nonprofit organizations (NPOs) that tirelessly work to address the needs of the homeless population. These organizations provide crucial resources, shelter, advocacy, and pathways to self-sufficiency, offering a lifeline of support for those experiencing homelessness.

The plight of homelessness affects countless individuals and families, and these NPOs serve as beacons of hope, empowering the homeless community to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society. They tackle the complex issues that contribute to homelessness, from providing emergency housing to offering essential services such as healthcare, employment assistance, mental health support, and educational programs. What’s more? All these NPOs have been vetted by Goodera. 

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Top 15 Nonprofit Organizations for the Homeless


Country: USA, California 

WeHOPE is a loving neighbor that believes access to clean water, a healthy meal, and affordable dignified housing is a basic human right. They believe that no one facing homelessness should go without a shower, clean laundry, a healthy meal, or a safe place to sleep. Through job training, recidivism programs, and employment opportunities, they bring life skills to people in need so they can maintain their quality of life and put them on a path to self-sufficiency. 

WeHOPE’s Mobile Homeless Services meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness through initiatives that include access to free showers, laundry, safe parking for vehicle dwellers, virtual medical assessments, and comprehensive case management to assist in securing permanent housing.

Vegas Stronger

Country: USA, Nevada

Vegas Stronger is a team determined to help break the unhealthy cycle of substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness. Vegas Stronger is a unique Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3) focused on reversing the devastation caused to communities by the opiate epidemic and addiction. Their out-of-the-box approach helps anyone afflicted, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, or housing situation, in an outpatient facility. 

They offer more than just traditional groups and are a growing facility with a sober boxing gym, coffee shop, bookstore, bicycle mission, and customized “13 Core Elements Method.” They facilitate restoration to wholeness for individuals and society at large, by creating awareness and providing access to both state-of-the-art and historically reliable remedies. 

Shepherd's Pantry

Country: USA, California 

The Shepherd’s Pantry organization is a result of the merging of two food pantries; Cory’s Kitchen, founded in 1996, and Shepherd’s Pantry, founded in 2004. Since the inception of both pantries, additional services have been added to support those individuals and communities struggling to make ends meet. Those services include(d) haircutting, clothing store, a homeless food program, reading, math tutoring, a Christmas toy store, community food baskets, a summer reading camp, an emergency voucher program, a health fair, and a school supply giveaway for a local community. 

Cory’s Kitchen began as a ministry centered in Irwindale and expanded to serve through seven additional site locations at one time. Shepherd’s Pantry started as a free emergency food delivery service with a small group of volunteers delivering food from a storage unit in Glendora. Today there are three pantry locations, each with unique benefits for their respective communities to add to their food pantry service. Shepherd’s Pantry is a dynamic faith-based organization that sees each client's outstanding value in treating them with dignity and offering hope with a helping hand. Their value is to alleviate hunger and improve the well-being of those in the San Gabriel Valley.

Hearts and Homes for Veterans, Inc.

Country: USA, Florida

‘Hearts and Homes for Veterans’ (HHV) sole mission is to aid the end of homelessness and promote stability among the veterans of SW Florida with immediate assistance. They stand ready to help, providing services to meet the needs of Veterans. They use their time, talent, and donations to support Veterans' causes in Lee and Charlotte counties. 

HHV services include direct intervention and advocacy for permanent housing, health care, transportation, and employment. The HHV service center stocks, distributes, and delivers basic living items such as bedding, furniture, appliances, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, and food. 

Project 150

Country: USA, Nevada

Project 150 is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that was organized in December, 2011 when the founders heard about 150 homeless high school students at Rancho High School in Las Vegas that needed support over the Christmas Break. The effort has expanded to helping over 3,300 in 54 high schools when it was understood that the problems these students faced were prevalent across the valley.

Project 150 currently serves more than 6,400 high school students in need, 3,300 registered homeless and 3,100 non-registered homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students at 58 high schools in Southern Nevada. Additionally, Project 150 serves students in need at 20 high schools in Reno, NV. 

Simon Community Ireland

Country: Ireland

The Simon Communities of Ireland are a network of independent communities across the country that provide housing and treatment services to people facing the trauma and stress of homelessness. With a proud history of over 50 years of responding to local needs, the Simon Communities of Ireland works to end long-term homelessness in Ireland and ensure that homelessness, where it does occur, is rare, short-term, and non-recurring. 

They engage in advocacy, policy, and communications work grounded in their local services' experiences. They campaign for more effective policies and legislation locally and nationally at a European level. They campaign for practical and sustainable solutions that tackle homelessness head-on. Their advocacy and solutions are based on evidence, best practices, and the experiences of the people who use their services.

