​​A list of top 13 websites to find a CSR job​​A list of top 13 websites to find a CSR job

13 Best Places to find CSR Jobs

Sahil Rais Rasiuddin
3 mins read

A new year represents a fresh start. If finding a meaningful job that gives you purpose and aligns with your values is your new year's resolution, then these first few months are the perfect time to start taking action. 

There has been a significant increase in job opportunities within the social impact space. To help you make the most of your job-search, we’ve rounded up the most popular job boards that promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Job roles. Check out the list below and browse through a plethora of social impact opportunities. Your power to make a difference starts here! 

1. Nextbillion

Nextbillion is a site that features deep analysis and opinions from thought leaders, researchers, and social entrepreneurs. Its career center is continuously updated with opportunities across the development sector. 

2. Goodera’s CSR Jobs portal

The CSR Jobs portal provides a one-stop solution for socially-minded individuals to find job opportunities that align with their value. It is a hub for companies to attract the right talent of those who are committed to making a positive impact, and provides weekly updates on CSR-related opportunities available at multiple job-levels.

3. Net Impact

Net Impact helps individuals to use their skills and careers in order to drive social and environmental change. Its job board provides an abundance of social impact roles. 

4. Devex

Devex is a media and news platform that covers  the global development industry. It includes corporations, nonprofits, governments and social enterprises. Its job board has a lot of opportunities for people dedicated to making a positive impact around the world.  

5. Global Impact Investing Services

Global Impact Investing Services, also known as GIIN, has a mission to scale the effectiveness of impact investing. The platform posts job openings from GIIN Investors and other social impact leaders. 

6. DevNet Jobs

DevNet aggregates high-impact opportunities within the corporate social industry across the globe. Over twenty-thousand recruiters actively post job roles on this platform. 

7. PCDN Network

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is a hub where students, professionals and organizations engage in social change. The PCDN opportunities board features jobs, fellowships and internships across different sectors within the social impact space. 

8. Makesense 

Makesense is a community site for those looking to make a positive impact globally. The site is updated regularly with hundreds of fresh-social impact job offers, from permanent contracts to internships and freelance roles. 

9. Skoll Foundation 

This platform drives large-scale change by connecting and investing in social entrepreneurs and innovators who help them solve the world’s most complex problems. Its community job board curates a list of high-impact roles. Most of their job postings have unique opportunities in NGO and government. 

10. Endeavor

Endeavor assists leaders who are passionate about social entrepreneurship to build companies that create sustained growth in the economy. Their job board features open positions across its network of transformational organizations. 

11. Social Impact listings

Social Impact Listings is a directory of resources dedicated to corporate social responsibility. It has events, blogs, announcements and a job board that provides a bunch of high-impact roles. 

12. Rethink Impact

Rethink Impact is the largest US-based venture capital firm that invests in women and non-binary leaders using tech to solve the world’s biggest problems. Their portfolio companies are actively recruiting across the globe and throughout the year. 

13. The Bloom 

Bloom is a global social justice resource that has a job portal with a focus on social innovation and impact.

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