Goodera's Corporate Volunteering Quotient 2024 Report

Volunteering Quotient Report
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Goodera launched its first Volunteering Quotient Report, offering insights into corporate volunteering initiatives. Analyzing 162 company ESG and annual reports across various industries including finance, tech, and consumer goods, data revealed

  • Workforce Participation: Median participation stands at 20.1%, led by Financials (23.34%), Energy and Utilities (22.6%), and Technology (22.18%).
  • Average Volunteering Hours: Corporate volunteers contribute an average of 6.8 hours through their organizations. Notably, Energy and Utilities volunteers contribute the highest, at 11.2 hours per volunteer.
  • Impact of Volunteering Enablers: Companies offering employees volunteering enablers such as ‘Dollars for doers’, volunteering time off, or a volunteering platform exhibit, on average, ~1.5 times higher volunteer participation rates.

What's inside

  1. Key volunteering trends
  2. Volunteering scorecards by company size
  3. Volunteering scorecards by industry
  4. Volunteering nuances in different geographies
  5. Impact of volunteering policies and enablers

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CSR teams
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