Innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility Reducing the Intention – Action Gap

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About the ebook

In the Post COVID-19 era, as CSR budgets are set to dwindle, it is imperative for corporates to find better ways of doing good. Companies need to breed a culture of innovation to solve the numerous not-so-well-defined problems in the development sector, empower the teams to take risks, and eliminate the biases in decision making. The eBook suggests a strategy to help CSR teams make better decisions and make necessary changes to the process from ideation to the implementation stage. Projects developed using this framework will be reflective of the company’s culture, can make a sustaining impact with a less budget, and can be scaled when the profits again rise after the pandemic ends

In this ebook, you'll find

  • Understanding the intention-action gap of innovation
  • What are the different barriers to innovation
  • The five-stages of design thinking
  • A new-era of CSR 2.0 post COVID-19

Who should read

CSR teams
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