5 Key Metrics to Measure Your ERG’s Success5 Key Metrics to Measure your ERG Success

5 Key Metrics to Measure Your ERG’s Success

Anshuman Chakravarty
6 minutes

Picture this: you’ve aligned your organization’s leadership with your idea of promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace through affinity groups and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). You’ve done all the heavy lifting - from forming your ERG’s charter and aligning budgets to bringing your coworkers (yes, all 4 of them) to your first ERG event (not to mention the legwork of sourcing and curating the event).

Fast forward to your annual review meeting - your leadership team raises questions over the impact your ERG has created and you don’t have a tangible response. If that’s how you landed here, you can breathe easy. This article will help you create a comprehensive report on all the important success indicators for your ERG (maybe use it to get a budget expansion too). If not, you can <rte-link_business-popup>reach-out to us<rte-link_business-popup> and book a call with our ERG experts.

There is a common misconception that reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ERGs is difficult; however, this can change through better goal setting, planning, and identifying the right success indicators in this context. Use this article as a guide for your goal-setting process and track your ERG’s key successes. 

Broadly speaking, we can categorize the 5 ERG success indicators into two buckets :

Internal Communications and Impact

Communicate the impact of your ERG metrics in the best way possible within your own company. This has a multitude of positive effects on employee morale, cohesivity, and efficiency. The ERG metrics you can tie to these KPIs are : 

1. Number of active ERG members/number of engaged employees

Very often there is a dip in enthusiasm and energy in ERG members as time goes by. You may see a gradual decline in the number of members registering for your ERG events or in the number of members actually attending an event. In some exceptional cases, we have seen an exponential rise in ERG membership. 

One theme seems to remain common in such cases – as the scope and scale of events expand, word of mouth spreads and everyone wants in on the action. We have also seen that large-scale volunteering events spread across different geographies, accessible to all employees remotely seem to work really well. Keeping ERG members active is all about keeping things fresh and engaging for your team. As a cherry on top, back up each of your initiatives with creative internal marketing ideas to drive people.

To quantify this metric, you could simply calculate and report the following numbers:
ERG participation % = (Total number of active ERG members / Total number of ERG members) * 100

2. Employee Retention in ERG through Volunteering

Happy employees = Loyal employees 

Neighbourly’s survey conducted on 2000 UK citizens indicates that employees who volunteer are 13% happier than those who do not. As an organization, it is crucial to align yourself with causes that are close to your employees’ hearts. There is no better way to create impact than to volunteer with your teammates, and platforms such as ours make it easy for you to set up a volunteering program, regardless of how large or small you want the engagement to be.

We at Goodera are experts at planning remote, in-office, and in-person volunteering events for your ERGs across multiple diverse cause areas. You can also leverage our global network of 50,000+ nonprofits or onboard your own – the possibilities are endless. Lower attrition means more engaged employees. And volunteering is one of the most fulfilling activities known to boost employee engagement. Therefore lowering attrition numbers could be a great way to substantiate your volunteering success. 

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3. Tangible career development & an Inclusive Workplace

If you’re struggling with employee participation in your ERG, this is a metric you’re going to want to pay close attention to. 

Whether your ERG serves women, Black employees, Veterans or sits at the intersection of more than one of these groups, your aim should always be to empower the people who belong to these groups and make sure your organization and your employees are developing professionally and personally through the work of the ERG – some things to look out for are “Did your organization become more disability-accessible?”, “Are your ERG efforts helping more women find the right mentors?”, etc. The impact you create with your Employee Resource Group should help foster a feeling of loyalty and security within your employees. They should feel like the organization has their back.

4. Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS)

You must use tools like eNPS scores and happiness barometers – often gauged by surveys, assessments, and feedback sessions to sense the general pulse of your employees and their attitude towards your ERG. Use ERG engagements to strategically drive up employee net promoter scores and focus on the cohorts that really need to be uplifted. 

Preparing a bi-annual report for employee net promoter scores is advisable and you can make correlations for groups who are engaged in ERGs to do a ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison.

External Goodwill Creation

This is the part that may get a little tricky, since it involves a lot of external stakeholders and senior leadership from your company. Odds are that you’ve created a whole lot of impact, volunteered with a vast network of global non-profits and engaged a large chunk of your employees but you aren’t sure how exactly you want the world to see it. Do you do a press release? Do you publish a report? A one pager? A video?  However, if you crack this code, you will be able to use this to tie to your ERG-related KPIs. Maybe it could be about how your ERG has helped change how your organization is perceived as a people-first, cause-sensitive, inclusive one. 

Truth is, there’s no one size fits all cookie cutter answer/plan for how to create this goodwill. Some of the world’s largest companies that have chosen to volunteer with Goodera have used our services to create impact reports on volunteering hours, number of employees engaged, geographies touched and many more metrics specific to their mode of engagement. You can also look at the impact video we created for Citrix’s service month in 2022.

Employee Resource Group reporting and KPI tracking has never been a norm in any industry. I hope this article not only helps you track your ERG goals but also acts as a guiding light for setting them and revisiting them from time to time, as you would do with your primary KPIs. Remember, the more your ERG does for your employees, the happier it will make everyone at your organization, and the more they will want to pay it forward. 

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