The Goodera CSR impact assessment framework (to guide your own)

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CSR Impact Assessment

About the ebook

Impact assessment is the best way to ensure that CSR projects are transparent and accountable. But large-scale impact assessment exercises can be tricky to implement as they rely on external factors, require significant time and effort, and a time-tested methodology.

In this ebook, we cover the laws mandating CSR impact assessment for certain projects and the essential steps involved in the exercise. In addition, the ebook also talks about Goodera’s approach to conducting an effective impact assessment exercise – to help you build your own

In this ebook, you'll find

  • How new CSR amendments affect existing CSR projects
  • The process of conducting an impact assessment exercise
  • How impact assessment can benefit your CSR projects
  • Goodera’s time-tested framework for impact assessment

Who should read

CSR teams
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