Karma Survey- The State of Virtual Volunteering

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About the Report

State of Virtual Volunteering
Goodera reached out to over 2500 corporates and nonprofits to understand their expectations and motivations around virtual volunteering, and the state of virtual volunteering today. The Karma Survey report is a must read for HR and CSR leaders, and for nonprofits.

What's inside?

  • Covid impact on corporate volunteering and nonprofits: Nonprofits focused on education have been hit the hardest by COVID, with over 36% reporting shortage of volunteers.
  • What drives corporates to virtual volunteering: 33% corporates reported employee engagement is the primary motivation for virtual volunteering.
  • Insights on virtual offerings from nonprofits: Lack of awareness and resources is the single biggest reason for nonprofits not being able to offer virtual volunteering opportunities.

Who should read

CSR teams
HR teams
NPO teams
Volunteering Teams
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