Kabod House International

Country: USA, Illinois 

Kabod House International aims to become a trailblazing organization that offers unique and needed services to women, girls, the homeless, and children in the Chicagoland/South Suburban Cook County area. The programs include distributing care packages filled with feminine hygiene products to women and girls living in poverty, winter coats, and toys for homeless and foster care children at a local elementary school partner and homeless shelters. 

Tracy Interfaith Ministries

Country: USA, California

Tracy Interfaith Ministries provide food and clothing to low-income and homeless communities and individuals in Tracy, California. They also offer emergency rental and utility assistance, as well as referrals for services they cannot provide. Tracy Interfaith Ministries began in February of 1988 with six volunteers from various churches in town who joined forces to care for the needy in Tracy. The operation quickly expanded, and they now have over one hundred volunteers who run their food bank, clothing store, and holiday giving programs. 

FACE (Faith & Community Empowerment)

Country: USA, California

For 19 years, faith leaders have supported underserved communities. As problems such as homelessness grow, however, faith leaders are struggling to meet the demands of underserved communities. Faith And Community Empowerment (FACE) aims to empower faith community leaders to serve underserved communities better. FACE trains faith leaders, educate underserved communities, and provides advocacy so that the voiceless may have a voice. 

FACE began by helping the Korean American community. Hidden behind a model Minority Groups myth, the Korean American community is the most underserved ethnic community in Los Angeles. In 2016, it was invited to the White House to discuss how to empower faith communities to better reach out to underserved communities. FACE has expanded its programs to serve more communities, such as Hispanics.

Broadway Community, Inc.

Country: USA, New York

For nearly 40 years, Broadway Community has been an indispensable resource for thousands of New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, hunger, and poverty. At Broadway Community, you can find a four-star soup kitchen, a food pantry, on-site medical services, showers, shelter, and more. 

Broadway Community sets an abundant table, believing that everyone deserves justice, dignity, health, and wholeness. They serve nourishing food, a welcoming environment, shelter, clothing, showers, and medical care. They serve one another – breaking down barriers of poverty, inequity, and privilege – until all are fed, in body and spirit.

Street Soccer Barcelona

Country: Spain

A social and sports project, Street Soccer Barcelona, targets the homeless and people in an acutely precarious social situation. The project leverages the power of football to address the reintegration process. They offer football training, a small meal before or after the training, and hygiene and showering facilities. 

The morning training sessions consist of an adapted and non-competitive profile featuring the classic aspect of football training and a safe area for doing sports through talking and listening. The individual and collective dynamics offer a platform for players to show off their skills and draw attention to the problems of the homelessness and the true face of the housing problem.

Catie's Closet

Country: USA, Massachusetts

Catie’s Closet improves school attendance and graduation rates and the mental, emotional, and physical health of students facing poverty, homelessness, and other crises by providing accessible, in-school access to clothing and necessities and uniting with community partners to meet students’ other immediate needs. Catie’s Closet transforms unused areas inside schools into safe, welcoming spaces where students in grades preK-12 can discreetly shop, free of charge, for clothing, toiletries, and other necessities. By arming students with the power of choice, Catie’s Closet fuels their confidence, encourages them to stay in school, and unlocks opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

Impact HK

Country: Hong Kong

At Impact HK they have a vision for an inclusive Hong Kong where everyone has a safe place to call home and cares for their neighbour. They work with people experiencing homelessness to help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical well-being, build their self-esteem and social capital, and discover their purpose.

To do this they:

  • Provide direct holistic support to people experiencing homelessness and empower them to transform their lives
  • Build community connections to increase collective understanding of homelessness and empathy towards the people who experience it
  • Stand up with those who lack the basic human right to safe housing

The Link

Country: USA, Minnesota 

The Link was founded in 1991 by two local Black leaders and former Minnesota Vikings Players, Jim Marshall and Oscar Reed to help youth on the Northside of Minneapolis who were struggling with poverty, homelessness, getting victimized by crime, or recruited into criminal activity. The two leaders started the organization in a very community grounded way with a philosophy of doing “whatever it took” to help young people on the Northside.

WIN (Women in Need)

Country: USA, New York

Women In Need, Inc. (WIN) provides safe, clean shelter and critical services and programs to 10% of the homeless Community in New York City. It is the largest provider of family shelter and supportive housing in New York City. WIN transforms the lives of the New York City homeless community by providing holistic solutions of safe housing, critical services, and ground-breaking programs. 

This list is not exhaustive, and we'd love to amplify nonprofit voices and connect them to corporate volunteers who want to create meaningful impact.

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